The Golden Fox: The Light in the Darkness

Chapter 1: By Dawns Early Light

Written By: Nyce456

3 years later… Somewhere in Fire Country

The darkest of nights, well… that's how some would describe it. For the few Light Shinobi, who were one a recon mission in Fire Country, would describe it to be much more. To the survivors, the night is filled with horror. Four of the remaining fifteen survivors found themselves running through a forest in hopes of salvation; salvation from the murderous men in black cloaks with red clouds.

"We have to get out of here! They're not normal shinobi, we can't deal with them." The younger green-haired girl of the bunch stated as tears were streaming down her porcelain cheeks.

The only remaining Jounin, Sakaro, who was bald sported a beard, and looked to be in his 30s couldn't agree with the girl more. The situation that they were in was very grim. He knew that this was going to be his last night alive. He only wished he could see his beautiful wife and two daugthers once more.

Skidding to a halt, the Jounin stopped. The three Chuunin remaining Chuunin stopped as well. A male by the name Tekka, who look to be no more than 19 years of age addressed the captain, "Sir…we're completely surrounded."

"I know. Well everyone…I don't know about you guys, but I'm not giving up till the very end. If they want my life they're going to have take it!"

The last shinobi, who was a female in her mid-20s, Zuki, who had a tribal symbol on her face smirked, "Damn right. Why don't you black cloak red cloud bastards come out!"

Soon enough, the group was surrounded by twenty-seven shinobi in the Akatsuki cloak. With a hood covering their face, no on could make them out. It didn't matter really, what mattered was trying to get out of here alive.

The remaining light nins readied their Kunai's in preparation for their last stand. The younger female of the group, was nervous to say the least. "Okay Okani…you're 16, you never kissed a boy and you're about to die. This can't be real. No, I'm a shinobi of the Light, the strongest village in the world. I can't die here. I don't want to die here."

One of the Akasuki Cloaked Shinobi stepped fourth. Focusing his gaze on Okani, he addressed the rest of the members of his group, "Kill the girl."

"Amatsu Kenjutsu: Kamisori Ejji!"

Was all anyone heard before slashes of Chakra tore through the Akatsuki shinobi. The one, who gave the order to kill the girl, avoided the technique. Jumping back to create distance between himself and the remaining Light nins. He glanced up to see the source of the attack.

Standing on the branch of a tree, dressed in a blue spandex body suit, with the chest area covered by a familiar black vest and the light headband wrapped around the bicep, the group only knew of two people capable of that jutsu. One was their Karikage and the other was an heir to the Minashu Clan. It didn't take long for the wind to stop and when it did, the face that was covered revealed familiar emerald eyes to the shinobi from the Light.

"Hayami-san!" Okani shouted.

The cloaked enemy narrowed his eyes under his hood. He could not take his chances with this girl, she quickly dispatched all 26 of his minions. "This girl is dangerous. I have too…"

Before he could finish his thoughts, He found himself falling to the ground. "How could she have moved that fast? I didn't even see when she moved."

Slowly placing her sword back in its sheath, Hayami, who was now behind her enemy, slowly turned and walked up toward the man. Her intentions were to gather as much info from the man as she possibly could, which is why she left everyone alive. However, the shinobi had other intentions. Performing a hand sign to invoke a jutsu, the Akatsuki member blew himself up. Hayami noticed that he set off a chain reaction. All of the shinobi that she left alive did the same.

"Geez…now I can't get any info from those guys. What the heck is going on here?"

Okani ran up to the girl and embraced her, "Hayami-san! It is so good to see you! It's been what two-years since you left."

"It has Okani. I was actually heading back to Sun Country. I wanted to surprise Naruto-niisan before he woke. Well what matters is getting you guys to…" An explosion behind the group caused everyone to fall to the ground. Jumping up quickly, Hayami turned to the direction in which the explosion occurred.

"What the hell was that!" the captain of the group said with a bit of curiosity in his voice.

"We should head home captain" Okani's fear grabbed hold of her. She wanted nothing more than to get out of there. Hayami on the other hand couldn't place it, but something was off. Everything in her instincts was telling her to find out what was going on. Without hesitation, she took of in the direction of the explosion.

"Hayami!" yelling her name to come back was an exercise in futility. "Shit, she's going to get us all killed!" Refusing to leave her to her devices, the Jounin took off after her, the rest followed suit.

On A cliff a few miles away…

The aqua hair female in an Akatsuki cloak stood at the edge of the cliff watching all the battles transpire. "So it would seem that our soldiers are not equip to deal with someone of the Minashu's caliber. I wonder what master will think"

"It is of no consequence." Appearing next the women known as 'God's Angel' "I have completed my task. Jiraiya of the Sannin is no more."

"So what about those five heading towards him? Shall we extinguish their light?"

Shaking his head "Negative, besides they will be our messengers" Pein turned and walked away from Konan.

"and the message?"

Her words froze him in his tracks. Pausing for a second, Pein turned around slowly, "Dawn is approaching."

Looking up toward the Heavens, the day was slowly approaching. For this symbolized more than just day break, it symbolized the beginning of the end.

23 minutes later…

Hayami landed on the dirt patch. It wasn't evident that there was a battle here as . Being cautious, she drew her sword. Landing next to her were the rest of the group. Hayami saw a figure in the crater. Slowly, she started to approach. The group didn't follow the girl. Without reason, her sword fell from her hand.

Sakaro, the leader rushed to the girl's aid only to see what caused her to drop her sword. Looking down into the crater, he saw an old man with white hair barely clinging to life.

Jumping in the crater without hesitation, Hayami was now gazing at the man she recognized as Jiraiya. "Jiraiya-jiji, wake up Jiraiya-jiji."

"Ha..Hayami… is that you?"

A smile graced the girls face, "You're okay. Jiji, what happened? It doesn't matter save your strength I will take you to Konoha right now. We are only about 25 miles east right?"

Jiraiya stroked the girls cheek, "Don't bother, I'm dying. Besides…Tsunade has been notified. You sure did grow up... to bad you're not 18 yet."

"Jiji, no more jokes, I'm taking you home." Hayami was trying to hold back her tears but it was next to impossible.

"Hayami…don't worry, I'm on my way there."

"Jiji…Naruto-nii is going to hate you."

"I kno…I know." Jiraiya was struggling to catch his breath, it was apparent that he only had minutes to live.

"We will make sure you are okay Jiji."

