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"You must be joking."

The silver-haired general leveled green eyes upon his fellow 1st class from where he was seated at his desk. "I would not joke about something like this, Angeal."

The standing SOLDIER closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose in an attempt to prevent his oncoming headache. "No," he sighed at length, "there's just no way. How could this even happen? You must be lying."

There was a steely glint in Sephiroth's gaze when the man began to speak again, his voice even as always. "It is unfortunate for you, Angeal, that the circumstances behind this event are unknown. However, I assure you," and here the general's words took on a sharp aspect, "I am not lying to you and the proof waits in the next room."

The tall man directed his stare to the door behind his comrade. "Zachary," he called, "you are free to enter now."

Angeal turned to face the door just as a small boy with wild black hair spiked about his face tumbled into the room shouting something that sounded vaguely like "Seph! What's with keeping me cooped up in there for an hour? I…" He stopped listening at that point of the boy's ranting, covering his eyes to block out the sight of a miniaturized version of Zack, swimming in an oversized shirt and struggling to keep baggy pants from bunching around his ankles. Glancing between spread fingers, Angeal grimaced as he saw his charge yelling and pointing menacingly at the general. That really wasn't a smart idea on the boy's part.

With a growl the 1st class SOLDIER placed a heavy hand upon the youth's head and gently pulled him backwards. The kid stumbled a bit, yipping slightly, but when he reached his mentor's side he grinned widely up at him. "Hi, Angeal! I didn't notice you there!" There was a brief moment where the man simply stared at the boy but then he rolled his eyes and looked away with another sigh.

"Sit puppy," he muttered to the boy, smiling gently; he may look younger now, but he was still the same old Zack. He then turned his attention to the man still seated before them. "What do I have to do?" he asked Sephiroth, noting the amused smirk the silver-haired man wore.

Leather-clad shoulders rose in a shrug, "The same thing you have been doing with him: train him to become a SOLDIER. You will have to be more cautious during exercises, as we had to confiscate the majority of his armament. His pauldrons alone were threatening to either engulf or smother him."

"Hey!" The shout of indignation from Zack drew the attention of both 1st class SOLDIERs and they stared curiously at him until he continued. "I am not that small!" There was another long moment of silence in which the elder men exchanged amused looks until Angeal took pity upon the boy.

Leaning over he whispered into the youth's ear, "Pants, Zack." The younger SOLDIER flushed wildly as he scrambled to gather his clothing, clutching it close and avoiding eye contact with either of the other men in the room. Angeal's smirk widened, knowing full well the boy was suddenly very glad his shirt was now as long as it was.

Sephiroth's face had been carefully schooled to a nonchalant expression when he began to speak once more. "To resume where I was interrupted, we will search for the cause of this fiasco and immediately begin research on a way to reverse the effects of whatever it was that happened to your charge. In the meantime, continue his education and keep him safe and in good health. That is all, you are dismissed."

"Where will he stay?" The general paused at the question, mulling it over in his thoughts for a time.

"Ah, yes. Arrangements have been made for his housing. We will send someone to show him the way when preparations are complete."

Angeal felt another smirk growing as he glanced at the now fidgeting boy, "And his clothes?"

The look was returned by Sephiroth, "Someone is searching for replacements in a proper size as we speak. If that is all?"

"Yes, sir, General. We will take our leave now. Come on Pup, let's go." He marched off quickly noting the way Zack continuously tripped over his own feet as he stumbled along trying to keep up. He hoped Sephiroth remembered to find new boots for the boy as well.