One year had passed since that day.

Sasuke and I were still together. I had dropped out of college, not because of Itachi, but because of what was on that hospital list. What had been inside me for nine months. What had been born and was a very real living reminder of my time with Itachi and without Sasuke. But even with such pain, I loved my twins more then anything. My girl from Sasuke, Hanamo, and my boy from Itachi, Amon.

Itachi and I, believe it or not, stayed friends, if only for the sake of Amon. He and Deidara had gotten married a week before Amon's birth. We all stayed together at the Uchiha estate, unless we were fighting. Sasuke and I got engaged the day of my twin's birth. Overall, it was the like Moore/Kutcher/Willis thing.

The End

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