"Tell Tsunade I'm sorry. Te..te..te..ll Naruto to summon Gamamikichi. I...I…"

Everyone watched as Jiraiya struggled to get out his last words. While he coughed up blood as he struggled to get the words out, Hayami gaze on the man who was a grand father to her. "What is it Jiji"

The words never escaped his lips. Jiraiya's battered body went limp in Hayami's arms.

Jiraiya, was dead.

Hayami pulled the sannin close to her chest while tears escaped her closed eyes.

A few hours passed…

It was morning and Hayami was still sitting with a dead Jiraiya in her arms. Sakaro tapped her on her shoulder, "Hayami, we should leave."

"I'm not leaving him"

Chosen his words carefully, "I don't mean leave him behind no, what I mean is we need to get out of here. We are in enemy territory."

"Too late" Zuki readied her Kunai as Leaf shinobi surrounded the group.

The rest of the group got into a defensive stance. "Light Shinobi stand down! We mean you no harm"

The group turned to see a black spike haired Jounin with peach fuzz on his jaw line. With the standard Leaf vest, matching the color of the Light Shinobi, Konohamaru stepped forth with his group.

"How can we trust you Leaf vermin?" Zuki asked.

"We are only here on Tsunade's request. We will be taking Jiraiya-sama body back to the village for a proper burial. Ranpu, Makeinu please retrieve the body."

Hayami drew her sword, "Konohamaru-niisan, I'm sorry but I will carry him back. Please, Notify Naruto-niisan immediately"

Konohamaru looked at the girl who gaze was focused on Jiraiya. "Okay. We should get a move on it. Makeinu, lead our guest to the village, I will escort Hayami back."

"Yes Sir!" Makeinu turned to the group, "Let's move everyone"

All left the scene except Konohamaru and Hayami. Konohamaru walked up to the girl and knelt next to her. When she looked up into his eyes, she broke down "Why Konohamaru-niisan? Who could have done this to Jiji?"

"I don't know, but we will find out and make who ever did this pay. Come on Hayami, we have to go."

Hayami didn't want to move but she knew she couldn't stay there forever. Picking Jiraiya's body up and throwing it over her shoulder, she nodded informing Konohamaru that she was ready. The two left the scene, the next stop was Konoha.

Sunlight Village…

It was your average morning in Light. The sun was shining and the Karikage was behind his desk filling out paper work involving mission request, shinobi promotions, etc.

"I really hate this part of the job. How does Gaara and oba-chan do it?" A bright idea formed, "I'll get this all done in no time! Kage-buushin no Jutsu" Twenty Naruto's appeared. "Okay guys, let's get this done!"

The group divided the papers and continued with the paper work. Suddenly, a shinobi busted through the doors, "Karikage-sama! I have startling news from the Leaf."

All looked up, "What is it? I'm busy."

"Of the 4 Teams we sent out on recon a few days ago, only four members have survived. It seems that they were attacked by Shinobi wearing Black Cloaks with Red Clouds."

"Akatsuki" Naruto eyes widened.

"What about the remaining members, are they alright?"

"It would seem that Hayami-sama was heading home when the group was under attack. She dispatched of all 27 Akatsuki."

"Twenty-seven?" Naruto said with a little shock "Akatsuki is a group of Ten Shinobi. According to Sasuke, his ancestor, being the leader would make eleven. Something is off."

"Okay why are they in Konoha and not here?"

Putting his head down, "Well sir, you see… Hayami and her group discovered Jiraiya of the Sannin beating to death."

Naruto eyes expanded. The proverbial knife had pierced his heart. Jiraiya, Ero-sennin, the man he thought of as a grandfather was dead.

In a low voice, "Leave"


Naruto's voice elevated, "I SAID LEAVE!!"

The young shinobi wasted no time leaving Naruto behind. Naruto's teeth clenched together and his fist tightened. "Ero-sennin…"

The anger in his eyes was visible. Naruto wanted the person who did this. Knowing that Akatsuki was in the area, he suspected that one of them was involved. Wasting no time, Naruto rose from his seat.

The road only led to one place. He was going back to the place of his birth, he was going back home to Konoha.

Konoha 3 hours later…

Konohamaru, the Rokudaime in training, stood before Makato and Koharu. He had explained to them what he saw while heading towards the battle sight.

Koharu sighed, "Konohamaru, we will put you on the inactive list until further notice."

"What!! The hell you will old lady!"

"Konohamaru!" Makato yell silenced the boy. "We can't afford our future leader to die an untimely death. You have no authority; it has been decided by the council."

"We will see, Tsunade will not stan…"

"She was the one to approve of this" Koharu's words left the young Sarutobi in a state of shock. Without pause, He stormed out of the office and slammed the door behind him.

Konohamaru continued his trek down the corridor inside the Hokage tower. He was heading toward Tsunade's location to give her a piece of his mind when he heard a voice, "I guess they told you something that you didn't want to hear."

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Hanabi leaning against the wall. "They put me on the inactive list."

"I'm sure it's to protect you."

Narrowing his eyes, "I don't need to be protected. It's my job to protect this village. Besides, we have an enemy out there powerful enough to kill Jiraiya."

"True, but the decision has been made. Instead of being mad, use this time to train. Also, I wouldn't go complaining to Hokage-sama."

"And why not?"

Hanabi put her head down and in soft but serious tone, "She just lost one of her friends Konohamaru. How did you feel when you lost you're grandfather and your parents?"

Konohamaru was about to say something but stopped short. He knew the feeling all too well, she was going to need sometime. That much he knew. "Do you want to get something to eat?"

Hanabi shook her head, "We can't. All Jounin and Chuunin are to assemble at the meeting hall. I came to get you, let's go"

Konohamaru followed Hanabi as she led the way.

Meeting Hall 40 minutes later…

All Jounin and Chuunin in the village were assembled. Sitting on the left and right hand were Makato and Koharu. Tsunade entered the room with Shizune and slowly approached her seat at the center of the stage.

When Tsunade sat the group went silent. The Godaime addressed her subjects, "As you all may have heard, Jiraiya was killed. Our guest, Shinobi from the Village Hidden in the Sunlight, discovered his body earlier this morning"

A random Jounin yelled out, "Then they should be under surveillance, how are we to know that they weren't involved!"

"Jiraiya sent me a message before he died via one of his frogs. His frog has informed me that he was killed by an Akatsuki member who goes by Pein."

The Leaf Shinobi was well aware of Akatsuki.

"How do we deal with someone who's able to kill a shinobi of Jiraiya-sama's caliber?" A random female asked.

