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Groaning, Ziva huddled up in the corner. She'd thought that sharing close quarters with her boyfriend, miles from civilization would be refreshing. But shivering in their two person, or rather six feet by four feet, how two people could fit in here comfortably was beyond comprehension, she longed for the warm dry summers of home in Israel. She peeled off her wet clothing, pouring water out of her shoes. "McGee, tell me again why I agreed to this? I am cold, wet, and probably coming down with the flu."

"Ziva, I'm really sorry," McGee draped a blanket over her shoulders, "They said it would be partly cloudy, and the rain wouldn't come until after we left!" he shifted guiltily, trying not to stare at her half-naked form as she changed into drier clothes; nothing in their tent was completely dry.

"You do not control the weather, McGee," she sighed. She really couldn't be mad at him. The whole point of this trip was for the two of them to have some time alone together away from the world, at least they had that. "How long are we doing this?"

"Just the weekend. We can leave earlier if you want?" he offered

"I am not leaving this tent until the rains let up!" she insisted, listening to the steady torrent threatening to wash away their tent, "Besides, once you get used to the bugs, dirt, and wetness, it's really not so bad."

"What else is there?" McGee smiled, "I'm sorry. When I was a kid, I always looked forward to camping. With my family, my scout troop, it was...I don't know, just a way for me to get away from the world, you know? Away from the bullies, the schoolwork, from Sarah," he chuckled, remembering that Sarah hated camping as much as, if not more than Ziva, "I just wanted to show you that too."

"I understand," she nodded, smiling for the first time since they began their hike, "And it is nice, McGee. It could be worse, yes? At least we have a tent, food, and dry bedding?" she rummaged through his bag, "You did bring food, right?"

"MRE's," he offered her the bag/box of what they passed off as food, "It stands for 'Meals Ready to Eat'. They're self heating, so at least we won't have to build a fire," not that they could, seeing as every bit of timber in the forest was saturated from the rains, "They're actually pretty filling. They just don't taste very good."

Ziva ripped into hers, finding the bag filled with several more bags, "How much packaging do they need to use? In twenty years, this forest will be gone, and in its place will be the thousands of bags from MRE's from your camping trips."

"It's not quite that bad, but I see what you mean," he chuckled lightly, holding out one of his bags, "I have 'artificial orange flavored fruit drink mix' wanna trade?"

She turned her nose up in disgust, "Keep it." she sniffed her bag of what was supposedly chicken fried rice, "I think this is what they gave us when I was in the army. Only at least then, we were dry. Did you secure the tent? I do not want to wake up, having washed downhill."

"Don't worry," he assured her, "I've done this more times than I can count. Worst case scenario, the ground gets too wet, and we sink to our deaths in the mud." off Ziva's look, he quickly added, "Just kidding!"

McGee lay in his sleeping bag, reading a bit by flashlight. Ziva had turned in a bit earlier, seeing as there wasn't much to do now that they were confined to their tiny tent for the time being. The rains had continued to steadily fall, increasing as the night went on. "So much for a nice, romantic weekend." he thought to himself. He closed his book, tucking it under his pillow, and turned out his light. Hopefully, tomorrow would be better.

As he shifted, trying to make himself comfortable, he realized that he wasn't the only one moving. He felt a long, lithe body press up against his own. Cold hands draped around him, making him jump slightly, "Ziva?! What are you doing?"

"My sleeping bag is too cold," she shrugged, zipping their now shared bag back up, "I could not sleep."

"Okay, what makes you think that mine's any warmer?" he wasn't opposed per se; curling up with Ziva in a small space had its perks. But it still felt a bit odd. Even though she was the one who climbed into his bed, he still felt like he was taking advantage of her. They'd shared a bed before, how was this so different? "Why do you want to sleep in here with me?"

"Body heat," she answered, "I suppose if you want me to go back to my own side and freeze, I will go. But I will not come back." she lifted his arms, heavy from fatigue, and draped them around her own body, "Now go to sleep."

"Uh huh," he allowed himself to relax a bit. He could hear her soft snoring, and knew she was sound asleep. He smiled, taking her now warm hand in his own. Maybe this trip was worth it after all.

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