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It had been three weeks since the accident. Kaoru had been forced to go back to school earlier than Hikaru against his wishes.

Now both the twins were back at school and certain problems were arising.

The girls were crowded around the two boys and they were chatting away.

"Was you scared? Oh it must have been horrible," the girl closest said sadly.

"I wasn't scared," Hikaru lied. "There's was nothing to be scared about." Kaoru stopped what he was doing and turned away from Hikaru fighting back 'tears'.

"You weren't scared for me?" Kaoru said timidly. Hikaru stared at his brother for a second an expression of guilt crossing his features. "Of course i was Kaoru," he said taking his hand quickly.

"Hikaru, so you lied to those young ladies?" He said keeping his head turned away. Hikaru opened his mouth to say something but instead pulled the younger twin up towards him.

"Kaoru of course i was scared of loosing you," he told him tilting his head to face him. "I just didn't want the ladies to worry too much."

Kaoru held Hikaru's arm blushing. "Hikaru..." Hikaru lent over him pulling him close, but then he froze. Kaoru felt his brothers grip on him tighten a lot and Hikaru lowered his head onto Kaoru's shoulder.

The girls watched confused as Kaoru heard Hikaru cursing under his breath. "Oh! Your ribs!" Kaoru said kind of loudly. Hikaru sweat dropped and stood up in a rather Tamaki like recovery. "Kaoru, it doesn't matter. I would endure any pain for you."

All the girls any where near the Hitachiin's either swooned or burst forth in an amazing display of hearts and love. Soon the girls left, some having to help those who had fainted out of the room.

When all the girls had left and the Host Club packed up for the mean time, the Hitachiin's sat down heavily onto a large sofa.

Hikaru lent on his brother with his hands wrapped around his own chest. "That killed," he whispered.

Kaoru sighed and lent his head on Hikaru's. "They shouldn't have let you out so early, not if you're in pain still."

"Mm," Hikaru mumbled closing he's eyes. Kaoru wrapped an arm around Hikaru's waist and watched the Host Club tidy the room, they had maids to actually clean it.


"This is becoming a problem," Kyoya said, clearly annoyed. "If they can't perform then we loose profit, and it's also affecting Hikaru's health."

Hikaru looked annoyed by this comment and it showed perfectly on his face. "My health is fine."

Kyoya didn't say anything, instead Haruhi did. "Anno... I noticed quite a lot, that when they do their act Hikaru leans over Kaoru," she said. "That could be what's hurting him so much because he's stretching his chest?"

"An excellent point my wonderful daughter," Tamaki said with all the theatrics in the world. "So smart she is to notice such small details."

The three of them sighed and ignored him completely, sending Tamaki to his mushroom corner.

"Ne, what if Hika-chan and Kao-chan switched roles?" Hunny asked. "Then Hika-chan wouldn't have to hurt himself."

The two thought about this. It wasn't a bad idea and it would be interesting to try something new, if only temporary. The only thing that Kyoya was concerned about was how the girls would react.

"Hm, being the seme would be interesting," Kaoru thought. "Uke...wonder how people would react?" Hikaru mused. Suddenly the twins were off in their own little world practicing how to turn things around.

"Well at least they're into it," Haruhi said.


Later on that day the Host Club was open once again as lessons had ended for a free period.

"Hikaru, how are you feeling now?" asked the girl opposite. "Ah, fine, fine," he replied.

The girls smiled. "That's good to hear." Hikaru smiled weakly as did Kaoru.

"Demo...I meant what I said," Hikaru motioned slowly with his voice. "How I would endure any pain if I could help Kaoru."

Kaoru stood up and looked down at Hikaru frowning. "Don't say things like that Hikaru, I would never do anything to put you in harms way." Hikaru turned to face Kaoru looking up at him. It was a strange experience swapping roles and it would take some time to get used to it, even if it was temporary thing.

"Kaoru..." he sighed looking down to avoid eye contact. Hikaru was doing everything in his power not to smile or laugh, that meant Kaoru was doing the same. "I never meant to upset you, Kaoru is special to me and I wouldn't want to loose him."

Kaoru took hold of Hikaru and lent in close to his ear, Hikaru could feel him smirking as he was so close.

The girls didn't know what to make of this role swap, but they certainly weren't complaining! It was a whole new perspective on things. "Hikaru I will always be with you, I wouldn't allow you to loose me."

There it was; the heart bursting, temperature raising scene that sent the fan girls into oblivion. After several different acts of this to different groups of girls the Hitachiin's were glad when it ended.

The two of them laughed about it and brainstormed new ideas, Hikaru still held he's chest and for the second time he curled up to Kaoru to sleep. "I was scared..." he whispered. "Just so you know."

"I know," Kaoru said wrapping his arm around Hikaru. "I was too."

Hikaru fell asleep on Kaoru's shoulder, Kaoru could feel the bandages underneath Hikaru's shirt and traced along them gently with his fingers. He sighed and lent his head on Hikaru's, he was happy that he hadn't died back then. At least Hikaru was happy knowing he was okay and that he was safe. That was good, Kaoru thought as he fell asleep on Hikaru.


Kaoru opened his eyes to reality, and felt the tears stream down his face, it had started to rain. He heard the foot steps behind him but made no attempt to move; it was Haruhi.

"Kaoru, your parents are calling for you," Kaoru didn't move, he either didn't hear her or didn't care. "Kaoru you're getting soaked."

She stood next to him letting her umbrella cover him. "Kao-" Haruhi gasped as Kaoru quickly pulled her down to sit with him and Haruhi saw just how desperate he was.

She dropped the umbrella and pulled him close. Kaoru cried into her top and held her tight, when he finally caught his breath they both turned to face the new grave which the name Hikaru Hitachiin was printed.

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