"I will be reassembling the 'Twenty Battalions'. Anyone is welcome to join but our goal will be the same, the complete and utter annihilation of Akatsuki." You are welcome to sign up or re-enlist. Once you sign up you will be grouped into teams and will be debriefed."

Tsunade rose from her seat, "We are on high alert. Shinobi, prepare yourself for what's to come." The Hokage stormed off leaving the members of the Leaf ninja force to ponder what she meant by those cryptic words.

Makeinu nudged Ranpu, "Yo, what does she mean by that?"

"She means be ready, a war is coming." Ranpu and Makeinu turned to see Hatake Kakashi standing on their left with his arms folded.

"A war?" Makeinu brow elevated slightly.

"Yes war. Jiraiya's death was a message to all Shinobi nations. We all must prepare for what is to come. I have business I need to tend to, later." Kakashi disappeared.

Off in the far corner Sasuke watched as Kakashi left. War was looming and he knew that it was time he acted now. Madara Uchiha… he would take that man down. It was time to put forth his plan in action. Without a word Sasuke left. Sakura who was standing by his side wondered where he went.

"I wonder how Naruto is taking the news" Sakura thoughts went to her former Teammate.

Hokage Monument…

Hayami stood on top of the head of the Sandaime looking off into the distant sun. Behind her was Okani, Sakaro, Tekka, and Zuki.

"Hayami, we should head back to Light."

"I'm not going back; I'm staying for the services. If you wish to return you can, but know Naruto-niisan will be here soon enough."

"Karikage-sama is coming?" Okani asked

"Yes. Jiraiya-sama meant a lot to Naruto-niisan and I know niisan, then you can almost be certain that we will be aligning with the Leaf. Jiraiya's death is more significant than any of you can comprehend. Akatsuki just opened pandora's box and what they've unleashed is a dangerous Golden Fox, but more importantly…" Hayami turned to the group with her Naiteki Reikon active, "They unleashed me!"

Hayami turned back toward the village. "I will make sure that your death wasn't in vain Jiji."

Konoha 5 hours later…

Night was approaching. The gates to the Leaf Village opened as shinobi from various villages allied to Konoha came to pay their respects. Shikamaru, Temari, and their 4 year old son entered the village, Followed by Rin, Sasame, Yumi, and Mai. The group was accompanied by a small brigade of Light Shinobi. Among the group, Naruto was not in sight. Ino, Chouji, Lee, and Neji landed before the group.

Ino and Chouji embraced Shikamaru, "It's good to see you Shikamaru"

"Likewise Chouji. Ino, you put on some weight I see… it looks good on you." Ino blushed.

"Thank you Shikamaru."

Neji interrupted the small talk, "Where is Naruto?"

Yumi answered, "Naruto left before us. He's been in the village for hours now"

Ino, Neji, Chouji, and Lee were all surprise to discover this. How did he enter the village undetected was what ran through all of their minds. Shikamaru shook his head, "Konoha is getting sloppy. Besides…" Shikamaru pointed toward the Hokage monument. Turning towad the monument, the group saw a figure in a black and orange cap standing on the Yondaime's head.

Hokage Monument…

Naruto was looking off into the distance. Hearing a familiar voice, "You enter my village without so much as a 'Hello', seeing as you've been here for the last 3hrs; I was expecting you to come seek me out."

"baachan… are you prepared for what's to come?"

"As much as I will ever be Naruto; Jiraiya left me a message…"

"I heard it all from Gamikichi. So Ero-sennin trained this Pein?"

Tsunade nodded, "This Pein isn't just any shinobi; he possesses the Rinnegan. Even you should be cautious when confronting him."

"I'm not going after Pein."

"You're not?" Tsunade didn't expect that from Naruto.

"No, I'm going after Uchiha Madara. In order to cut down a tree you don't start with the branches; you aim for the Trunk that supports it. I'm going after Madara to end this."

"Well looks like we have the same goals." Naruto glanced behind him to see his longtime rival Uchiha Sasuke.

"I don't think that is wise" Kakashi appeared next to Tsunade reading his book.

"He's right you know."

Naruto watched as Sakura land next to Tsunade. With a smirk on his face, "So it seems like all of squad 7 is here. Kakashi, I'm going after Madara, that's all there is to it."

"Naruto you will be doing what Akatsuki wants. Did you forget what you carry? This isn't Aisu."

"I'm well aware of that. Which is why I request that your Hokage grant me a small contingent of her finest shinobi, of my request?"

Tsunade narrowed her eyes in out of curiosity, "What are you planning Naruto?"

"I'm planning on eliminating Akatsuki. So what do you say?" Naruto waited for an answer.

"Who do you have in mind?"

"They're all here. Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi. After Jiraiya's funeral I will be back in two weeks. Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi be ready by then."

Naruto left in a burst of light. Tsunade shook her head, "I didn't even give approval. It is of no matter, we will prepare for Akatsuki but for now… prepare to say goodbye to one of the greatest shinobi I've ever known let's head back to the village."

Konoha 10pm…

Hayami was sitting on the roof of the Uchiha compound. She hugged her knees as tight as she could, while trying to forget what she saw nearly 17 hours ago. She heard that Naruto was in the village but she was certain that he was taking care of some official business. Hearing footsteps inch close to her, she turned to see the brother that she hadn't seen in two years.

"Naruto-niisan" The girl jumped up and embraced her brother in a tight hug.

"Its been too long Yami-chan. You've grown so much, geez what has Shinji and Hinata been feeding you?" Naruto said to try and lighten the mood.

"Naruto-nii I…"

"Its not your fault." Naruto broke the embrace and walked behind Hayami, "There was nothing you could do. It doesn't matter now; we can't change the past so we will move forward. We're leaving after everything is over." Naruto informed the girl as he looked off into the distant moon.

"What are you going to do nii-san? I know you are planning a course of action. That being the case I want in."

Naruto shook his head, "Hayami…you're not getting involved in this. This is something that I will deal with."

Hayami voice elevated, "But I'm stronger now and I'm one of the best in Light. Not only that I can…"

Naruto quickly turned around with a look of contempt on his face and yelled out "I said you're not getting involved and that's final!"

Narrowing her eyes, "I'm not some little kid that needs you to protect her. I'm a warrior niisan. Trained by the Greatest Shinobi ever and I'm one of three people in the whole world who is a master of the 'Heavenly Sword' sword style. Do not write me off as someone who can't take care of herself."

