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„You did what?" Monk screamed out looking at still angry Naru.

„Hei don't move! You were the one who said to feed you! If you won't sit still you can call a nurse to do it!" Ayako growled. She was trying to feed monk whose hands were in bandage and he was hopeless when it came to work when hands were needed, for example eating.

„Ok, ok, I will behave." Monk said and opened his moth width. Ayako stuffed in there spoon full of porridge. Spoon was too full even for monk.

„Hey, what are you doing!" sounded more like –ei, wa yu oig. He managed to eat it and the turned to Naru.

„But Naru, that was unnecessary, and too cruel. You're not her boss anymore, and as you never were something more that that you have no right to talk like that with her supervisors." Naru was still sitting in his hospital bed and as in this hospital they hadn't free one occupant rooms he was stuck here with monk and John. Last one was quieter not only because he had slight contusion, he just didn't wanted to argue and he had his own thoughts his own worries. Now Lin was sitting between Bou and Naru. As always he was like lightning-conductor. Yesterday Naru had taked day of hospital and together with Lin and Ayako they went to Mai house to get her some clothes to wear when she'll woke up. She was still sleeping, but her condition was stable. Naru had insisted on going with them and as his word was rule of course he was allowed to go. Ayako was needed for clothe picking. While she had searched for some clothes Mais phone rang. Naru was still in perfectly devilish mood so man on other end had tu suffer from it. That would be forgoten, or woudln't be mentioned, because Lin would never tell what his boss told then, if Ayako wouldn't suddenly asked if that wasn't phonecall for Mai then. That's how monk got to know the general idea of what Naru told then. It was har to keep him in bed till this, but now he was laughitng laudly and it was impossible for Ayako to feed him.


After couple weeks.


"But I still don't' get why that man killed all those people, and on top of it his own sister too. I don't understand that man." Monk said sipping tea.

"But I don't understand why are all of you sitting in my office doing nothing, but only drinking tea!" Naru seemed angry.

"Oh, but we want to see your face when Mai comes." Ayako who was sitting facing Bou and Masako and beside her was sitting John. Even Yasuhara who was sitting in armchair nodded in agreement. Lin was in his office. He didn't want to angry Naru more. He was in one hell of mood all this time since case was closed. Even after all of them except Mai was release from hospital he was in this mood. Yesterday was announced that Mai was released from hospital. He was calling every day precisely at 9 AM and receptionist now knew who was calling and what this person will be asking about, so after she took phone without asking she told that priest was doing well, monk is driving all crazy, medium is angry as ever and brown haired girl is still sleeping but her conditions is stable. It was like that for few weeks, slowly decreased those who were staying there, only things that stayed was that Mai was okay, but they still kept her to check on her and monk and miko, who came to visit her, was driving all crazy with quarrelling. Naru visited Mai only one time. Together with others when she woke up. And that was only because monk and Lin persuaded him. But it was possible only because deep down inside his hear he wanted to know how she was going. Lin said nothing about every day calls to hospital and as Naru didn't tell his name no one other knew he was constantly checking on them. And he would never acknowledge it. So now Lin was safe in his office listening and quietly smiling at quarrelling at his boss office. That was nice. Like it was when Mai was still forking her. Only Naru now was at the edge. Lin knew that his boss never would acknowledge even to himself that he cared for his ex-assistant, but he knew one more thing. Naru had changed a bit, if he would be pushed then he would act, especially if there would be someone else to blame. So he and monk had agreed that in name of peace in office they need to take action. But now it was fun, seeing Naru acting like spoiled child who can't have candy. Lin started to work. There was someone who asked for their help and Naru wanted some information before he took the case, so he closed the door, so babbling form other room wouldn't bother him. Others in Naru office were still discussing last case and boss was sitting in front of his own table unable to concentrate. It lasted for couple of minutes and then Naru had had enough, he stood up to make his leave, but then with laud noise front door swung open almost fly out of hinge.


Mai was angry. More than angry. She looked so red like she's going to explode. She bounced her ex-boss office door with as much as strength as front door.

"You!" She was so angry she was unable to talk. Despite the fact that some minutes ago Ayako told that they what to see now angry Mai will be now they skulk to door, they closed them slowly and quiet after them, but there was no click. All of them were trying to see what's happening in there, but still be as far as they could. Even Lin stepped out to see what's happening. Monk turned at him and whispered

"Mai came" There was no need to explain further.

"Yes it's me. And what do you what here Mai?" Naru growled, but if he would be able to, party behind the door would swear he smirked.



"You, narcissistic, egoistic bastard!" Mai was screaming at full voice.

"Have you ever thought that others have they lives too? You are, ah, I don't even have words to describe it! You bark in someone live and make a totally mess of it! Danm it Naru! Do you even know what that work meant to me? Yes my salary was less than here, but still I was able to it without thinking what I paid for! But no! You bark in my apartment, that's rude too, but more over it you totally humiliate my employer. So what a surprise! When I'm out of hospital and call to say that I'm ok and can work now I'm announced that I'm fired! And thank to whom? To you! Damn it he even thought that you may be my boyfriend! I wasn't able to convince him that we have nothing in common! The hell and now he even made so that no one gives me a job! I tried. The hell I tried to find new one, but all of them were already informed. I even tried to get job as janitor. Guess what! They refused me! Naru you're total jerk! That was all I wanted to tell you. Never ever meddle in my live again!" Mai turned around and made one big step closer to door.

"Mai, if you're done screaming, bring me tea." Mai stopped and slowly turned to face Naru.

"What?" She was still angry, but Naru had surprised her and now she was confused to.

