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Chapter 4

At work all day Roy couldn't help but smile. Everyone was wondering what had there Colonel in such a happy mode. What really surprised them was that the colonel was doing work. Hawkeye didn't have to go and shot him. He was doing ti all on his own and fast.

"Roy, how are you my friend" Hughes said as he opened the door and walked in.

"Good" Roy said as he signed the last paper in his stack "Riza, I'm done with all my paperwork so I will be going home now"

Riza looked up at the clock and was surprised to see it read 1:12. "Um…ok sir. See you tomorrow" Riza said with a salute.

Roy got out of his chair and walked out the door with Hughes fallowing him. "So, what's got you so happy Roy" Hughes said

"Oh…nothing" Roy said with a smirk

"Come one…tell me"

"Nope, not even a hint"

"I think I know what it is" Hughes said with a smirk

"Oh really know" Roy said as he looked at his old friend


"Ok then…what is it"

"You and Ed confessed your feelings for each other and had sex"

Roy stopped stunned in his spot. "Wh-what"

"Did I get it right"


"Oh…I'm just smart like that. So…how is Ed in bed"

Roy blushed "None of your business"

Hughes just shrugged

"Ok. Well, have fun at home with that then" Hughes said as the reached the exit

"Ok, bye Hughes" Roy said as he turned to the door trying to leave as fast as he could

"Bye and Roy"

"Yes" Roy said as he turned to look at his friend

"I'm happy you finally found someone to love and who loves you back" Highes said with a smile and a thumbs up

Roy smiled "Thanks" Roy said as he turned and opened the door

"Can't wait to hear when the wedding is" Hughes shouted

Roy stopped in his tracks "HUGHES"

"Ed" Roy said as he walked into the house "I'm home"


"Ed…" Roy said again as he took off his shoes and walked into the living room "Ed…"

No one was there.

"Hmmm, I wonder were he went" Roy said as he scratched his head

"Oh Roy…"

Roy turned to look at who called him and almost had a nosebleed. There was Ed, leaning his arm against the living room door frame wearing a small white tank top, some black thigh high stockings, some black high heel boots, and a very short black and white miniskirt. "Welcome home" Ed said with a smirk

"When…how…that outfit" Roy said as he looked Ed up and down

"Oh, this" Ed said as he pulled at his skirt "Oh it's just something I throw on…you like" Ed said as he walked till he was right in front of Roy

"Very much" Roy said still in a state of shock

"Well, I have a couple more surprises for you" Ed said as he ran is index finger up Roy's chest "And if you want to find out what they are" Ed looked up at Roy with a seductive smirk "Your just going to have to follow me to the bedroom aren't you" Ed said as he turned to walk back swaying his hips back and forth with Roy's eyes fallowing each sway of his hip. Ed stopped and looked over his shoulder.

"Coming" Ed said as he wiggled his finger at Roy to follow him as he walked to the bed room.

It took Roy a couple of seconds before Roy recovered and then ran to the bed room not wanting to miss out on discovering all the secrets and surprises Ed had in store for him.

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