"I said you're not getting involved, that's that." Naruto turned away from the girl and disappeared in a colorful display of lights. Hayami on the other hand remained on the roof of the Uchiha compound clenching her fist. Naruto still thought of her as some little kid. She wanted so much to prove to him that she was an able warrior. "Nii-san I will show you that I can help. I'm not the same little girl."

Morning 9 am…

Morning in the Leaf Village was usually sunny and peaceful. However it was as if the Gods themselves were mourning the lost of a friend. The sky was masked in clouds while rain fell from the heavens. On the head stone there was a picture of Jiraiya with a big goofy smile. Tsunade, who was standing facing everyone, in front of Jiraiya's coffin, held all of her emotions inside, well what was left. She cried most of last night when she was alone.

Looking up at all who gathered, she noticed a few shinobi from various villages, even a few leaders. She began her speech.

Village Wall…

Standing on the Village wall, Pein and Konan loomed over the village.

"Jiraiya-sensei, it's sad but we had no other choice." Konan commented.

"I would never have won if he knew my secret, which is the highest compliment that I can give you sensei." Pein stated.

"This rain… Pein" Konan turned to her friend.

"…Is for the man who taught us the way of the shinobi and gave us the tools to reshape the world. Let's go, we have to get back."

Konan nodded and the two disappeared from their location.

In the crowd, Naruto was standing next to his wife and their 3 year-old son Uzumaki Aori. The boy was a miniature Naruto, minus the whisker birth marks present on Naruto. Yumi was standing behind the boy with her hands on his shoulder.

Mai on the other hand was trying not to cry. Her and Jiraiya were really good friends She only wished she could talk to him once more. Jiraiya was a feather in the wind. He went where ever the wind blew him. But unlike most feathers, he came back to her time and time again. As Tsunade went on about friendship and love, Mai could no longer restrain the tears from falling.

The younger Aori saw that his grandmother was crying. Turning to his father, he tugged on his leg, "Father why is grandma crying?"

Naruto knelt to his son's height, "Grandma is sad Aori-kun. You see one of her good friends is dead. Papa is sad as well because he was a very dear person to me."

"I don't like when people are sad Papa, why do people die?" Aori asked with innocent eyes.

"Sometimes it's because they are too old and it's just their time. Other times, bad people believe they can take the life of anyone they feel. In this world Aori there is good and there is bad, its those who do good and strive to make the world as peaceful as it can be are the ones to shape the world. Remember Aori, protect those close you and strive to make the world a better place." Yumi knelt down

"Remember Ri-kun, its" she pointed to his heart, "that separates us from those who wish and inflict harm for the sake of it. Let your heart be your guide."

Naruto didn't realize that the procession was now coming to a close. Everyone was walking up to place flowers on Jiraiya's head stone. Only those who wished to participate did so. Hayami, who was behind Naruto whispered, "Nii-san, can we talk when this is over?"

"Sorry Hayami, but I have a few things to take care of. We will talk when I get back to Light."

Wondering why he was staying behind, "You're not leaving with us?"

"No, I have some business to take care off. You on the other hand will be heading back with Yumi, Mai, and the others. Sakaro is in charge, you will take your orders from him."

"About that…"

"It wasn't open for discussion. I will see you back in Light. Be on alert though and don't do anything stupid. You sense danger you get everyone to safety." Hayami put her head down and nodded.

The two slowly approached the coffin. Naruto and Hayami both placed a white rose on the coffin. Naruto however pulled out a dirty magazine and placed it over the flowers, "Something to read on your trip, Jiraiya-sensei."

Naruto Smiled then walked off followed by Hayami. Heading out of the tower, the sun started to break through the Clouds. Spotting Yumi, he walked towards his family. He noticed Sakura, who was standing with her 3 year old son Hidoko. The younger Uchiha shoulder length black hair, and his mother's emerald colored eyes. Dressed in a typical Uchiha outfit, high collar shirt and black shorts, Sakura greeted Naruto. "Hi Naruto"

"Hey Sakura. So is that your son? What's his name?"

The younger boy hid behind his mother, Sakura twisted to look at the boy, "Hidoko, there's nothing to be afraid off."

"He's shy, that's the complete opposite of you and Sasuke" Naruto commented.

"He's not shy, he just nervous around you" Sakura pointed out.

"Me why?"

"Well maybe because you have a big Statue in the front of the stadium. Besides you have become legendary Naruto, have you failed to realize that" Naruto took his gaze off Sakura and knelt down to the boy's height.

"Hidoko, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. You have nothing to fear."

"Of course you don't Hidoko, especially when I can kick his ass." Naruto smirked at Sasuke's comment.

"I'm always up for round three if you are Sasuke-chan."

Hidoko ran pass Naruto and jumped into Sasuke's arms, "Papa!"

Sasuke closed his eyes, "We will settle the score some other time. For now…" Sasuke opened his eyes, "We have more important matters"

Handing Hidoko over to Sakura, "Naruto and I have to meet with Tsunade. I will see you two later." Turning to Hayami and the others, "You all get home safe. Hayami…"

She just walked away before he could say anything, "I know Naruto already told me, I swear…"

Leaving everyone behind Naruto and Sasuke looked at one another, "What's her problem?" The Uchiha questioned.

"Don't know but I will deal with her when I get back home." The man dubbed as 'The Golden Fox' kissed his wife, "I will see you in a few days." Looking at his son, "Protect your mother and grandmother, you're the man of the house while I'm gone, here" Naruto handed his son his Hiraishin Kunai, "If you get in trouble just throw this and I will be there in a flash."

The boy looked at the knife, "Mama said I shouldn't…"

Yumi took the Kunai from her son as she shook her head, "Naruto, what did I tell you? He's a kid."

"Well what I said still holds true. You get into trouble don't hesitate to use it. I will see you guys, get home safe."

"Naruto, are you ready?"

Naruto turned to Sasuke then back to his family, "Yes, lead the way."

Naruto and Sasuke both walked off. Sakura who was holding Hidoko, "Come I will walk you guys to the gate."

Sakura led the group to the Entrance/Exit of the village.

Hokage Tower…

Naruto, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Sasuke, Temari, Senzairu, Asuma, Neji, Gai, Konohamaru, Tenzou, and Lee were all in Tsunade's office standing before her.

"So Tsunade, you've assembled us why?"

"I want to inform everyone that Light and Leaf now have an official Alliance." Everyone turned to Naruto, "Tsunade continued, "That being the case. We will work together with Sand and Light to take down Akatsuki."

