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Severus stepped out into the early morning sunlight and inspected the practice arena he'd prepared in the back garden of Spinner's End the previous evening. With her magic being restored to her, he felt that Lottie needed to work quickly so that she could regain control of her abilities. They had been so busy in the last few weeks getting settled into the house on Spinner's End from having lived at Hogwarts that there'd scarcely been time to adjust to all the changes, let alone give her time to practice anything but the most basic of spells.

He was confident that she would practice on her own, but even by her own admission, she hadn't been good at defensive spells. He'd rather have had more than the few weeks between the end of the school year and his work for the start of term, but they would have to use what they had.

Because he'd bought the surrounding property to the house, Severus easily charmed the garden so that there was no risk of exposure to the wizarding world. Once he was happy with the set up of practice dummies and rebound walls where Lottie could work, he sat in one of the chaises and enjoyed the quiet.