"How is Bumblebee Ratchet?" asked Optimus coming up to Ratchet.

"I'd say normal if he was his 'other' self, hhh, but he's not. He's not well Prime and he knows it," sighed Ratchet dropping his shoulders in sadness.

Optimus just bowed his head and shook it. It had been years since Bumblebee had been like this. The Autobots back on Cybertron are still trying to figure out a way to erase his separate programming, but so far they couldn't. Megatron was pure evil and he had to corrupt something and frail and innocent as Bumblebee. Part of his depression being about Hot Shot.

It's not easy having a brother in the Decepticons. Optimus knew. He had friends who had brothers in the Decepticons. It wasn't easy to deal with, especially when they try to kill you all the time. Hot Shot didn't, he would if he was so ordered seeing how his love for his brother was no more, but yet he still calls him brother and wants to be near him.

Optimus only hoped that was a part of the old Hot Shot hanging on and not just part of Megatron's possessiveness. He seriously doubted it. Hot Shot was all Decepticon. That old saying 'Once a Decepticon always a Decepticon' wasn't helping.

Everyone knew no Decepticon ever returned to the Autobots. Bumblebee was well aware of this and so had so much doubt, too much doubt upon his little shoulders. It was like he was carrying the world when it wasn't his to carry. He didn't ask for it, just ill-fate happened to chance upon him.

Poor, poor Bumblebee was all anyone could say. They tried their hardest to cheer him up, but no matter what they did nothing happened or worked. He hadn't smiled in so long. Everyone began to forget what it was like to see him smile.

They wanted to see the bubbly Bee again, but feared he too had forgotten. It took a toll on everyone. Bumblebee didn't mean to do it was just . . . him now. They all wondered how long it'd be before he'd break. They all knew it was coming and they all knew it would be Bumblebee's undoing.

He'd likely end up killing them all, no matter how much he loved them. They were, sadly, preparing for that day. All knew it was coming and wanted to be on full alert when it happened. They all felt ashamed for doing such a thing, they felt like they had just given up on Bumblebee when they should do everything in their power to help him . . . well you see . . . there's the thing . . . they had.

All they could do now was wait and it got so tiring. It was hopeless that's what it was. Autobots should never be hopeless. It wasn't their nature to be, but when the Decepticons were so strong and so pressing their evil on them they couldn't help it.

Perhaps . . . they should have taken Bumblebee to Cybertron. They can't do anything here except put him in danger. In danger of becoming a full Decepticon. In danger of letting his brother and Megatron get to him when they all knew it wasn't best for him.

No matter how much Bumblebee begged to be released to the Decepticons to ease his pain they couldn't do it. It was for his own good. They couldn't give in to the Decepticons. He had to understand that he had to deal with the pain in order to still have his friends, for he'd probably kill them if he was Decepticon.

Prowl would try and meditate with him to help him get his 'other side' under control. It seemed to work at first, but things just kept drifting away and getting worse. It seemed the more encounters with Hot Shot and Megatron Bumblebee seemed to grow more dark. Bumblebee could feel himself growing darker . . . and slipping away.

"Now try and concentrate Bumblebee," said Prowl sitting with him in their meditating position.

"This is just stupid! It never works," said Bumblebee crossing his arms.

"I don't need your other side speaking to me," said Prowl glancing a hard glare at Bumblebee.

"Actually . . . that was me," said Bumblebee casting his optics down, his tone actually a bit comical.

"Bumblebee?!" gasped Prowl standing up and starring at him.

He hadn't heard Bumblebee use that tone of voice since he was 'changed'. Bumblebee looked up at him confused, but in a split second his optics turned red and a evil grin formed on his lips as he said—


Prowl's spark sank seeing this, but he only backed up as Bumblebee stood up and and come towards him.

"What's a matter, you scared?" he hissed.

He then lunged at Prowl, but found he wasn't there. He was behind Bumblebee just observing him.

"Bumblebee," he called to him.

Once Bumblebee turned he was normal again. His optics were blue and confused.

"Prowl?" he said looking at Prowl. "I did it again didn't I?"

Prowl just sadly shook his head 'yes'.

"FRAG!!" he shouted shooting his head down.

"Don't worry, I was in no harm. We can try again," said Prowl coming towards him.

"But I was!" gasped Bumblebee. "If I actually hurt you . . . I'd never forgive myself!"

"Bumblebee stop," said Prowl trying to calm down his friend.

Bumblebee then turned and ran out of the room. Prowl just sighed and knew it'd take a while till Bumblebee would want to try again. Bumblebee almost ran out of the warehouse until he ran into Sari completely knocking her down on her tailbone.

"Ow! Hey!" she cried looking up at the dumb idiot who knocked her over. "O-oh, Bumblebee?"

She had never seen him out of his room in a long while. It was just different that's all. She actually hadn't been knocked down by him in a while. His accidents of jokes ceased shortly after . . .

"I'm sorry Sari," said Bumblebee going to help her up.

"Don't be," she said getting up herself. "It was my fault."

"No, it was mine," said Bumblebee. "I just had to get away."

"From HERE?!" she said. "And have the Autobots have to save you again?!"

"Do you know how much I am TIRED of being SAVED?!" he shouted a hint of red in his optics.

Sari's eyes widened and she gasped. Bumblebee had then noticed what he just did. He yelled at Sari. He never yells at Sari.