"Has Kazekage been…" Temari was cut off by Tsunade

"Gaara is well aware. Suna is on high alert and he would have come but I told him to remain in Suna. I actually sent out a notice to all village leaders to do so. Konoha has recovered after the last battle 7 years ago but having all village leaders in one location, especially when most are Jinchuuriki isn't wise. Until we know what Akatsuki is planning, I want to make sure that all Jinchuuriki are as far from one another as possible."

Shikamaru spoke, "Hokage-sama, judging by the amount of Anbu I would say the village is on high alert. What is the plan? Are you suggestion we search for Akatsuki members?"

"At this point, we have no choice. I've spoke with Naruto and he agrees that we must confront them head on."

Shikamaru turned to Naruto, "Naruto, you can't be serious?"

"Shikamaru, this is a Shougi match. We can't sit around and wait for them to attack; we have to seek them out. Forming small platoons to do so will allow us to do just that. I've already requested Sakura, Kakashi, and Sasuke join me. I'm certain that the four of us can find and neutralize half of their top members."

"Naruto I've known you to be reckless in the past but this is crazy. You do realize in order to do so you would need to know the fighting abilities of every member. We don't have any statistics on their members."

Naruto pulled out a black book and tossed it on Tsunade's desk. "That was giving to me by Kabuto hours before I left Sun Country. In there is a list of all members. This was a list that Orochimaru comprised during his time in the Organization. I guess his goal was to destroy them when he was done with Konoha."

"What did Kabuto want from you Naruto? He wouldn't give you that info for free?" Sasuke asked.

"He wants to have his S-Class Warrant dropped. He is no longer in Light's bingo book but Suna and Konoha are two different stories. In any event this may be the trump card that we need."

Konohamaru picked up the book and scanned through the pages, "Kakuzu… Hidan… Uchiha Itachi… Hoshigaki Kisame… Sasori… Zetsu… Deidara… Danzou… Sucho Kumoko… Hyougen Fubuki… Shoukaki Bouka… Kagetsu Heisui… Pein… Konan, hmmm this seems to be all of the members. I would say only ten are living."

Dropping the book back on the desk, Tsunade personally handed the book to Neji, "Make copies of this and have all Anbu and Members of the '20 Batallions' study this"

Nodding, Neji placed the book in his robe. Shikamaru addressed Neji, "Make a copy for me Neji I would…"

Naruto cut his subordinate off, "I have made copies and they have all been issued to our Jounins as well as members of S.T.A.R.L.I.G.H.T ( Strategic Tactical Assassination and Reconnaissance Light Infiltration Genesis Halcyon Team)"

A smile presented itself on Shikamaru's face, "So I guess my task is to bring together all members of S.T.A.R.L.I.G.H.T and formulate a defense for the village as well as possible attack patterns if they come up against the living members in the Data Guide."

A simple nod was all Shikamaru needed. "Very, well Naruto, I will work on all of this tonight."

"Okay Shikamaru. I have a special mission for you. You and Temari will remain here Konoha. For the next two weeks. You two will be working with Konoha's advisors and formulating strategies that will work best with Leaf, Suna, and Light. Kankerou will arrive here tomorrow with a few Suna advisors; you all will go over this. " Shikamaru and Naruto nodded.

"Once that is done, Temari you and Kankerou will head to Suna and inform the Kazekage of our course of action as well. I will be heading back tomorrow. Kouen, Safaia, Awesado, and Gaara have been notified, I'm sure they're all on high alert and making preparations. When I return in two weeks you two will return home, there we will plan a course of action for our own village."

Temari understood her mission, her only concern was her son, however; she figured he could remain in Konoha with Shikamaru and his grandparents, there was no need to worry, he would be safe she thought. "Not a problem Naruto."

"Do you have anything to add?" Naruto asked Tsunade.

"Neji and Tenzou, your teams are to search within a five mile radius of the village. It's only been a day since Jiraiya has been dead, which worries me. I will say this to everyone before I end this meeting; all of you stay on high alert, especially you Naruto."

Naruto waved her off, "They're not foolish to challenge me out right, I will kick their asses if they do."

Tsunade frowned, "I'm serious Naruto, you may be strong but who's to say they didn't factor that into their plans. Remember, they won't rest until they have the nine-tails."

"Don't worry about me Baachan, I will be on alert, for your sake. In any event, I'm off. Later" In a brilliant display of gold and orange, Naruto disappeared in an instant."

Sasuke followed suit in a burst of purple flames. Senzairu was the next to leave and he did so in a burst of orange-purple flames. Kakashi pulled out his book, "Well I guess it has lost its flavor so I guess I will use the door." Kakashi exited through the door and everyone else followed suit.

When everyone was gone Tsunade press her fingers to her temporal. She gently rubbing, she was trying to relieve some tension. "I wonder what's the Akatsuki next move"

Meanwhile Fire Country Temple…

A decimated temple… was the only way to describe it. The Temple of fire lay in ruins. Debris and the bodies of monks decorated the landscape. The ones responsible, a Shinobi from the Village Hidden in the Waterfall and Silver-haired nin from an unknown village. Kakuzu was holding the body of Chiruku, the head monk of the temple, and a member of the 12 Guards.

Hidan hated the detour. The original plan was to attack Konoha but yet they had came here and laid waste to a temple not even worth their time. "Hey Kakuzu, why the hell did we come to this place, please don't tell me that it was so you can collect the bounty for this sorry excuse of a ninja?"

"You are an idiot. How do you think we fund our organization? We will take a little detour and we shall arrive in Konoha in a few days. You can let out your frustration then"

Hidan slammed his scythe in the dirt, "Damn it ! Let's go and kill that bitch Tsunade already and crush Konoha. Too bad we are assigned to Konoha, I would have preferred if we had headed to Nikkou and kill that bastard Naruto. Can you believe he is being hailed as the strongest shinobi."

"Senju Hashirama was also revered, as well as Salamander Hanzou, and Namikaze Minato. With every generation, someone will sit at the top. Uzumaki Naruto now sits at the top, but does that mean he can't be beat? Of course not. Pein is Naruto's mission, so I'm certain Uzumaki days are numbered."

"My mission has changed" Kakuzu and Hidan looked behind them to see Pein and Konan.

"What do you mean?"

"He means that Kumoko and I will be heading to Nikkou." Hidan narrowed his eyes at Danzou's smile.

