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Set in Motion, a Plan is Formed

Aizen, the former 5th squad captain, was smiling as his Espada all sat down at the meeting table. He looked at each one of them, meeting all of their eyes, except for Stark, who was asleep.

"Thank you all for coming to my urgent meeting. Our topic is our captive, Orihime. As you are all probably aware of, her powers have been expanding as of late. Her spiritual pressure has been rising greatly."

He took a sip of tea, a glint arising in his eyes. Anyone who really knew him could tell he had an evil plan stirring in the depths of his twisted mind.

"This new power could help or hurt us. Previous mental traps have been used, but for this power to truly help us, further traps need to be set. The best lead we have is her strong emotions, and I believe they will be the key to manipulating her."

He paused dramatically, and when he had everyone's attention, he announced," I'm going to take her as my wife."

They were all fairly shocked at the news. Some of them, however, handled it better than others.

"What the fuck?" Grimmjow shouted. Ulquiorra shook his head softly. Some people never change.

Stark stirred and looked up, awoken by Grimmjow's outburst. He noticed everyone (except Ulquiorra) wore shocked expressions, and wondered what he had missed that had been so surprising.

"Psst, Halibel, what just happened? Why is everyone acting so strange?" He asked her.

She regarded him coldly. "You fool, you should have been listening. In any case, Lord Aizen intends to marry the captive the girl."

He felt a little surprised. "Isn't he a little… old for her?"

"We shouldn't question Lord Aizen's will. He will lead us to victory over our enemies," Halibel hissed at him, glaring. He just raised his eyebrow in response. This girl took things way to seriously.

"For the success of this plan, Stark and Halibel will be in a romantic relationship," Aizen said casually, taking a sip of tea.

Halibel gasped," Lord Aizen, you can't be serious."

Stark smirked and told her sarcastically," We shouldn't question Lord Aizen's will. He will lead us to victory over our enemies." He saw her fingers twitch, no doubt itching to close around his throat.

Aizen didn't seem too upset. "Well," he explained," The main plan is to get the girl to create a life here, and to fall in love with me, making her more compliant to use her new powers for our gain. For that to happen, we have to create a believable environment similar to the one she had in the real world. Halibel, as the only current female Espada, you will become a close friend to her. In order to make this realistic, her 'friend' should have romantic interests as well."

"As you wish, Lord Aizen," she said in a strangled voice.

He smiled. "In my plan," he continued," everyone will play a part. While some will be working behind the scenes, all will have a role to play in the plan. Stark and Halibel, you already know your roles. Ichimaru, given your personality and background, you be a fear to be conquered. You will also be sharing the 'truth' about Soul Society, because of your past in Rukongai. Tousen, you will be the minister at the wedding."

He paused, with the air of someone about to drop a bombshell. "Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, you will also befriend the human girl."

"No fucking way. I can't pretend to be friends with that emo clown. No fucking way." It doesn't take a genius to figure out who said that. The Esapda could practically see steam rising out of Grimmjow's ears.

Ichimaru smiled his trademark grin, and commented lightly." Wow Grimmjow, you're challenging Lord Aizen? That will be a fun fight to watch. For the 15 seconds it lasts, anyway."

Grimmjow growled in response, but took the hint and shut up. Aizen continued as if nothing had happened. "Of all the Espada, you two are the only ones who she's really interacted with. It would make sense that you would befriend her. You'll have to act, though. She needs to be thoroughly convinced that you want to be her friend."

He looked right at Grimmjow. "That means not strangling her just because she does something annoying."

Grimmjow was smart enough to remain silent. Instead of words, he settled for glaring at Ulquiorra, as if this was his idea. The idea of befriending the human girl sucked, but he could deal with it. The idea of pretending to be friends with that cold bastard was repulsive. But as Gin had so frankly pointed out, refusal would lead to a fight he couldn't win.

Aizen shifted his attention to the other Espada. "Nnoitra, given your personality, you will also be presented as fear to be conquered. You will be used to help awaken the power she is acquiring. You will need to put constant pressure on her until we see the form this new power will take. In addition, you will be used to strengthen her friendship with Halibel, Grimmjow, and Ulquiorra."

"So I get to play the big bad wolf for our little pet?" Nnoitra asked, a lecherous grin spreading over his face. When Aizen nodded, Nnoitra let out an evil laugh."I like this plan," he said.

"Good to know," Aizen said," As for Barragan, Aaroniero, Yammy, Szayel, and Zommari, I'll inform you of your roles later. Until then, minimize contact with the girl. You are all dismissed."

All the Espada left the room, leaving Gin, Aizen, and Tousen.

"You really think this will work? That she'll ditch her friends for the people who are holding her captive?" Gin asked curiously. It seemed rather unlikely, seeing as how close they were.

"Of course," Aizen said confidently," She is a good and kind soul, therefore she is predictable. She's also very trusting, so she'll believe whatever lies we tell her if we say it the right way."

Ichimaru smiled. Things were definitely about to get interesting.


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