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Life of a neeko

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Chapter 1

Okay, I guess I'm going to begin with the beginning.

In the midst of the summer –on July 31 to be clear- there came an emerald green flash out of a neat house. That flash meaned that there's happening something with our griffondor golden boy. It's the summer between his 5th and 6th year.

The next thing Harry realises, due to the light and the smell, is that he's in the hospital wing (ow yeah, my favourite place, why else would I spend so much time in here?). The following moment he feels an unbeareble pain in his head and between his schoulderblades. Such a pain that our hero starts screaming untill his throat is to sore. "Well well my boy, it can't be that bad, now can it?" sais a joyfull person with twinkling eyes (Thats dumbledore, just to be sure...) "Believe me, it can." answers Harry dry.

"Now then, would Poppy let you go to Grimould Place if its that unhealty?" "What?! Grimould Place? With Siri? I can't believe it, something good is happening!" "But young Harry, there's just one thing you should know..."
(Well, it can't be that bad. I can handle voldiemoldie, so I can handle this for sure.) "...there's an other person staying, I think you might know him, its (drums) Lord Lucius Malfoy. But I'm sure that won't give any problems."

Harry's 1st reaction: 'silence' and gaping like a fish (you can actually hear the crickets, aint that amazing?). Then he screamed for all Hogwarts to hear: "What, that deatheater? That fucking metrosexual?" "Yes son, but he's no longer a deatheater. He betraid Voldemort and has now a function in the order. So you'll have to tolerate him." "Yeah whatever, I'll be with Siri, so I wont have any problems with that blondie." And thats exactly the same as Dumblewumble thought.

Sorry its so short, but like I said, this is just the beginning!