"Why the fuck do these two weaklings get Naruto? I want to offer him to Jashin."

"Well I would like to offer him a blade in his throat. He's mine, fuck off you sanctimonious bastard." The two members of Akatsuki glared at one another. The dislike between the two was apparent. Deciding to let it go, Hidan looked at Pein, "So what of Hesui and Fubuki?

"Both are heading toward Water Country."

"So where are you heading?" Kakuzu questioned.


Hidan raise an eyebrow, "If I may ask a question, why the fuck are you going to Konoha if both Kakuzu and I are heading there!?"

"Watch your tongue when you speak to Pein."

A sadistic smile appeared on Hidan's face, "I would expect his whore to defend him. I'm not interested in you bitch. I'm talking to Pein, so answer my question."

Pein closed his eyes and shook his head, "There is someone that I have been requested to take care of personally. Madara has requested that I personally deal with Senju Senzairu, the Wielder of the Phoenix."

"Isn't Naruto stronger than that guy?" Kakuzu asked.

"I would suspect so but Senzairu is a threat that needs to be eliminated. Besides Madara has assigned Danzou to the task of capturing Naruto, if it proves difficult, I will capture him myself. Also, Uchiha Sasuke is another Target that Madara wants us to address. So Hidan, the reason we are heading to the Leaf is because there are more threats that need to be addressed there"

"So what about Zetsu and Bouka?" Hidan asked.

"Zetsu is heading toward Kumo and Bouka to Iwa."

"So Zetsu is going to get Kouen for us? Hell I wouldn't have minded that one. I guess Bouka is heading to Stone for Awesado? Well what of Gaara?"


As the Sun closed down on the earth and the light the brighten the village began to slowly dim, high on the mountain cliffs that looked down into Suna, there stood Uchiha Madara gazing upon the hidden village.

The wind violently blew for a few seconds, lifting up the bottom of his cloak with it. "Gaara of the Desert, prepare yourself for your final battle."


"Gaara is the unfortunate one of the bunch." Pein informed the group. Turning to Kakuzu, "Collect the bounty for Chiriku; we will be waiting for you in Konoha. We will attack tomorrow night. All of the Hidden Villages will be under Akatsuki attack tomorrow evening."

"You all know what must be done, be on your way." Pein turned and walked away, he was followed by Konan.

Hidan snorted, "I hate that guy. Let's go Kakuzu, I want to offer Konoha to Jashin."

"Whatever, lets just get the money then head to Konoha." The two headed towards

Sunlight Village 9 am the Next Day…

Exiting the house around this time to go do some light training, Hayami stood out side of the front door. Getting ready to jog to the training grounds, She heard a familiar voice call her."

"Hayami-san!!" Turning around, she saw her friend Okani running toward her.

The girl came to a stop in front of Hayami, "Hayami-san are you going to train? It's been a while since you've been home don't you want to relax and hang out for a bit? We still need to do some catching up."

Hayami thought about it for a second. She had been training with Shinji for the past two years, which made her wince when she thought about the training he put her through. If anyone saw the training, they would have thought he was trying to kill her. But she thanked him for it, had it not been for him she wouldn't be as strong as she is today. Shook out of her daze by Okani, Hayami turned to the girl, "Okay, for a little while though."

"Great! I usually hang with my team. Well I'm pretty new to the squad. You actually met them yesterday. Let's start walking; they're at the 'Sun Beef' dinner. That's where we meet and eat."

The two young ladies continued to walk down the lively streets of Light to meet Okani's team.

Mountains Over Looking Light…

A black sword rested on his back as he looked down at the village. The wind picked up slightly blowing his hair off of his shoulders. The young man in a black sleeveless tank top, with matching sweats and sandals looked up to the sky, "Father, today is the day I avenge your death. Uzumaki Naruto will fall today."

Ice blue eyes turned back toward the village. The young male trained for this moment for the past seven years. He went through the trials to get the Dragon contract, mastered the 'Wicked Wind' style, and even came up with his own techniques. He dedicated everything to this moment; he sacrificed everything for this moment. He fled his village a year ago, leaving behind everyone that he cared about. It didn't matter, this was what mattered most; His revenge. Digging in the utility pouch that was wrapped around waste, the young former Jounin from the village Hidden in the Clouds, pulled out his hiate. He contemplated as to whether or not he should put it on. An image of his father wrapping the hiate around his head when he graduated flashed in his memory. The memory initiated his decision, the tied the hiate around his forehead. Gripping his sword with his hand wrapped in gauze, Hiyayaka Reido was ready. In an instant, the young man disappeared from his location. The destination was obvious.

3 hrs later Hidden Light…

Hayami, Okani, Tekka, and Zuki were walking down a busy street in the village. The shopping district was always lively around 2 in the afternoon. As they were walking, Okani spotted a nice outfit in a window display, this prompted her to place her face against the glass, "OOOOO that is sooooooo pretty. I wish I could afford it though, I guess have to save my money for two missions. I really need to train more to become a Jounin, the pay grade is way better."

"Its better but the missions are more dangerous…" An explosion cut Zuki off. The villagers immediately turned toward the sight of the explosion, it was at the Karikage tower."

No time was wasted, Light Shinobi moved through the streets and the roof tops all heading toward a single figure standing on the tower.

Hayami didn't hesitate; she left the group behind to see what was going on.

Karikage Tower…

Reido looked around, with a faint smile on his face. He was completely surrounded. He had expected this but it was of no consequence. Preparation was the key to success was a lesson he learned early in life.

A member of the elite unit known as S.T.A.R.L.I.G.H.T landed in front of the boy. "Cloud shinobi surrender. We do not wish to harm you."

"Likewise, however I'm only here to fight your leader. I apologize for the explosion but I really thought that this commotion would bring him out of hiding. To bad the coward sends forth his elite only to be defeated at the hands of the man who will claim his life. You wish for me to surrender no? Well I wish for all of you to step aside or I will be forced to harm you."

Reido was now flanked by members of S.T.A.R.L.I.G.H.T from all angles. "Sir he is not listed in the manual Karikage issued, which means he's not a member of Akatsuki."

"I'm well aware. Neutralize the threat." The masked captain ordered the members of Lights elite Anbu to do so. Before they could react, blood erupted from their chest. What was most amazing was that Reido was now gone from his location. The captain was able to follow the boy, but barely. Turned to the building across from the tower "His speed…Everyone stay on alert! His Shunshin is too fast."

