Taking Care of You

By the Alternative Source

Disclaimer: I don't own anything when it comes to Samurai Champloo. Except my story of course. Lol.

Summary: Fuu gets seriously injured when she saves Mugen during an attack.

It had been five years today. Mugen, Jin, and Fuu had been together for five years. For five years they had been traveling. They had been jumping from place to place. And all that time they had been together. And things were still the same.

Mugen and Fuu were constantly fighting. Jin was always stuck in the middle while they argued. And they were always getting in trouble. The usual really. Nothing had changed throughout the years except that Fuu had grown into her womanly curves and now was kidnapped more often my lecherous men. And Mugen and Jin had to rescue her before Fuu used the skills that Mugen and Fuu had taught her and killed everyone.

Besides that nothing had changed. Now back to our group.

Our groups of misfits are currently traveling through a forest on their journey to the next town. As always they are traveling forward. For some reason or another they can never seem to stick in one spot. And as our story begins we are presented with something that you can always expect to happen.

Mugen and Fuu arguing.

"Will you stop looking at me like that," a petite brunette yelled at her companion. He had been giving her this look like she was crazy or something during a conversation and it was ticking her off.

"What look bitch?" he replied before walking in front of her.

"That look. The one like I'm crazy or something. It's not my fault you got us lost."

"I didn't get us lost. That's why I'm giving you that look."

"Ohhhh, I'm going to kick your ass one of these days!"

He stopped and turned around. Fuu came crashing into him. He yelled in her face, "I'd like to see you try squirt!"

She stood of her tippy toes and yelled right back in his face, "Don't call me squirt. You big baboon."

"WILL YOU TO JUST SHUT UP!!" a voice yelled from the front.

Both Fuu and Mugen stopped yelling at each other and looking down the road at the very irritated Jin. They were both shocked that the ever calm Jin had actually yelled at them. They flinched slightly when he started to speak again, "You two argue day in and day out. Will you both just be quiet or admit that you both love each other."

At the mention of loving each other Fuu and Mugen separated quickly from each other and were instantly on opposite sides of the road.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN?!" they both yelled at the same time.

"I don't love that idiot," Fuu yelled.

"I don't love you either," Mugen yelled at her.

"Whatever," Jin replied before turning around and walking down road, "If you two are done now let's get going. We still have a long way until the next town."

Fuu and Mugen glared at each other momentarily before they both followed Jin down the road.



Sometime during the night

They had found a cave that they could stay in by a river when the sun began to set. Currently they were all sitting around a fire eating some fish that Jin had caught. While Jin was sitting there leaning against the cave wall calmly eating his fish Fuu and Mugen were tearing up there food.

'Those two are animals' he thought before closing his eyes to rest.

Back by the fire Fuu and Mugen kept on eating like it was there last meal. Everything was quiet and calm until they got to the last piece of fish. Both of them grabbed it at the same time.

"It's mine!" Fuu pulled the piece towards her.

"No it's mine!" Mugen pulled it towards him.

"Why don't you let the lady have the last piece? It's the right thing to do!"

"Lady? What lady? All I see is you holding on to my piece of fish!"

"What?! I'm a lady you jerk."

"Sureeeeee. And I'm the richest man in Japan!"

They were yanking so much that with one final yank the piece of fish was ripped in half and both of them fell back against opposite sides of the cave walls. When they both looked up they saw that the ripped fish was lying in the fire slowly turning black. Giving each other one last glare they both stood up and went in opposite directions. They were both tired of arguing. Fuu went outside and Mugen went to the back of the cave to go to sleep. Just as Fuu was leaving the cave she yelled out, "Jerk!"

"Bitch!" was the reply that she got.


'Why does he have to be such a jerk?' Fuu angrily stomped away from the cave.

She walked over to a large rock by the river and sat on it. Sitting down she pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. It was a cool night tonight and the moon was full. Looking up to the sky she sighed and rested her head on her bent knees.

'It's been years and we both still argue like cats and dogs. You would have thought that after years of traveling together we would have actually learned how to get along but it's not going to happen. Everything is a constant argument with him. I think he likes bothering me. It's like he doesn't want to even try to get along.'

Fuu sighed again, "He doesn't even know that I like him. He hates me." Fuu brought her hands up to her face and covered it as tears started streaming down her cheeks, "I can't do this anymore."

