This is my Harry PotterXNaruto crossover. NarutoSakuraSasuke. They are ANBU.


"What do you mean baa-chan?" 21 year old Naruto exclaimed, ANBU mask hanging from one hand as the other hand was around Sakura's waist.

"Exactly what I said, Uzumaki, you three are to go undercover at a school. This is an S-class ranked mission. You are going to be the new self-defence teachers. They've never learnt this subject, it's just a cover for you three to get into the school and protect it and the students inside." Tsunade rested her head on her crossed hands as she looked at the three of them in front of her. All three of them were in their ANBU gear, just back from an A-rank mission in the village hidden in the mist.

"We just got back baa-chan," whined Naruto as Sakura rested her tired head on his shoulder, Sasuke's limp cold arm circled by her free arm.

Sasuke had been brought back to Konoha three years before by both Naruto and Sakura. He rejoined their team, now ANBU, 8 months later. Their relationship had blossomed into one with two people in love with the same girl and that girl in love with the both of them. So they all lived with one another in the Uchiha compound in the main mansion. Sasuke talked a lot more after 5 months of being together with Sakura, and opened up to Sakura and Naruto, but he is still cold towards others and has his off days. He is just like his childhood self when he was with Sakura and Naruto, not emotional, but caring in his own way.

"I know, and I'm sorry to do this, but you three are the best we have and they especially asked for our best. It's a very dangerous mission, and you are the best capable. I know you can do it. Your mission's briefing is in this scroll," Tsunade threw the thick scroll to Sasuke who caught it in his free hand, and the she sat back down. "You leave in the morning. Pack with about a year's worth of provisions. Dismissed!"

"Hai!" They chorused and transported away.

"You work them too hard Tsunade-sama," came a voice from the open window.

"I know Kakashi, but they are the next generation's Legendary Sannin. They need to be pushed and pushed hard to unleash every bit of potential inside them. If that happens they will succeed in life and always have victory in battle. So they will always come back alive. You know that much I'm sure."

"You are one smart woman," Kakashi admired with a barely noticeable grin.

"I know…" Tsunade smiled lightly back before thinking to herself, 'I believe in you, come back alive. Please… please…'

"I can't believe that batty old woman wants us to go on another mission just after we got back from a three month tiring one. What's she playing at?" Naruto exclaimed as he re-packed his backpack with new clothing, food, soldier pills and other essentials.

"Naruto! She's the Hokage! Besides she must have a reason for, you know, working us to death." Sakura scolded him as she folded her clothing into a large backpack soon followed by extra medical supplies, extra sets of weapons and extra jutsu scrolls. She also replaced the used elemental scrolls at her belt with a new set, and refilled her shuriken pouches, and senbon straps, and then slipped a new couple of kunai into her knee-length dark brown ninja boots. "Hey Sasuke, can you read the scroll for us please?" Sasuke was on the other side of the room quietly repacking his own backpack identical to Naruto's, but with extra bandages.

"Hn," he quietly picked up the scroll and unrolled it to read aloud: "Hogwarts, London. Platform 9¾. Mission Brief: protect the school from Lord Voldemort and especially protect Harry Potter. Go undercover as self-defence teachers. Harry is a 5th year. Has two best friends: Ron Weasley and Hermonie Granger. Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore. He was the one who asked us of this. Report to him. No Kakashi for this mission either. Transport yourself to London and then find the train station. From there you get on platform 9¾, it leaves at 11AM sharp.

You're on your own.

Good luck,

Tsunade." Sasuke finished and put down the scroll before looking up to see their reactions.

"Well…" Naruto scratched his head while Sasuke and Sakura studied and memorised the three students' photos. "Sounds alright… Just one question: What's a Lord Voldemort?"