"Sari I . . ." he started seeing the tears swell up in her eyes.

"IT'S NOT JUST YOU BUMBLEBEE!!" she cried her shouts being able to be heard through the whole facility. "I'M TIRED TOO!! You think I should treat you any different just 'cause you're part Decepticon?! NO! I'm tired too . . . I miss you Bumblebee . . . I'm tired of acting like everything's normal when my best friend is anything BUT THAT!! I'm tired of faking hope. I don't know if you can be saved . . . I wish you could but . . . I'm just so tired!!"

At that Sari covered her eyes and ran outside. A part of Bumblebee, his part, told him to run after her, when another part told him to leave the crying glitch alone. He couldn't listen to the other one 'cause Sari was far from glitch, at least . . . he thought so. He hasn't been around her life that much now-a-days.

He shook it off and so started to run off, but Optimus and Ratchet stopped him with their weapons raised just in case he's trying to make another escape.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked Ratchet with his arm magnets out and sparking.

"After Sari," said Bumblebee.

"Aw no, you're not getting her too," said Ratchet not understanding what it was for.

"No, not to kill her—just to—go after her," said Bumblebee not being able to put it in words.

"I don't follow," said Ratchet lowering his weapons.

Optimus then shook his head understanding and so looked at Bumblebee saying softly—

"I understand him."

"You do?" asked Bumblebee. "You don't think I'll change once I step out of those doors?"

"You might, you might not," said Optimus crossing his arms. "But we can always have Teletran 1 watch out for you. We all heard Sari Bumblebee, go . . . she needs Bumblebee."

"Are you sure Prime?" asked Ratchet looking at him.

Optimus just smiled and shook his head replying 'yes'. Optimus then sighed—

"But make sure she get's Bumblebee."

Bumblebee gave off a weak smile, but it was a smile. He then ran off to find Sari. Optimus sighed and walked inside.

"I sure hope you know what you're doing Prime," said Ratchet watching him leave.

"So do I," said Optimus casting his optics down hoping Sari could bring Bumblebee back out.

Bumblebee looked almost everywhere. Once he came to the docks he found Sari looking over the pier just watching the water swash as the sun set. She sighed and bowed her head. Bumblebee stopped before he came to her, but then walked up to her and said—


Sari's eyes widened and she turned to see Bumblebee outside and looking for her. She gasped seeing him weakly smile. She hadn't seen him smile in so long it was just so beautiful to see him happy again. Sari cocked her head to the right and turned saying—

"Join me."

Bumblebee took a step forward, but all of the sudden his optics turned red and he was ready to rip Sari to shreds, in a second later he shook it off and inhaled. That was close, but he managed to keep it under control. He came up next to Sari and just watched the sun set.

"Isn't it beautiful?" she asked with a smile.

"Yea," sighed Bumblebee learning how to smile again. "Being cooped up in the base I almost forgot how beautiful earth's sun sets were."

"Well I want you to never forget it Bumblebee," she said looking at him with sparkling maroon optics.

"I'll try," said Bumblebee.

Sari just fingered her key remembering the good ole days before . . . well she didn't want to think of it now. She sighed and then had to ask Bumblebee. She turned her head and asked—

"Bumblebee, when Hot Shot told you to kill me why didn't you? You said 'No not Sari'."

"I . . . I'm not really sure," said Bumblebee. "It could be that you're my best friend and I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you."

At that Sari tilted her head away and blushed just a bit. She sighed as she placed her chin on her arms and watched as the sun hit the water. She looked down and watched the fish below. In her heart she was still hurting.

Soon enough Bumblebee glimpsed a tear fall in the ocean and hear a couple of sniff from her. She was crying again. He came here to show her not to cry so what was he to do? He saw Sari fighting with herself not to cry . . . to be strong, but she was just so young to have this must trouble around her—it wasn't fair.

Bumblebee bowed his head and scanned his thoughts on what to do. He then looked at Sari again and she was wiping her eyes from the tears that seemed to get worse and worse the more she tried to stop. Bumblebee then inhaled and reached out to her taking her in his hands for she had grown quite a bit for him to pick her up in just one hand. He feared she'd scream at him again, but once he had a grip on her he quickly placed her on his abdomen and she just fell apart.

"Oh Bumblebee!" she cried letting everything out.

Bumblebee just looking up into the sky as the stars came out. He inhaled again with ever sob delving deep in his spark and ripping him apart. Bumblebee wished he could cry now to let it all out. He had so much pain inside him too, just like Sari.

"I'm so sorry," he gagged bowing his head ashamed to make a 15 year old go through this.

"Bumblebee!" she cried her small hands touching his chest and just shaking.

"I'm so so sorry," he said looking out to see the sun had just set.

Sari then looked up at Bumblebee with watery eyes and then crawled up to hug his face to let him know it wasn't his fault and she still loved him no matter what.

"No . . . I am," she cried her tears staining his face.

"For what?" asked Bumblebee his emotions getting the best of him.

"For not having hope in you Bumblebee. I'll always have hope in you if you have hope in me," she cried hugging him tighter. "Please don't leave me."

Bumblebee then placed his hand on her back and looked down at her. She then looked up at him and he said with a soft and sad smile saying—

"As long as you don't leave me."

Sari then shook her head and laid back on him just letting the last of her tears drown out. Bumblebee told the truth. If anything happened to Sari he didn't know what he'd do.

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