Hello Everyone this is my first attempt on and Twilight story. Hope you like it, this is what i think Breaking Dawn should be!

Disclaimer: Sadly i do not own any of the books or twilight characters, Stephanie Meyer does! :)

Chapter One:

It's Time!

I knew this day would come, the day I had to tell Charlie that I was getting married to my beloved Edward. In 3 weeks time I wouldn't be Ms. Isabella Swan I would be Mrs. Isabella Edward Cullen. Just thinking that made me feel all bubbly.

I stood by my window waiting for my god to return to me. Suddenly I heard a tap tap on the window, it was my god he had returned to me. I unlocked the window as he crept in he caught be by surprise when he flew over and gave me a passionate kiss, so passionate that it made me float into my own little world, just me and Edward, I was still day dreaming when I heard him call my name.

"Bella my angel," he said in his velvety voice it made me melt inside, "Today is the day we tell Charlie"

" Ah.. I am so worried I just hope he gives us our blessings.."

"Love, everything will be fine." he gave me that crooked smile I just love.

"I'm sure your right." Before I new it we were on my bed, he was twirling my hair around, kissing my lips then neck then my jaw bone..


"Yes my love?"

"I don't think we should do this Charlie would be home any minute.."

"I suppose your right.."

Just as he said that we heard his cruiser pull into the drive way. Edward grab my hand and we were headed for the stairs. I was so nervous that my heart felt like it was going to fall out of my chest.

"Edward I think I am ready, lets see that ring."

"Thought you'd never ask!" for the second time he kissed everyone of my fingers and placed the ring on my third finger of my left hand. There it would stay for the rest of eternity. Once he placed the ring of my finger he gave me a fiery kiss that sent flames through my body. I told him I needed air and at the moment Charlie stepped into the door. Edward gave my hand a tight squeeze and whispered in my ear 'I'm Here' and he was there he will always be there.

He whispered the 3 word I loved the most, 'I Love You' I knew he did. It was time.

"Dad there is something me and Edward need to tell you."

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