Chapter 18, What to do when bad things happen

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Draco Malfoy couldn't sleep. It was the last night here at Hogwarts before they would return to Malfoy Manor. He walked towards the big lake and sat down on a big rock, staring at the water and contemplating his latest crush or better yet, his obsession. "Drake, you shouldn't be out here, so late and all by yourself." "Well, now you're here, so there's someone with me." "Who says I'm going to stay here and don't have some other place to be." "Because you would love some time alone with me in the dark..." Draco teased. "Indeed, one could wonder what we are doing here. Just the two of us, in the dark, standing so close together. It's a good thing they know I'm an honourable man who wouldn't take advantage of you, otherwise you father would kill me." "Who says it's a good thing to be honourable?" Draco replied with a blush on his cheeks. "Are you saying you would want me to take advantage of you, Dragon?" Again Draco blushed at the images passing by in his head. "Maybe..." the older man grinned and took a step closer to the blond, so now they were chest to chest. He cupped Draco's cheek with his big hand and let his thumb trace the outline of his lower lip. Draco caught the thumb and lightly sucked on it, moaning at the taste of his obsession. When Draco let go he looked up at the man and licked his lips. "Please..." he almost whined. "Never thought I would see a Malfoy begging me. But I like it. I'll make it my personal mission to make you beg even more." He said with a grin and captured his dragons lips...

Meanwhile in Severus' chambers:

"Why does it has to be you, Lucius? Can't he send someone else?" Harry asked, his eyes pleading. "Don't look at me this way Harry and no, he can't send someone else. He would have sent Lupin, but it's just a few day before it's full moon, so that's impossible. It has to be done, but I'll be only gone for a couple of weeks maximum and you still have Severus..." "I know, and heaven knows I'll need him when you're away from me." "I'll need you too Harry, Lucius is my mate also, so we have to help each other in this horrible situation." "When do you leave for this special mission, Lucius?" "Tomorrow evening." "So we only have one night left, let's make the best of it, okay?" "What would you mean by that?" Severus asked teasingly, kissing Harry's collar bone. "Why, a long night in our bedroom, of course!" "Then let's not loose any time." Lucius replied while opening Harry's buttons.

The following morning they went down to take their breakfast in the great hall for the last time this year. Lucius and Severus went to sit at the great table, next to Sirius and Remus. Harry slowly made his way up to the Slytherin table to sit next to Draco, who had a foolish grin on his face. "Why did you made such a face when you went to sit down?" Pansy asked innocently. "Drake's foolish grin hurts me, that's why." He teased back. "Hey, Malfoy's aren't foolish!" "Oh no? Care to tell me what happened with you. Because you really are looking foolish, so that makes that you're not a Malfoy anymore...!" "I am a pureblood Malfoy, can't a Malfoy be happy?" "Not without a reason, no." "You people are all too curious, don't you have a life of yourself?" "You can be sure that I have a live, and which one." Harry replied, grimacing when he changed his position. "That was a little too much information there, sweet Harrykins!" "Merlin, don't call me that, I already told you I hate it when you do that." "Then you should stop calling me Drake or one of your other stupid names"

So far, the day had passed uneventful, besides the bickering with Draco and spending time with Lucius. Then came the dreadful time at which Lucius was supposed to leave for 3 weeks, normally.

"You'll be back in time for Christmas, right? I had a lot of trouble finding you the perfect gift, so make sure I can give to you, or else..." "Or else what, sugar? What are you going to do to me?" "Watch out, or you won't be having sex when you come back." Harry replied, trying to make a joke, but failing because of the pain that was evident in his eyes. "I'm going to miss you, Lucius, and please don't get hurt." He said, tears starting to form in his eyes. "I'll be careful, sugar, but this is just a random thing, nothing dangerous in it. And I'll miss you too. I know it's going to be hard, but just rely on Severus and everything is going to work out just fine. Okay?" "Okay, Lucius." "Ah, dear Lucius, I see that you're ready and saying your goodbyes. Good, because we really have to leave right now." Dumbledore came and said the dreaded words that none of them wanted to hear. After a hug and a passionate kiss to both of his mates, Lucius left, not wanting to look back, knowing that Harry had tears pouring down his face and that Severus looked lost.

