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Part One

Edward's face was tight, and his emotions were tightly closed to me as we drove toward the Quileute territory. I sighed to get his attention, but his eyes remained fixed on the road. After his failed attempts at preventing me from seeing Jacob, he had reluctantly agreed to allow it, provided I carry a cell phone with me at all times, in case of emergency. I knew that he would be ready to charge in at a moment's notice, even if it meant breaking the treaty that his family had so carefully drawn with the wolves. I did not plan on using the cell phone. Edward glanced over at me before pulling to the side of the road and turning the car off.

"We're still about three miles away; do you want me to walk?" I looked at Edward's face, expecting for him to be upset, but he wasn't. He leaned in with his eyes dark and watching me. My heart started racing as his body got closer to mine, his arm reaching across my lap and twisting a lever that laid the seat back. I gasped out at that and strained to sit up, but was pushed back down by Edward's strong hands as he climbed over me. My breathing all but stopped as his clothed knee pushed between my legs and moved up. His hands trailed under my shirt, caressing my skin gently and leaving me shivering. I grabbed at him and pulled him closer, trying to place a kiss on his lips. He read my intentions and leaned into me, kissing me deeply as I tried to sneakily pull his shirt off. Edward pulled back, and to my amazement helped me and pulled his shirt off, before leaning in for another kiss, his tongue deeply probing my mouth. I couldn't believe that he was finally going to do this. I was barely breathing as he slipped a hand in between my skin and the fabric of my jeans, unbuttoning them and drawing down the zipper.

Edward's voice was strained as he spoke the words, "You want this, Bella." It was a statement. I looked at him, trying to read the odd expression on his face. He seemed happy but 

distracted, almost like he was paying attention to something else. "You want this," he said again, brushing his hand behind me to lift me up to his hips. I had never wanted so badly to be able to rip clothing off with vampire strength that I didn't have yet. I gasped as he continued, his low velvet voice close to my ear, sensuously wrapping around me and leaving me dizzy. "You want this, and you want it with me."

"God, yes Edward, I want you so bad I am about to combust." I reached for him again, but he was looking out the window of the Volvo. He turned briefly to me and smiled.

"I thought you might say that." He looked back out the window, distractedly. "Had enough then?" He reached for his shirt, pulling it up off of the floor of the car and moving away from me.

"What? No, no I haven't had enough…Edward!" Confusion and shock flooded me. He looked at me briefly, and then out the window again, smirking for a split second before putting on his shirt. I looked out the window and saw Jacob stalking toward the car.

I felt the pain in an almost physical blow as I saw Jacob's face hardened and hurt. I looked down at the position I was in and quickly zipped and buttoned my pants, fumbling in my haste as my cheeks burned and tears threatened to spill out. Edward got out of his side of the car and moved around in a faster-than-human move to open my door, his eyes still on Jacob. I hissed at him lowly, "How long did you know he was there?" He turned to me, and got concerned at the look on my face. "How long Edward?"

"I pulled over when I heard his thoughts." My heart was racing again, but I couldn't find one single emotion to pin it to. Anger. Shame. Embarrassment. Sadness. There were too many.

"Edward Cullen," I started, my own voice low to the point of shaking, "you…I thought we were going to—" He cut me off as the look on his face became incredulous.

"Don't be ridiculous, Bella. I was just trying to show the dog what belongs to me." He looked at Jacob loathingly as I felt the first tears actually break free and start to run down my face.

"Of course," I said, sarcastically, "how ridiculous of me to want to be with the man I love. How stupid." I could not believe that he had done that, all of it, specifically to prove a point to Jacob. "You must think I'm ridiculous a lot, then." I said, sniffing slightly, as the tears continued to roll down my face. Edward grasped my shoulders and walked me backwards to the car, pressing me against it as he grabbed my chin and tilted my face to meet his.

"I am so sorry, Bella. I've hurt your feelings again, and I apologize." He sighed and I tried to look away, and briefly caught a glimpse of Jacob's concerned face before Edward used the hand on my chin to direct my gaze back to him. "I do not think that you are stupid, nor do I find your desires ridiculous, it is absolutely unbearable for me to see you like this; this reaction was not my intention." I felt anger replace some of my sadness and embarrassment and latched onto it like a lifeline.

"Your intentions, it is unbearable for you, it is so damn hard for you, Edward, but you didn't even stop to consider me in this, did you?" I took a deep breath and continued, "No, no, you didn't consider me at all, you were barely looking at me at all because you were so concerned about making your damn point that I…my feelings, you pushed them aside so that you could make Jacob see, once again, how much I desire you. I cannot believe that you lead me on like that, manipulated me, so that you could show my best friend how much I want 

you!" I shoved away from Edward and the Volvo and stomped over to Jacob, standing next to him. "Message delivered, Edward. I guess you won't be needing me for anything else, then?" I questioned, glaring at him-through eyes I knew were still watering. Shock was etched onto his perfect features.

"Bella, I am truly sorry, please…maybe it isn't such a good day for you to—"

"No!" I shouted, surprising the three of us. "No, Edward, I know what you're going to say…and don't bother. I am going to spend the day at La Push; I will call you when I am ready to be picked up from the border." I sighed, my anger deflating, and started walking toward La Push. Jacob turned silently and fell into a stroll next to me.

"You're three miles from his car at the border; let me drive you over there." Edward's voice sounded strained as he followed closely behind us. I stopped walking and turned around to face him.

"You know, believe it or not, I am capable of walking a few miles without anything catastrophic happening." I said, and turned to walk again. "I will call you later." Jacob walked beside me silently for a few minutes until I glanced back.

"He left." Jacob looked at me cautiously, searching my expression. I sighed again and continued walking.

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