Meowth was just standing in the centre of the relatively small circle of Pikachus surrounding him. His eyes kept drifting from one Pikachu to the next, as if he was analysing them.

He was looking for signs of weakness, something he could use to guarantee an escape. He stopped when he got to the Captain. He noticed that he was slightly out of breath, not to mention he kept looking at his squad, as if for reassurance.

"They don't like you." Meowth said, eyes staring at the Captains, never once wavering.

"Or they don't believe you. One of the two. Then again, it could be both…"

"Shut up! You have no right -" Captain Chu started, then stopped, as he took in a deep breath, and looked at his fellows. Not one of them would look him in the eye. Not even Lissy, the cute, young trainee who had taken a shine to him. Guess he was mistaken.

"I'm sorry Mr. Captain Sir! I do like you, really I do! But you can be real mean…" Lissy began to apologise, but then realised it was a wasted attempt. It was too late to do anything. Her attention was snapped back to the situation at hand as the Meowth pulled (literally from nowhere) a gun and fired it at the Captain. Then with a wave of his cloak, he was gone.

The ceremony wasn't fancy.

It should have been, Lissy thought. He was a hero, even if he was a little bossy. She was startled to find something pulling on her tail. Turning around, she found Scott, another young intern. She'd seen him once, and… well, lets just say she wishes it had never happened.

"Hey. I'm sorry about it. Don't know what I can do to make you any happier, other than me not being here. But I hope you cheer up soon…" And with that, he thrust something into her hand and abruptly left.

She stared at the little card, and smirked when she read it.

"Don't frown. You never know who's falling in love with your smile."

The End!!!

Thanks to any/all who stuck with this.

It goes without saying that this is dedicated to SugarSpiral, as without her, this wouldn't exist.

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