Stars are pretty, huge, balls of gas! Hahaha...okay, I dunno where that came from...uh, well...whatever. Enjoy!


I lay in the grass, eyes closed, feeling the sense of the summer night all around me. Quietly listening to the sounds of chirping crickets and singing nightingales, I smile and remember other nights just like the one tonight.

But this night is different, this night is special.

I grasp the hand of the man that lay beside me. With his free one, he pointed out all the stars he knew by name, what they meant, how they could help someone if they were lost. He was so brilliant sometimes that I wondered how he could not see my blatant love for him.

Perhaps I was the one missing all the signs…

I looked over at him slowly, watching the way his mouth moved as he talked. He licked his lips for a quick moment before continuing his speech. My cheeks tinted pink as I imagined my own lips on his. He looked over at me quickly, his golden eyes locked into mine.

"Hey, Winry ya listening?" He asked me with a grin like it didn't really matter anyway. I nodded though, I was in my own way. I was taking him in, liking the feeling of his presence close to mine. Something I've always had and yet never really cherished like I did now.

"It's such a beautiful night Ed…" I mused to him. I turned and saw him nod his head in agreement, a smile on his face.

"Can't argue there, it really is…" He closed his eyes, a peaceful look on his face.

"At this moment, it's probably the most beautiful thing I've seen…" I turned to Edward, his eyes opened and turned to mine, he just looked at me and smiled slightly.

God I wish his mind was as easy to read as the stars.