Heroes, and Dinosaurs, and Vampires

Pairings: Justin/Alex (implied), Harper/Justin (one-sided)

Warnings/Spoilers: implied Incest

A/N: Written for a meme on Livejournal. Inspired by the song I'm Gonna make you Love Me by Play. Just to let you know I am absolutely adore this pairing (jalex that is)!

Disclaimer: Don't own anything!

- Unexpected Feelings -

"I'm gonna make you love me," Harper stated as Justin left them, Alex glanced over towards her friend and frowned. Unexpected feelings rambled through her as her best friend continued on her rant of ways she could make Justin fall in love with her and become her boyfriend.

"Harper? I have something to do for my dad… I'll see you later, okay?" Alex stated, quickly backing away from her friend and running up the stairs to the loft. Harper shrugged her shoulders and left the Sub Station happily.

'What the hell is wrong with me?' Alex asked herself as she took a deep breath to calm herself down. "Why is Harper liking Justin suddenly feel like he's betraying me?"