Bella's POV

5 Years Later


It's Bella. Bella Cullen.

I know it seems like ages since I've contacted you.

And it has been.

But there is a reason.

I've become a vampire. With Edward.

I know this shouldn't be how I tell you.

But there is no other way, I can't see you.

It isn't safe.

I am still a new born.

I could hurt you.

And If I did, I couldn't live with myself.

This is good-bye dad.

I love you,


"Love?" Edward was standing over my shoulder, glaring at the letter. I stood up looking into his eyes, clutching the letter to my chest.

"Edward, I had to. I needed to. I owe him so much. I love him Edward." He rubbed my shoulders, pushing my hair out of my face, kissing me forehead.

"I know Bella, but it's risky. For you, for all of us." I pulled out of his hold.

"I'm doing this Edward." I walked past him, towards the front door. I looked back at him, his face was concered.

"Don't worry Edward. I love you." He ran his hand through his bronze messy -but perfect hair.

"I love you too Bella." With that I walked out onto the front porch, inhaling the fresh hair. I slowly walked to wards our mail box, and slipped the letter in, putting up the flag. I kissed my hand and blew it to the sky.

Charlie, I love you. I mouthed. Maybe someday, we can be together again. I clutched my chest, walking back towards our house.

We will be together again, I know it.

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