I'm back! This is a response to a challenge by SugarSpiral!

So here it is! Pikachus Secret Service!

The cameras whirred into action at the sight of a mugger attacking a young trainer. Sirens blazed, lights flashed, signalling the immediate deploy of the P.S.S. The P.S.S. - or Pikachu Secret Service - were an elite team of crime busters dedicated to kicking crimes ass. Some people would call placing cameras all over the city spying. But those people were usually the ones targeted for such crimes.

As the P.S.S. sped down the street, Captain Chu, their leader, briefed them. "Okay team, our top priority is to make sure that the kids' balls aren't harmed in any way… WHAT IS SO FUNNY?!" He said, glaring at a young recruit with such anger that it would probably make Yoda think twice.

"You said balls…" The young recruit explained, with a smirk on his face and trying not to laugh. Captain Chu rolled his eyes. "I MEANT POKE BALLS!" A loud screeching stopped the argument as the van jolted. They had arrived.

The doors burst open as about 15 Pikachus swarmed around the mugger and the young trainer. Without even so much as a 'Hands on the floor', all 15 Pikachus let loose a mighty blast of Thunder. The mugger dropped the Poke Balls and scarpered, leaving a very confused trainer picking up his balls from the floor. After making sure that the trainer was okay, the P.S.S. made their way back to H.Q. Considering this a failure purely because the mugger got away, Captain Chu was most upset. But that young recruit said something that changed his attitude completely…

"Hey, Boss! At least his balls weren't harmed!"

Well, that's it for now on this one! Not sure if I will make this a series or not.

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