Harry and Severus went back inside the castle and went straight to their chambers and after some cuddling and wondering what Lucius was doing now they went to bed. Lucius on the other hand was at a sort of party and was surrounded by veela's from all over the world. The meaning of this? He had to try and persuade the veela's to align with Dumbledore in the war, should it raise to a point they would need extra help. Ofcourse, he couldn't ask this right away, veela's are creatures with a lot of self esteem, confidence and independence. So, he had three weeks to accomplish this seemingly undangerous task.

Severus and Harry had decided to stay at Hogwarts during the break, they were at ease there and Malfoy Manor reminded them to much of their Lucius, who was gone for the moment. That meaned that Draco was whole alone, 3 weeks, in that big house. He decided to invite his secret lover. Maybe when they were alone and safe, they could take their relationship to the next level. So the day came that a certain redhead stood in front of Malfoy Manor, nervous about the coming weeks, all alone with his dragon he had yet to tame.

While Severus worked on his potions, Harry decided to take a walk around the lake to relax and ease his mind. But it didn't really worked, every time he tried to think about anything but Lucius, it was exactly what he thought about. All their funny moments, the beginning of this relationship, the way Lucius would scratch behind his ears, the way Lucius' mouth would caress his neck. (Goddamit, Harry, please try and not think about him.) But Harry couldn't, he was away from his mate and it was taking Harry down. If it weren't for Severus, he probably would've gone insane already. He couldn't hold the tears back when he sat on a large rock, looking out over the lake. And like it was magic, the sun crept behind large clouds and as if the heaven cried with him, it started to rain.

Meanwhile at Malfoy Manor:

"Oh gods, yes! Don't stop now, please, don't stop!" "Who would have known that it was this easy to make Draco Malfoy beg. I should have done this way before!" "Shut up and please continue with whatever it was that you were doing!" Charlie Weasly happily complied and started licking that delicious cock again. He nibbled on it for a moment before he got an idea and licked his way down until he was aligned with the tight balls of his dragon and sucked each one of them into his hot mouth. "Merlins' balls, you're killing me, Charlie! Please just let me cum." "For you, my dragon, everything." He started bobbing his head up and down on that cock while his finger was tracing little circles around Draco's entrance. When he pushed his finger inside, Draco came and shot his seed into Charlie's mouth, who drank it greedily. "I'm so glad that I'm alone here and could invite you, Charlie. I really, really like you." "That's easy to say when I just gave you a blow job." "No, I mean it, Charlie, don't joke about it." "Okay, okay, I like you too, my little dragon. Let's get some sleep, because these weeks will be rather tiresome." "Okay, my Dragon tamer. Goodnight and sweet dreams." "Sweet dreams, Draco." With that being said, the two fell asleep, Draco curled up upon Charlie's broad chest.

At Hogwarts, Severus had felt the change in emotions from his mate and was surprised to see that it had begun to rain. (Must be his veela side taking over) Severus thought and went out to look for his little mate. He felt so helpless when he saw Harry, all alone in that great scenery with tears pouring out of those beautiful eyes. "Hush, honey, don't cry. Come, I'll take you inside to warm you up, you can't get sick now can you?" "I miss him, Sev." "Me too, Harry, me too..." When Harry changed into his pyjama trousers and was fully warmed up, Severus came up with an idea to take Harry's mind of Lucius. "Come to bed, honey, and relax for a moment. Know that I won't leave you." Severus gave Harry a full body massage, and even though Harry never stopped thinking about his second mate, Severus got him relaxed and excited at the same time. Especially when he repeated the massage, but now with his tongue.

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