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Summary: The Baudelaire orphans are packed off to their new guardians- in Japan!! Meanwhile, Sakura is still reeling from Naruto's return.

"Now children," Mr. Poe, a middle- aged banker with a terrible cough, began. "I understand that Count Olaf has troubled you in the past, but I assure you that this time, he will have no way to detect you."

"What makes you say that?" inquired 14- year- old Violet Baudelaire. "Why should we believe you this time?" Violet thought.

"Well, to put it bluntly, Violet, you're moving to Japan."

"WHAT?" Violet exclaimed.

"WHAT?" Violet's 12- year- old brother Klaus cried.

"Geenpi?" uttered Sunny, Violet and Klaus' baby sister. As she was an infant, she had yet to learn to express herself vocally, therefore usually speaking in terms most people called "babytalk." In this case, "Geenpi" probably meant something like "WHAT?"

"Well, children, you do have family there. And it will be near impossible for Count Olaf to track you all the way across the Atlantic Ocean," Mr. Poe explained. Well, he coughed after every few syllables, but still.

These three children, the Baudelaires, had quite recently lost their parents to a terrible fire, along with all of their home and all of their possessions. They had previously lived with an evil actor named Count Olaf, who had only adopted them to get their rather enormous inheritance, Dr. Montgomery Montgomery, who had been murdered by Count Olaf, and Josephine Anwhistle, also killed by Olaf (effectively). They were sitting in Mr. Poe's living room, after having been deposited there after their last guardian perished.

All three children had longed to find a new home, but they had never even anticipated finding it in a different country, much less on a different continent!

"Don't worry, I have spoken to your new guardians over the phone. They have to children of their own, around your ages, so they are fully equipped and completely suitable to look after the three of you. I will not have time to escort you to Japan, so I will give you their contact information and send you on your way. Mr. and Mrs. Haruno- your new guardians- will contact me if Count Olaf manages to find you- which I doubt will happen. You will be leaving tomorrow morning, so be sure to pack carefully." The oblivious banker handed the Baudelaires a sheet of paper with the phone number, address and names of their new guardians, as well as the names, ages, and genders of their new adoptive siblings.

After Mr. Poe had left, the Baudelaire orphans (to put it bluntly) sat in a dumbstruck manner for a long while, until Mr. Poe came back and inquired as to why they were not packing for the next day. Then they trudged back to the room in which they were staying and began packing their few possessions into small didn't take very long, and when they were done they sat on the closest bed and began to discuss their predicament.

"What a strange predicament we're in," stated Klaus.

"I'm still worried about Count Olaf," Violet confessed.

"Well, the chances are rather slim that he'll find us in Japan."

"Still, considering the lengths he's already gone to in order to secure our fortune, it's a valid concern."

"Mwoup!" Sunny exclaimed, most likely meaning "We don't have to worry as much as usual, but we should probably keep an eye out, just in case."

"Well spoken, Sunny!" Violet praised. "Or, well, good thinking, anyways," she amended, making up for the fact that Sunny had not in fact spoken it, but rather thought it.

"Well, what do you think our new guardians will be like?" Klaus inquired, attempting to keep the slight quiver out of his voice.

"I hope they'll be good parents. I mean, they already have two children of their own. According to this sheet, they have a boy who's your age, Klaus, and a girl who's a year older than me."

"I hope one of the enjoys reading!"

"And maybe one likes to invent things! Sorry, Sunny, I doubt either of them will take pleasure in biting things like you do. But I'm sure there will be lots of things to bite anyways."

"Lidipo!" Sunny interjected.

"That's true, Sunny," the eldest Baudelaire began, "How are we going to interact with people when we don't know Japanese?"

"I'll ask Mr. Poe for a phrase book tomorrow. Jeez, I hope one of our new guardians or siblings knows some English!"

"Well, if they don't, someone's bound to."

"Anyways, it's getting late, and we're going to have a long day tomorrow. We need all the sleep we can get!"

Meanwhile, in the Haruno Household...

Twelve- year- old Masanori was getting restless. He was jumping up and down, his semi- long, milk chocolate locks falling into his seafoam- green eyes. Eyes exactly like his sister's.

"Okaasan (1), when is Sakura- chan getting back? She said she wasn't going to be long- just a trip to see Tsunande- sama!"

"I don't know, Masa," said Haruno Akemi, wrapping her arms around her only son with a somber look in her eyes. "I just don't know."

A harried Haruno Yoshiaki walked into the room, a stressed look on his face, cradling a phone to his ear.

"Hey, could he two of you please keep it down, I'm just finalizing the adoption."

"ADOPTION?!" came the voice of little Masanori. "I NEVER HEARD ABOUT ANY ADOPTION!!"

"Well, we were going to wait until Sakura came back today, but it's getting late. Your father and I have decided to adopt three children from America-please don't shout Masa (upon seeing the preteen's mouth open to interject). These children are family- even if the family left for America 100 years ago- and we recently orphaned. We have kept in contact, and from their letters, their parents were wonderful people. They have had three other guardians, two of which were killed by the other, and they needed help. Family always helps family, no matter how distanced." Akemi managed to get this all out without another one of her son's outbursts.

"So, what do I need to know about them?"

"There are three children. Violet is fourteen, almost Sakura' age, and she enjoys inventing things. She will be sharing a room with your sister. The middle child Klaus, is your age. He likes to read, and he will be sharing your room. Sunny, that's a girl name, is only a baby. We will try to put her in our room until we can find a room to put a nursery in for her."

However, as the Harunos was discussing the future additions to their small family, none of them had noticed the door creak open and the tall, slender, Kunoichi enter the room. The door had been left open, the pink- haired teen leaning on its frame. Only when a cool breeze flew in thought the door did the Harunos turn to face the entrance.

"So, what's this I hear about an adoption?"

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(1) Okaasan- Mom/ Mother

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