"Didn't you hear me? I said bring me tea." He said and sat again in his chair, took some book and started reading it. Mai was still standing mouth half open. Minutes passed and Naru looked up again.

"No wonder that no one wants to give you a job. Seems that your brain is malfunctioning. For third time – Mai, tea!" Mai turned arounf and in dazze went to small kitchen and made tea. It gave her some time to came around and see what she was going. Others were peaking at her hearing only words like "idiot", "stupid narcisst" Mai was muttering to herself. Still angry she went in Naru office second time this day not even seeing all others around, who were hiding afraid Mai would suddenly throw something. She put down cup with hot tea in front of Naru. He took a small sip of it and put it down.

"Ok, I can give you job. But only in office."

"Realy?" Mai eyes lighted, but then she remembered that she was supposed to be angry.

"Wait a minute I didn't ask for job. I will find one."

"You won't."


"Because you're too stupid."


"I had to tell you three time to get me tea. That shows it."

"I didn't come to beg you for job!"

Naru looked at Mai and she suddenly shut up. Like his eyes were saying that he doesn't think that she begged to have back her old job. She had confessed to herself long ago, that she liked this job. It was tiring, but she liked it more than any other job she could ever get. Was Naru trying to apologize like this? He would never say that bet like this, maybe he was able to feel sorry too. Then something hit her.

"Hey, why did you said only in office?"

"Because you won't come to investigation places anymore." Naru was looking in book. His voice was as sharp and cold as ever, but he seemed slightly calmer now. What he could ask more, he had rather good tea and SPR was back to normal.

"What! Why?" Mai started to whine.

"Because I say so. You will take care of papers and will help with information. You will be called to investigation place only if there won't be any other choise."

Mai looked at him. She knew that she needs to accept his rules now, maybe later she will be able change his mind. Naru looked at her and she nodded.

"Good. You have to be at work at 8.30, and you have to be in time. You will start working tomorrow…"

"But now I would like to have dinner with you." Voice was tried to make similar to Narus, but still as it came from behind the door both persons in office looked at door. They swung open and all those who were behind the door ears roping felt in the room. Naru again looked like he will kill someone.

"But maybe we could go too? As celebrating Mais return? Naru I'm sure you will be able to have some time private with her. I ensure it." Monk who was lying on bottom of live, human pile told with bright smile. Naru looked at him, and monk felt that all blood of his face had gone, look in Narus eyes was something bad. It was murderous and kinda evil.

"But you're paying of course."

"Wha..?" Monk was more than surprised.

"That was your offer after all." Naru stood up and took his coat. They couldn't believe they eyes. He was going with them to eat! That was something unbelievable.

"Be careful" Lin whispered to monk. Last one suddenly understood. -Of course! That's why he's coming. To see me suffer! Damn you little monster! You knew I have no money with me! – But instead he smiled brightly and said:

"Ok then lets go!" They all got up took they belongings and went out. Bou and Lin satyed last. Lin was taking keys to close the door when monk quietly begged to him

"Lend me some money, Lin please! I will give it to you back when I will have with me. Please." Lin looked at monk and wanted to laugh, he nodded in agreement. He was partly guilty about fact that now they all were going out for dinner, he was the one who suggested Bou to say it.

"Will you hurry up? I don't have all day!" Ayako called. Bou ran out with smile on his face again and Lin swung his head closing door. Pushing Naru won't be easy, but interesting definitely.


After 5 more years.


Little boy age 2 till 3 was running down the hall of some old house.

"Mommy, mommy!" He opened some door and run in room full of people and technique. He ran to brown haired woman who held her arms to catch him.

"Where had you been?"

"Hey didn't I tell you not to bring him here! And no running in hallways!" Dark haired man in black.

"Aww but he's so cute. Aren't you?" Monk ruffled boys brown hair and smiled. Boy returned his smile.

"And his ability is very handy now that Masako can't be with us. You don't what to have pregnant woman in here again do you?" All knew the answer. No it was too dangerous, not only for mother and her unborn child, but for others too. They had had enough tantrums with Mai, they didn't wanted to experience it again. But boy was hanging to his mother.

"Mommy, mommy guess what that ghost lady told me!" His eyes were sparkling so seemed that it hadn't been something bad so Mai smiled at him and asked

"What did she told you?"

"She said that soon I will have a sister. She said to wait a bit but in year time, she said I will have a sister! Isn't that grate mommy! I'm so happy" Boy smiled earnestly and happy.

Few seconds later door was slammed by dark haired man. Boy looked at mother.

"Mommy, what happened to daddy? Isn't he happy that I will have a sister? I will take care of her, I promise, he will have time to work! Mommy." Childs eyes were full of begging, he seemed close to tears.

"No honey, daddy is happy too. He just went to say thank you to that lady. Don't' worry sweetheart." Momentary boy lightened up. His lips were smiling again and eyes were glistening. Mai put him down, and he run around the room happily screaming. Ayako cough him and started to play with him. Bou was still looking at door.

"That ghost. She really has a death wish." He said. –It really has- Lin thought. He stood up and went to door.

"I'll go get him, before he takes of the roof."

"Ok, the John will exorcise it."

Spoken one looked confused but did as he was told. As they left the room monk went closer to Mai.

"So, when will we be able to meat your little girl?" He asked with smirk on his lips?

Mai looked at her little boy, who was now playing horsies with Ayako(she was the horse of course), and smiled.

"I don't know. Why don't you ask him? He is the one who speaks to ghosts. Maybe they will tell him."

-Or I will ask Naru. If I like through it then I will be happy. But I live through the first time, so I will be ok. – He laugh and went to play with Ayako and child.

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