I've always wanted to try these theme things...so I did...seriously, everything that comes from these are not thought about clearly, they really are random little ficlets. I enjoy it, so I hope you do too!


The blonde daddy put the little girl in the crib next to the little boy. The golden daddy smiled and ruffled his son's hair while the blonde laughed at the little boy's displeased face.

"Emotional." He pointed out. The golden daddy nodded in reply and walked off towards the mommies. They all smiled at the two little children in the crib.

"Soul mates!" The blonde mommy gasped, clasping her hands together.

"That's saying a lot, it's their first meeting!" The brunette mommy laughed in reply. The mommies and the daddies all started talking, all about who knows what.

But it was the Granny that walked over towards the crib and smiled at the children inside. Blue stared into amber with much recognition.

"Better get used to those eyes Ed." Granny spoke softly. "They'll probably be the last thing you'll ever see and the one thing that'll never change."