End of Fuu's POV

Mugen's POV

'Why does she have to be such a brat?'

Mugen walked to the back of the cave and laid down on the hard floor. Finding a comfortable spot on the floor was going to be useless so he just laid there.

'It's been years that we have been traveling together and we still argue. What the hell's up with that? I don't even know why we argue so much. It's like every time I see her face I feel the need to make her yell at me. Even for the most stupid thing. Like getting lost today on our way to the next town.'

Mugen's eyes shot open as he thought of this. Things had been getting a little crazy in his head lately. He had been noticing the way that Fuu walks, the way that her eyes open wide when she's about to devour a meal, or the way that her eyes flare up with fire when she argues with him. And that fire is only there when she argues with him.

'God I'm going crazy. I got to stop thinking about this chick. Need sleep.' Mugen rested his head in his arms and dozed off with one final thought in his head.

'Hope Fuu gets back inside. Who knows what out there in those woods?'

End of Mugen's POV

Now back to Fuu

Fuu had been sitting outside for about an hour crying her heart out when a gust of cold wind went right through her. Shivering she decided that it was about time for her to go inside. Wiping her face with her sleeve she stood up and fixed her clothes. While she was looking down she heard something move. Looking up quickly she scanned her surrounding and tried to feel the area out. Traveling with the guys had taught her a couple things. Trust your instinct and whenever something comes around to come and find them.

But she wouldn't run. Traveling with them for so long had also given her an opportunity to learn how to fight with them. Jin had taught her how to handle a sword and Mugen had taught her how to fight with her fists when she didn't have her sword anymore. It had been for the better because now Fuu could defend herself and she didn't have to depend on the guys so much even though she was still being constantly kidnapped.

Something made her forget her thoughts as she felt an ominous presence. Something was out in the woods and it was staring her down. She could feel in her very being. Fuu was about to look behind herself and run back to the cave when she realized that maybe the presence only knew about her and not her companions. The fire had gone out after she left the cave so the cave was not illuminated and their location was hidden.

Fuu gave the woods in front of her a hard stare, "I know you're out there so why don't you just show yourself."

She heard one of the trees across the river creak as someone jumped down from its limbs and landed gracefully down on the ground. Now her suspicions were confirmed. There was someone out there. She watched as someone drew closer to the shore of the river. It was a man dressed in all black. He had a pale face with dark hair in a ponytail. And on his back were two swords. He stopped at the bank of the river and looked at Fuu.

"What's a pretty thing like you doing so far out here?" he asked with a lecherous stare.

Fuu glared at the man, "None of your business. Now go away and let me be."

"Now why should I do that? I've been traveling three days through this stupid forest and I can't leave a maiden such as yourself alone out here all defenseless," his words were slightly slurred. He had obviously been drinking.

"For your information I'm not a damsel in distress so you better get out of here!" Fuu yelled at the man before backing a little off the rock with all intentions of getting Mugen and Jin. This guy was getting a little too weird for her. As she took another step back he took another step forward and started crossing the river.

"Awww come on. Play with me?" he was now half way across the river.

As Fuu kept on walking back to the cave she became a little concerned.

'How far back is this stupid cave?' Fuu kept her eyes on the man. He was on her side of the river now. Fuu unsheathed the sword she had by her waist and pointed it at the man. Now she was happy that Mugen gave this sword. He said that it was so she could finally stop being an idiot and actually defend herself.

'Thank you Mugen.'

"I told you to get out of here."

"Oh, you're going to get feisty now, are you?" he unsheathed both of his swords and got in a rather awkward battle stance. He slightly swayed to the side. He had obviously been drinking but it hadn't been enough to actually affect his fighting ability.

'You've got to be kidding me.'

This is getting bad. It's now or never. She started approaching the man as he began walking towards her. With every step she was approaching him faster and faster. He was also coming towards her faster. In a matter of seconds they were running towards each other with their swords ready to attack each other.

Right before her sword was about to make contact with the man who appeared from the forest she yelled out, "MUGEN!!"

End of Chapter 1

Author's Note: I just got into Samurai Champloo and I think it's an awesome show. I was listening to music and watching the show and this idea popped up in my head. See you in the next chapter. Ciao!!