Roy leaned this face down until his lips met Ed's

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Summery: Ed has a secret…he likes to dress in women's clothes, but what happens when Ed goes out in the town one night and a man hits on him…what is worse is that the man is Roy Mustang.

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Title: Secrets and Surprises

Chapter 1

Ed was bored. Bored out of his mind. Ed sighed as he turned on the couch in his military dorm room living room.

"Brother, why don't you go out or something" Al said as he walked into the living room from the kitchen.

"What is there to do in town" Ed asked as he started playing with his hair

"I don't know. You could go to a movie"

"Not by myself"

"Go to dinner"


"Go to the bar"

"I…not a bad idea" Ed then got off of the couch and went to his room "First things first, got to change into something else"

Ed opened his closet and started looking through his many clothes. He soon picked out a pair of jeans with a pattern going down its right leg and a black spaghetti strap tank top and a pink button up shirt to go over it. Ed put on his outfit and looked at himself in the mirror.

"Good, now for my hair"

Ed took his hair out of his braid and looked in his mirror to see his hair all wave. He went into the bathroom and plugged in his straightening iron and waited for it to heat up before he started straightening it. He brushed it again and decided to leave it down. He then brushed his teeth and put on some perfume on, then went back to his room, put on a necklace with a silver butterfly on it before going to the kitchen.

"Ok Al. I am going out. Don't wait up if it gets late." Ed said as he went and hugged his little brother

"Ok brother. And you look really pretty tonight" Al said as he pulled away and looked at his brother

Ed blushed. "Thanks Al. I see you later on" Ed said as he kissed his brothers cheek and head to the door. He put on some high heel black shoes and grabbed his purse and walked on out into the town.

Ed soon came to a bar and looked in to see that not that many people were in so he decided that this would be the place. He walk in and sat at one of the bar stools putting his purse on the bar.

"Hello miss, what can I get you tonight," the bartender asked

"I have a Bloody Mary please" Ed said

"Coming right up" the bartender said as he walked away

Ed sighed as he put his elbow on the bar and leaned his head into the hand. Then he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked up and his eyes went wide in shock. There stood none other then Roy Mustang, womanizer of central, and his boss dressed in normal clothes with a smile on his face.

"Mind if I join you" Roy asked as he mad a hand gesture to the seat next to Ed.

Ed got over the shock and just shrugged his shoulder. "It's a free country" Ed said as he turned back to take a sip of his drink the bartender just gave him.

"Thank you" Roy said as he sat next to Ed putting his, what Ed thought it was, scotch on the bar. "So, you new here or something, I have never seen you here before" Roy asked as he looked at Ed.

"Nope been here for many year's. Guess we just we just weren't at the same place at the same time" Ed said as he ran his finger around the rim of his cup.

"I guess your right, I would remember a pretty face like your" Roy said as he grabbed Ed's chin and turned his face to look at him.

"Are you hitting on me" Ed asked with a smirk

"Of course not beautiful. But let me introduce myself first I am Roy Mustang and what is your name my sweet" Roy ask

"My name is of no importance right now" Ed said as he removed his chin from Roy's grip and turned back around.

"Oh come on…just a little hint" Roy pleaded

"Nope. Ask me later and maybe I will tell you" Ed said

"Well until then…how about we go to a movie or maybe a walk around for the park"

"You now what…I think a walk around the park might be nice" Ed said as he finished his drink and was about to pull some money out to pay but Roy grabbed his hand.

"No, let me pay" Roy said as he took out his wallet

"Ok if you say so" Ed said as he grabbed his purse, put it under his shoulder, got up and started walking to the door

"Ha, wait up" Roy said as he through the money down on the bar and ran to catch up with Ed.

When they got to the park no one was there so it was nice a quiet. To Ed's surprise Roy was actually a nice guy to talk to when he wasn't being a jerk. He didn't like to admit it but after tonight he wouldn't be surprised if he got a crush on said officer. He new he had feelings for Roy but he just didn't want to admit to it being a crush type of feeling. He came out of his thinking when Roy grabbed his arm and turned him to look at Roy.

"What is it" Ed asked

"Oh nothing, I just wanted to say I have enjoyed talking to you" Roy said

"Me too" Ed smiled as Roy gave him a true smile

Then…silence. Until Roy spoke up again

"Um…would you mind if…what I mean to say is um" Roy tried to ask as he looked at the ground.


"Um…could I um…kiss you" Roy asked as he moved his hand from Ed's arm to his hand grabbing it.

"Colonel Roy Mustang, womanizer of Central asking me for a kiss" Ed said with a laugh

"Well…yes" Roy said as he scratched the back of his head

Ed was shocked by this. He thought he was just playing around but he thought wrong. But he new deep down that he was happy that Roy asked him for a kiss…and he wanted one. "Ok" Ed said with a smile

"Really" Roy said in shock

"Yes" Ed said as stepped closer to Roy

Roy slowly moved downward as he moved to cup Ed's face. Ed slowly closed his eyes as Roy moved closer. He was surprised when Roy pulled away from him. "What's wrong"

"I'm sorry…I just can't do it," Roy said

"Why, did I do something wrong"

"No it's not that. You see…I'm in love with someone else and I thought if I could kiss you it would go away…but I can't" Roy said with a sigh

"Oh" Ed said sadly "Who is the lucky girl who took your heart"

"It's not a girl"

Ed looked up at Roy with a gasp "What"

"It's not a girl…I'm in love with a guy"

"Oh" Ed said with a renew hope "So who is the lucky guy then"

"Edward Elric"

Ed gasped as he looked at the colonel. He could see the love and truth in his words and he couldn't help but smile as tears came to his eyes. He loves me…he loves me…I have got to be the happiest person alive.

"What's wrong…I didn't mean to hurt you or anything. Please stop crying" Roy said as he moved closer to Ed and raised his hand to wipe away Ed's tears. Roy gasped as Ed through his arms around his neck bringing him into a hug. "Miss"

"I love you too you basterd" Ed whispered into Roy's ear

Roy gasped as he slowly pulled away and looked at the person. He was surprised to see that the person had golden eyes ((slow much)) and he only new of one person in the whole of central with golden eyes "Ed"

"Yes. It's me" Ed said with a smile

"But…you look like a girl" Roy said looking Ed up and down

"Ya" Ed blushed "I…it's sort of been a secret of mine but I like dressing like a girl. I feel more comfortable in girl clothes. Does it…disturb you" Ed asked as he looked off to the side

Roy laughed as he grabbed Ed around his waist and hugged him close making Ed turn to look at him and having Ed put his hands on Roy's chest. "No…if anything it just makes you look more cute then you already are" Roy said as he brought a hand up to run it through Ed's hair

Ed blush "Men don't liked to be called cute"

"Fine then how about sexy" Roy said with a smirk as Ed's blush deepened

"Um…I think I like cute better" Ed said as he looked down

Roy laughed as he grabbed Ed's chin and made him look at him "I love you Ed"

Ed smiled "I love you too Roy" Ed then leaned foreword and kissed Roy lightly on the lips

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