Second Chances

By Ani aka Cherished Dreams

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16th July 2008 - Author's note: Terribly sorry that chapter six won't be out in time. It will most likely be released when the next chapter is supposed to be out (19/07/08). As an apology gift, I present a side story, I've had in my head that goes along the line of the story so far, but decided to cut out for a number of reasons - 01: too many words in the chapter, 02: doesn't go along with main plot of story, 03: mindless ani-babble, 04 below standard work coming from ani (in ani's opinion).

Very short, please forgive me. :( My internet has been a bit shaky lately and my mind is wayy busy with uni and work.. work.

Chapter Four-point-five - Side Story

"Remember the time we first went out to that bar in Seattle?" Mike said calmly, a smirk tugging at his lips, as he bent forward hiding behind his long hair, whisking away at the cookie batter.

Bella groaned and setting down a pair of tongs, to whirl around at him, eyes wide horrified. "No. Noo. Mike no."

"Aww come on Bells!" He said swinging his hair out of his face, barely lifting his head. He focused his smiling blue eyes at her, a grin on his golden face.

She hid her face away from him with a clammy hand. She didn't want to remember her embarrassing behaviour. The night at the bar-slash-club, had been one heck of an embarrassing memory. None of the large amount of alcohol consumed that night, managed to suppress the memory.

He walked around to her, laughing at the memory she was sure was rushing through his head. He wrapped his googy-ish hands around her torso, pulling her to him loosely (in comfort?). She banged her head against his chest, his chest reverberating with his deep laugh. He pulled her back to look at her when she stopped and smiled at her cheekily.

"Bella, it was fun you can't deny that!"

She couldn't help the tugging at her lips. Earlier in the year, Angela, Ben and Mike had surprised her on her twenty-first birthday and had pitched in to ship her back to Seattle for a party weekend away. She wasn't a really outgoing, party kind of person, but after being encouraged to live a little and having a few drinks bought for her by a few different guys in the bar with interesting names, she had loosened up.

"You had like what? Two tequila shots, a jagerbomb, a..." he trailed off trying to remember.

She grinned. He had never liked the names of the drinks she had been sent by male onlookers. "Sex in Faliraki? Sweeeeet Sensations? Angel's blush?" she supplied innocently, watching his face grow dark. She laughed, slapping him on the shoulder and pulling away to inspect his work with the batter. "The Sex in Faliraki was really good though."

"And the Ankles in the Air?" he said recovering, facing her in the process.

She blanched at that, remembering that she had rushed to the bathroom and barely made it when she'd downed the shot, the pineapple catching in her throat, even more so than the alcohol that accompanied it. "Hey! Not my fault I can't handle pineapple!" They looked at each other silent, before laughing wildly, clutching their sides.

"And.. and the guy.. Oh God, the guy's face when you rushed to the bathroom!" This caused even more laughs. The butch looking guy whose face was covered in pimples, who had sent it over, had been watching her chug it down, and had seen her rush away. He looked crushed.

When they stopped, she wrinkled her nose and shoved the batter his way. "Mike, this batter is almost finished! I think we'll only be able to make like five cookies with this! What are you going to bring to your mother?"

He pointed the tongs he had picked up at her, boyish features flushed. "You're changing the topic Bella! What about the dancing?"

She didn't need him to remind her that, in her intoxicated state she had climbed onto the table dancing seductively, encouraging leers and a wild applause from the patrons of the bar-slash-club, and proceeded to stick the wooden laden laying limp in the batter bowl into his open mouth, to stop his reminiscing.

His lips wrapped happily around the spoon, slightly curving into an, what she imagined, adorable grin.

"Don't forget to wash that before you use it again."

Reference for the bar drinks: (I don't know if you'll fin the jagerbomb there though)

Author's Note: Sorry youngins'. Just remembering the first time I had whole bunch of alcoholic beverages poured down my throat by willing friends. There weren't that many and my night was not as wild as Bella's but just as fun. They're all nice sweetish lady tasting drinks.

Not funny, I know. I'm sorry. :( I'm really tired at the moment.