Running for your Life

This is a much more optimistic piece that accompanies my other story, "Running for your Death", this time told from Rose's POV (and with a much happier ending!). You needn't read both, but you might like to! Please read and review. I don't own DW.

She can see them, right now. The Doctor and Donna, talking to each other with the TARDIS right behind them. I've missed that blue box … She can see him making energetic hand gestures and can barely contain her excitement. Just a matter of moments and they'll be reunited once more.

Suddenly he whirls around and she can see his face. The face whose strong brow and loving smile have swam through her sleepless nights, plaguing her mind since the day they parted. The fantastic hair – He really does have great hair! – is blowing in the breeze and his silhouette stands out, strong yet wiry, against the starry sky. She's missed this, all of this so much. But she's missed him most of all.

Her face lights up in to a radiant smile and she breaks into a run, sprinting as fast as she can with this cumbersome gun towards him as he does the same. The distance between them shrinks as the time since that farewell on the beach in Norway seems to. The unembarrassed, blissful smile on his face reflects hers as the cold night's wind beats against her face. She has never felt so happy and cannot wait to be finally, completely back with her Doctor.

The Doctor. My Doctor. I've wanted and needed this for so long …

There are only a few metres left now and she's slowing down, not wanting to miss a single moment of this. So many times … I broke through the barriers and found him again only to discover he had died, or I'd missed him … But not this time.

And now they're together. They're both at once shy and inhibited, aware of how much this means to the other and themselves. He holds her face in his hands and whispers, "My Rose – my English Rose. You came back to me."

"Yes. I've missed you! I love you."

He kisses her forehead and she sighs.

"You too. Oh, I've wanted to say that for so long!"

He laughs, as does she, only to find she's crying again. He holds her close.

"Er, excuse me but don't we have some Daleks to defeat?" Donna's oh so dulcet tones interrupt their reverie (but it's so real this time!) and they all laugh. Rose knows that they'll do it this time, defeat them; because now she's got the one thing she knows she must fight for.

I know it was unbelievably cheesy and more than a little lame, but after so many people simply appalled by my last pessimistic story, this was just what I needed to make them (and me) a little happier!