Author: Sparta666

Title: The end is where we start from

Pairings: Jack & Ianto John & Rodney Carson & Radick Hart & Ronan (eventually) Jack O'Neill & Daniel 10th Doctor & Ross Jenkins (unit)

Rating: R

Crossovers: Torchwood & Stargate & Stargate Atlantis & Dr Who

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Series:Life goes on

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Timeline: After the end of Torchwood season 2

Summery: Torchwood 3 is no more and now the team must pick up the pieces, but now Ianto & Jack wants out of Cardiff and Unit has the perfect job for them

Chapter Summery: Jack & Ianto pick up the pieces

Authors Note:

If this seems this out of character due to the fact that the team are still grieving then are thrown into a new life, Jack just glad to give up his life as leader because he blames himself for the whole mess. It won't last too long I hope.

The end is where we start from

the day the world ended (almost)

They stood there in silence as Tosh's image faded, just another memory now like so many before her. Jack had seen so many come and go but these hurt the most, these people he'd dared to love with their deaths a part of his soul died too.

"Now we carry on" said Jack as he stood with pride

"I don't think I can? not after this?" said Gwen he voice full of emotion as Jack put his arm round her and Ianto in comfort.

"You can…we all can. The end is where we start from" said Jack his own emotions close to the surface.

Suddenly the intruder alert sounded, before they could react they found themselves surrounded by gun point at them by U.N.I.T. The remaining three members of Torchwood barely flinched as Martha appeared and walked over to them, pulling them into a silent hug she gave them a genuine smile.

The soldiers put their weapons down and they watched as Ianto and Gwen went to finish packing Owen and Tosh's things, Jack on the other hand headed to his office to brief Martha and U.N.I.T. Once he was finished Jack found Ianto sat on the counter top in the kitchen, suite jacket thrown on the floor, tie and shirt discarded. Jack gave a small chuckle as he looked Ianto up and down, his suite pants look strange with Ianto's old Pantera T-shirt.

"stupid question, how are you holding up Yan?" asked Jack as he wrapped his arms round Ianto's waist, Ianto sighed and kissed Jack.

"I can't believe their gone, I still expect Owen to start demanding his coffee. I even went to make them coffee when I did Gwen and mine" sighed Ianto again.

"Sorry guys" said Martha as she startled them.

"Hey Martha" said Ianto as he jumped off the counter top but never leaving Jack's grip.

"So what's the plan Jack? This is your call" she said as she lent back against the wall.

"usual we'd enforce protocol one, to gather up the files, technology, and everything else. Shut down and wipe the computer, exterminate the creatures in the cells but that's more your call, we empty the morgue.

I want to rerun Tosh's body to her family and if we find Owens he's to be burred with his fiancé don't ask Martha. Then the hub is to be flooded" said Jack calmly as Ianto listened.

"That's no problem though I think U.N.I.T. will deal with the aliens in the Vaults and the Tec. We can copy the files for you to take back to Torchwood 2 (leaving out the only the files you want to) I'll handle the personal and body transfers too if you want?" Martha asked as Jack nodded numbly, it hadn't escaped her that for the last ten minutes Jack hadn't let go of or taken his eyes of Ianto.

'It's a shame it takes a disaster like this for us to realise what our hearts have been telling us all along'

Thought Martha with a sigh as she remembered the first time she met Jack and the conversation about Ianto that had followed. Shaking herself back to reality she remembered something else she had to ask Jack, something she didn't want to bring up but had too.

"Jack I know this is a sore subject but you said you had Grey in storage, what are we to do with him?" asked Martha as she watched both men flinch.

Jack looked at her and sight before putting his hand into his grey coat and pulling out his phone, flipping it open he found the number he'd used a thousand times before.

"We can keep him and I'm not letting U.N.I.T. or Torchwood 2 experiment on him no offence Martha you I trust not U.N.I.T. He's too much of a danger just to let go though so there's only one choice then" sighed Jack as he hit the number.

"Doctor it's Jack I need a favour…………….thank you I didn't think the news would reach you this quickly?…………… I know, I just hope wherever they are they're together?……………Listen Doctor it was Grey who took out Cardiff………..yeah my brother……………he's in a cryo pod………Were closing down Torchwood three………….yeah but I can't let U.N.I.T get him…………I trust Martha not U.N.I.T………….Thanks Doctor see you then" with that Jack shut his phone and turned to Martha and Ianto.

"Morgue" said Jack as they followed him.

Ianto and Martha watched Jack use his wrist strap to disable the camera's, he locked the morgue down seconds before the sound of an engine could be heard. The TARDIS materialised in the centre of the room, Martha and Jack grinned as Ianto just looked dumbfounded.

He wasn't part of the group that had brought the Doctor in, he'd been in the archives when all hell had broken lose. It was only because of his gifts that he survived the 'upgrading' but he did feel Lisa pain.

"Martha good to see you" came a slightly high pitched voice as Ianto shook off his thoughts.

"It's good to see you again Doctor" answered Martha as she hugged him.

"And the informers Captain Harkness" laughed the Doctor as he hugged Jack.

"And you must be Ianto Jones, he quite the cute one then isn't he?" laughed the Doctor as he shook Ianto's hand.

"Not the time or the place Doctor, I never thought I'd be the one to say that" said Jack.

"Sorry, right as I promised Jack I'll take Grey in the pod. I'll take him to see some friends of mine. If they can help him, if not I'll make sure that he's looked after" said the Doctor as Jack and Ianto brought Grey's pod over to the Doctor.

The Doctor disappeared with Grey's pod and reappeared just as quickly, he stood and looked Jack in the eyes before speaking.

"Captain, Mr Jones phones please" they looked at the Doctor strangely before handing over their mobile phones.

"Time for an upgrade, it's time I gave you away to get hold of me Jack. Martha, Donna and even Rose have phone capable of phoning me anywhere in time or space, it's time you did too. As for you Mr Jones it's only fair that you have it too, just encase our good Captain here goes and leaves you alone again.

After what he told me about you leaving you behind broke your heart, so now anytime, anywhere I can find you two and you two me." said the Doctor with a smile as he handed the phones back.

"Right it's time I leave you all to your grief and I will see you around Jack, hopefully with the young Mr Jones in tow. Martha it's been good seeing you again" said the Doctor as he hugged Jack and Martha before shaking Ianto's hand and turning back to the TARDIS.

They watched as the TARDIS and the Doctor left the Hub, Jack sighed and headed back up to the main area. He sat on the couch behind the computers as U.N.I.T soldiers moved back and forth around the Hub.

"So everything's packed up and ready to go, so all that is left is you guys?" said Martha as she looked at Ianto, Jack and John.

"Gwen need to be Ret-coned along with Rhys, there's a file on my computer that is sent up for all of us. It was to be used if any of us need or wanted to be Ret-conned, it's backgrounds, new Ids, the works use it. It's in your hands now Martha, Gwen's already stated she wanted out, as for us John's wristband like mine has been disabled so he's stuck here.

Yan and me we just want out, we need out of Cardiff away from all this" sighed Jack as he hugged Ianto as Martha watched them then it dawned on her.

"I have the perfect break for the three of you, I know of an expedition that needs a linguist, an expert in alien Tec and cultures and a weapons/explosives expert. The best part is it's far away from Cardiff, you could even say it's in a whole new universe" laughed Martha as Jack, Ianto and John looked concerned and worried.