Bringing forth the sword that was on his back, the Captain addressed the following Jounin, "Everyone, provide support. I will neutralize the threat."

Reido laughed, "You barely could keep up with my movements I don't think you will be neutralizing anything. Just bring me to your Karikage, I don't want to hurt you."

Reido eyes widened as he sensed a presence behind him. Avoiding the sword that was aimed at his back, Reido jumped out of the way.

Reido observed the girl that had attacked him. With her gaze fixed on her would be opponent, Hayami addressed the captain, "Sir I'm going to have to ask you to step down, you are not equipped to deal with this man."

The Captain who was still standing on the roof of the Karikage tower addressed Hayami, "Hayami-san, you don't understand the situation. You are a mere Chuunin, he is clearly out of your league. I outrank you so you will…"

"That sword is the legendary 'Dragon's Fang'. The fact that he has Cloud headband and wants revenge on Naruto means he is a relative of Hiyayaka Aisu, the late Godaime of the Hidden Cloud Village. What is your name?"

"Hiyayaka Reido. I recognize you; you're that little girl from the Minashu Clan. Where is Naruto?" Reido expression became serious.

"Naruto is not here in the village, but any issues that you have with Naruto you can address with me." Hayami unsheathed her blade.

Reido smirked, "Heavenly Sword… I hope that I am fighting a master of the style. A novice will do nothing but get hurt challenging me."

Hayami grip tightened on the sword, "Don't underestimate me."

The captain feared for the girl's life, "She doesn't understand what she's up against. I have to stop him before he kills her" Grabbing his sword, his intent was to attack Reido but he found the sword implanted in his left foot, Reido rested on one knee with his hand wrapped firmly around the sword that pierced the man's foot. The pain caused him to fall to his right knee. Reido whispered in to his ear, "This fight doesn't concern you, rest here."

Pulling the sword off of his back, he brought it forth to block the incoming sword. The two sword masters faded from everyone's view. The Jounin's only saw flashes of and heard the sound of metal clashing as the two engaged in a heated exchange.

Landing on the ground with her left arm limped and blood trickling down it, Hayami glared at Reido who gave off a superior grin as he stood before her with his sword resting on his shoulders. The grin faded when a thin cut appeared under his left eye.

Touching his face, the visible specs of blood on his index finger verified that he had indeed been cut. "I don't believe I got your name."

"Minashu Hayami." The girl said while panting.

"Well Hayami, you are indeed strong and are a true Heir to the Heavenly Sword… However…"

Hayami eyes slowly moved behind her as Reido appeared, "Shit…I can't react fast enough to block or dodge. I should have removed the seals when I had the chance. Only one option…" Before Hayami could make her move a cloud of smoke appeared covering her and the attacking Reido.

When the cloud cleared, Hayami was shielded behind a frog that had blocked the attack.

Reido narrowed his eyes at the frog, "Why you…"

"Those who wish to harm the citizen's of my village will not get off easy." The crowd of Shinobi that were gathered turned to see a shadowy figure standing directly in the Sunlight. When the light faded, the crowd had a better glimpse of the Karikage. A eruption of cheers could be heard throughout the village.


Reido ignored the frog and turned toward Naruto, "So you've finally arrived. I was getting bored with the warm ups, are you ready to die Uzumaki Naruto!"

Naruto recognized the boy. He even recognized the sword. He knew that this day was going to come, after Kouen had informed him he has pretty much been waiting until it happened. He knew the boy just wanted revenge on his father; nevertheless, he wouldn't go easy on him. "There's no mistaking it. That's Aisu's kid. So he is the wielder of the Dragon's… he has certainly become stronger. I don't have time to for this, I will end this in a flash."

Naruto addressed the boy, "You came for vengeance. I understand that you wish me dead but the cycle will have to stop somewhere. You're father goals were just, but the means by which he tried to achieve them were not good for the world. He put me in a situation that he would either have to change or die. Understand that I will not go easy on you."

"I don't expect you to. Besides, I have surpassed you in ever possible way. 7 years I've trained for this day. I've trained myself to be strong, with the sole intent of killing you. You stand at the top of the Shinobi world. The Golden Fox, the man who is feared and revered in every nation. Well after today, I will stand at the top and I will have my revenge. I'm going to reduce you to ashes!"

Naruto could do nothing but shake his head, "Sorry kid, but you're not ready." A yellow flash appeared at Naruto's location then another at the top of the Raikage Tower. Naruto, who was now holding Hayami over his shoulder, looked back at Reido, who didn't even realize what had just occurred. This battle was over before it started. Once the young shinobi realized what had happened, he fell to the ground face first. "How did he move so fa…"

Reido was knocked unconscious. Those who were gathered looked at the boy then to where Naruto was standing.

The crowd erupted once more, "Karikage-sama!!"

Hayami frowned. "Let me go."

Naruto put the girl down but she looked away, her anger was visible. "You didn't have to save me. I was going to turn the tide in my favor."

"Looks like you were about to lose your life. What did I tell you Hayami?" Naruto folded his arms waiting for an answer.

The girl looked at Naruto with pleading eyes, "Niisan believe me I could have won. I was just about to…"

"Be killed. Listening Hayami, I know you are strong but you should know your limits. That kid is pretty strong. It was pointless to try and fight him by yourself." Naruto stated.

She turned her back on him, "You just don't get it do you? I'm not a little kid niisan. I have become a decent warrior. I'm better than most of the Jounins in the village." Turning back to him with Tears in her eyes, "Why don't you start treating me like a shinobi of this village and stop acting like you're my father!!"

Raising his voice to match the girls, "It's my responsibility to take care of you or did you forget! I don't know what happened while you were away but this cocky attitude will only get you killed."

Hayami turned around and walked off. She stop after a few steps, "If I'm cocky it is only a reflection on how I was taught to be. Niisan thinks that he is the only one who can beat an opponent. I'm not the cocky one here Karikage-sama. I can't stand to be around you right now."

The lilac haired girl walked off leaving Naruto standing on the top of the tower. He decided to let her be. Seeing Reido on the ground unconscious, Naruto used the space time jutsu that is father created to appear in front of the boy.

Members of Light's elite military Unit landed in front of their general. A captain of the unit looked at the young man then at Naruto, "Karikage-sama, what are we to do with the boy?"

Naruto gaze never left the boy "He wants me dead I guess the time has come. I will show him."

Naruto knelt down to pick Reido up. Throwing him over his shoulder, Naruto eyes shifted to the captain, "I will take care of him. Please return your duty and disperse this crowd." The Golden Fox disappeared using one of his trademark jutsus.

