He had always known that she would come.

They had come before, dangerous and beautiful, ready to serve their kingdom. There had never been as many of them as of the others, for the way through the old judge was harsh. In spite of the trials he set, though, the judge had enjoyed watching them and the balance they brought. Yin and yang, together.

He knew it would happen, but he was still disappointed when they stopped coming. Their land didn't need them anymore as the gates closed and the mortals' dreams grew dim.

He grew so tired of the ones who remained. Yang without yin is just an empty page, and that grew boring quickly. He mourned the closed minds and empty souls, but it was not his place to show them otherwise. Even the powerful had to wait sometimes for the balance to right itself.

But time continues, and the balance is always in motion.

He hadn't expected her so soon. The thoughts of the men he tested still bandied words like "impossible" around with displeasing regularity. He wished they had seen what he'd seen over the years, and learned as he had that impossible was never the case.

They weren't ready yet. She would have a hard road ahead.

If he were anyone else, he would have laughed. He hadn't seen such fiery determination in centuries. The tables were turning. He had missed the ones like her, but they had finally come back.

She was certainly strong enough. The purple fire at her core burned bright with passion and bravery. He passed her through his hall, and in return she saved the kingdom.

She was a hero, but things were not yet as they had been a century ago. The icy youth who now stood before him proved that. This one had started with the resistance that characterized so many minds lately, but it had grown worse. The judge was tired of dealing with such hate, and so he ended the boy.

The next one was perfect.

She was as brave as any he had ever seen, but she was compassionate, kind, and righteous in a way that the others could never be. She was more than he could have wished for, and she acquitted herself nobly.

And after her there were more. The judge was as strict as he had ever been, but that didn't daunt the brave. The pendulum had swung back where it belonged. They came from all parts of the kingdom, and he sent them all to walk different paths. Some failed, but most succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

He had always known that they would return.

A/N: You've probably figured this out by now, but I'm writing from the POV of the Chamber of the Ordeal. I'm trying to keep it vague, but if the excessive pronoun use gets confusing, let me know and I'll fix it. The Chamber mentioned in Lady Knight that it doesn't experience time as mortals do, although I realize that I'm distorting the linearity of this difference. I realize also that I'm butchering the Yin/Yang concept, but my way works better for this story. Also, I know that my timeline is very off and the closing of the barriers between the realms was not the reason females stopped becoming knights, but I don't have the relevant TP book so I had to make up something. If anyone remembers the real reason/has the books handy, please tell me and I'll fix the problem.

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