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We belong together

Like the open seas and shores

Wedded by the planet force

We've all been spoken for

We Belong Together – Gavin Degraw


Surprisingly and despite the fact it was planned by one Alice Cullen, the wedding of Edward and Bella Cullen was small and simple.

It was a garden wedding, decorated in whites, blacks and blues. The family invited the friends Bella had never had time to meet, and Bella invited those she had never expected to introduce to them (Lilly gave her new beau a quick, disdainful once over before giving Bella a friendly hug) Bella wore a soft, elegant shift dress, neckline falling at the front and back a few centimetres between modesty and vulgarity (curtesy of a compromise between the bride and the maid of honour), and a hemline that hovered almost at her knees in whispering silk and muslin.

She smiled through the entire ceremony, oblivious of the orchid and freesia centre pieces that Alice had imported from Italy, or the gargantuan seven story wedding cake that was wheeled out as pristine as it had entered. Her eyes locked, as his did on hers, on the groom. The prince charming at the end of the story.

Edward was dashingly clad in a black tuxedo, he, as usual, looked nothing less then perfect, but to Bella there was a new element to his beauty. The curve of nose, the proud lift of his chin, the redness of his lips and the disarray of his hair all held new fascination because they now, officially and forever, belonged to her.

A solemn Emmett recited the ceremony pausing for them to both promise each other the infinite years to come (Edward recites Tennyson- now slides the silent meteor on, and leaves/ a silent furrow as my thoughts in you, Bella Shakespeare- the lunatic, the lover, and the poet/ Are of imagination all compact.) before the climax of the I Do's. The guests applaud and Connecticut looks up expecting rain to follow thunder.

It is everything Bella didn't think she wanted, and she realises that Rosalie is right. This seemingly meaningless array of uncomfortable shoes and catering services means something very special indeed.

There are ghosts clustered in the corners, barely in sight but there non the less, those people they have accumulated over long years. Bella's mother and father, friends that she can only barely remember, Jacob, Jon. Those who couldn't be there. She feels their eyes on her back before she discards them; loved or not, she has lived with too many ghosts for too long. She tells them a silent goodbye and thank you, and then she moves to share her first dance with her new husband.

They party like humans, with laughter and karaoke. Alice not so subtly hints that she has enjoyed planning this wedding so much she might force Bella to have another. Bella tells her in no uncertain terms that one is enough. Bella does not leave the sanctuary of her new husbands arms and she enjoys his voice murmuring into her ear all night- "I love you Mrs Cullen."

And then it's all over, and under a starry sky Bella and Edward leave for their honeymoon (one that both of them are more then ready for).

For a night of promises of forever and always, the nights end is simple, they are silent as they explore one anothers flesh, their bodies making promises of their own.

Then it really is the end.

Only Bella knows that this isn't really the end, it's the prologue of a much better story.


A new year, Bella sighed to herself, a new state, a new school.

She blinked at the building which loomed above her, pursing her lips as she ignore the appreciative looks her new peers were giving her, and her (an engagement gift from Edward) car.

"Bella Swan?" She pirouetted sharply, and the speaker, a flaxen haired male, stepped back cautiously. "Um… Hi, I'm Sean Meany."

Bella Cullen looked at him for a few moments, before realising that he had expected her to reply. Damn it, she really was out of practice when it came to the living, breathing population.

"Oh hey…" She replied. She nodded her head awkwardly. "I'm um…"

"New." The boy finished for her. "Yeah I know, I'm um, meant to…"

"Oh!" Bella said in alarm. "Please don't… I'm ok really…"

The boy, Sean opened his mouth to argue but was interrupted by another male voice, louder and more dominating then his own.

"Hey new girl!"

Bella winced as a large arm wound around her shoulders. She peered across her shoulder to look into the face of another living breathing human male of which she had no idea what to do with. Dear god how did Edward deal with this everyday.

"I'm Jonah." The guy introduced himself confidently, giving her an all over perusal. "Let me take this time to welcome you to St Michaels."

"I'm Bella." Bella replied shortly, detaching herself. Jonah frowned.


Bella exhaled in absolute relief as Alice came barrelling towards her. She watched through her peripheral as both Jonah and Sean exchanged weary glances, the hairs on their necks standing up.

Bella grinned at her sister, and let her self be hugged.

"Finally." Bella retorted when they parted. "I've been waiting here for ages. It's a sad day when I can't even rely on family to meet me at the gate."

"I missed you." Alice beamed. "Where's Edward? How was the…"

Alice realised suddenly that they were within ears dropping distance. She looked over irritably at Sean and Jonah, who looked back at them strangely.

"Family?" Jonah asked, his voice strained. "So Bella's…"

"A Cullen." A booming voice informed them. Bella turned and accepted a quick embrace from Rosalie and Emmett.

"Emmett Swan." Jonah said through his teeth, giving Emmett an expression only a recently trampled alpha male could give.

Emmett gave the boy a cool look, before turning away and disregarding him entirely.

"So how was the honeymoon?" He asked. Bella gave him a dark look. Rosalie rolled her eyes and sighed.


Luckily both Sean and Jonah had trickled back to their respective cliques, leaving the family in private.

"So where is the happy groom?" Emmett asked. He paused and then winked. "Worn him out already?"

Bella's eyes widened in embarrassment and Rosalie mimed hitting her forehead.


"Actually." Bella said after she had recovered. "He's picking up our timetables."

She sniffed and then smirked.

"And for your information I think you'll find a certain French villa which has some extremely broken furniture."

Emmett faltered for a moment and Alice giggled into her hand. Bella smiled.

She wasn't ashamed, she like this new addition to Edward's and her relationship.

"Well…" Alice said matter-of-factly. "He better hurry up. We're going to be late to Physics, and the teacher is a cow."

"Fantastic." Bella said as glumly as she could. A familiar body was choreographing his way through the churning student mass.

"Hello my darling." Her husband greeted her cheerfully, dropping his arm around her shoulders. She leaned against him, inhaling his scent. "We're in Physics 101 together."

"I know." Bella smiled, indicating to Alice who waved her welcome before attaching her lips firmly to Jasper, who had followed Edward and the bouncing, bodacious Cecily.

The walked down the halls as a unit, ignoring curious looks and perverse comments. Bella wondered if every day would be so happy, so normal.

"Is that Edward Cullen? He's gor-geous."

A girl whispered to her friend, the other girl sniffed and rolled her eyes snidely.

"I wouldn't waste your time. He's very taken."

Bella met their eyes, saw the jealousy, and smiled.