Secs Later Uzumaki Residents…

Naruto appeared in the backyard of his compound, which was large in size to say the least. His home wasn't exquisite as one would expect from a wealthy citizen. His house was big marble stone home that included 6-bedrooms compound with 3 bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, and living room.

Using a binding jutsu on the boy, Naruto threw him against the wall of his house. Reido, who was sitting on the floor eyes slowly started to open. When he became fully aware, he looked up to see the man who claimed his fathers life looking upon him with a blank stare.

Reido eyes narrowed, "You! What the…" Reido tried to move but realized that he couldn't. "Binding jutsu, you son of a…"

"I have a message from your father." Naruto spat out.

Shock presented itself in the boys eyes, "Message…" the menacing look returned, "Liar. Seven years he has been dead, there's no way he could have…"

"He told me before he passed. My words are probably not believable, that's understandable. Are you familiar with the jutsu 'Soranjiru'?"

"Of course."

Naruto placed his palm on the boys head, "Well, allow me to perform this jutsu so you can understand and hear his words for yourself."

Naruto closed his eyes and focused. The chakra channeled from his arm to Reido, completely encapsulating boys head.

The battle between his father and Naruto started to flood his mind. Not only did it flood his mind, he was Naruto. Everything Naruto felt, he felt. He knew that 'Soranjiru' was a jutsu that allowed someone to view the memories of the user of the jutsu. However, what he wasn't aware of was the fact that it did so by placing them in that person's shoes so to speak. When Reido/Naruto performed 'God's Hand' he now was seeing what the light shield from everyone, he was watching Naruto and his father stand in the middle of the battlefield.

Looking at the man he respected slowly returning from the fusion with Sorros to his normal self, He watched as his father addressed Naruto, "This battle goes to you Naruto. My son… he will be the next to wield the Dragon Fang, I have prepared him to do so. Don't be surprise if he comes for you. I have two final requests Naruto… when Reido confronts you use 'Soranjiru'. Now please don't mind me Uzumaki Naruto, when I call you Reido."

Aisu smiled, "Reido, if you are viewing this then it is obvious I'm dead. Son, my goal was to bring peace to this world, which was my path. I and Uzumaki have the same goals but the ways we want pursue them are different. I hate war son, but I feel it is necessary to stop it. You have you're path to follow, just make sure that it's not one that hurts people. Reido, you have the tools to shape the world, use them and don't seek vengeance for my death; I'm at peace son, for the first time I'm at peace."

Aisu glance Dragon's Fang then at Naruto, "that's yours now, use it wisely." The fusion between him and Sorros completely faded at this point.

Closing his eyes with a joyous smile on his face, "Uzumaki Naruto, eh? I wish I could be here to see what your future holds. Bearer of the Light… let's hope you can bring Light to illuminate and guide the misguided war minded driven fools in the world. I guess your will was stronger."

Reido could feel his head turn slightly only to witness Aisu's body dissolving into golden light particles. Before he completely faded away, "I leave you to finish my goal, Uzumaki Naruto. Don't fail the world."

Before Aisu's head faded Naruto said, "As long as there is a breath in my body, I won't."

Naruto removed his hand from Reido's head; he could see tears falling from the boys eyes.

He heard a whisper, "lies."

Naruto just watch as Reido's eyes met his, "It's all lies!!

Naruto placed his hands together and released the jutsu. "Believe what you will, but you are free to go. If you really wish to kill me then get stronger. I will be waiting if that is the case." Naruto turned and walked off toward his training grounds that were a hundred yards out.

Reido stood up. Looking at his feet, his sword was lying before him. This took him by surprise since it wasn't there previously. "How…" looking at Naruto's back as he walked away. Reido heard a voice, "Papa!!"

Beside him was a little boy who was the spitting image of Naruto. He glanced at the boy and the boy's mother. She grabbed her son closely as she gazed at the stranger. Reido picked up his sword and left the location instantly. Yumi looked at Naruto as he headed to the training ground, "What was that all about?"

The boy was sad that his father didn't respond. Yumi tapped Aoki, "Papa is busy right now, and he will play with you when he returns. Let's go back inside."

Yumi led the boy back in the house but turned to look at her husband before she stepped in, "What's troubling you Naruto?"

Training Grounds…

Hayami was kicking the wooden post, "Think I'm weak, I will show you? I'm strong Nii-san I'm really strong."

Sensing someone behind her hiding, Hayami turned around fiercely and threw a kunai, which was followed by another one. This one however was used to hit the other kunai and direct it to the target that was hiding at an unreachable angle. When Yumi saw smoke come from behind the tree, she knew that her target had been hit.

"You don't have to send you're clones to watch over me you know."

Naruto stepped from behind the tree, "I didn't send my clones to watch over you. I came to talk."

Hayami returned to kicking the post, "I don't want to talk to you."

"Well then just let me say this. Hayami, you may think that I treat you like a little kid but I don't. Don't think that I'm trying to impede your growth; I'm trying to nurture it. You don't have to prove yourself; I can see how strong you are. You will have plenty of time to show what you are made of, but now isn't that time."

Hayami stopped, "You're still telling me that you don't want me fighting in this upcoming battle with Akatsuki. I can't sit around and watch the people I love die knowing I have the ability to help. I lost my family once… there will not be a second. So you can try to keep me away from this battle but I will participate if necessary."

Naruto closed his eyes. How could he reach her? Yes she was strong but if she were to die then… Naruto didn't want to think that. "Yami-chan, why do you think I've trained you?"

"You wanted me to be a good warrior?" she asked not really knowing the answer herself.

"Potential Yami-chan, you have potential. If I'm not here the world will need another champion to protect it. I can only see one person being that champion and that is you Yami-chan. You may not understand what I mean but in time you will. Dying is not an option for you until you have become what you were destined to be. I push you yes, I shield you, very true, but I'm training you as well. I will leave you to your training and one day you will finally understand what it is I'm doing."

Naruto went to walk away, "Niisan" her calling out to him caused her to stop, "What is my destiny Nii-san?"

Naruto turned to the girl and smile, "Hmph, whatever you make it."

Hayami didn't like that answer. She stopped her training and watched Naruto. She wondered what he meant by her destiny. He didn't make any sense. She would worry about it later. She needed to head home and wash up.

Night Time Somewhere on a Mountain…

Sitting on the ground with his back against the mountain, with one leg lying flat while his other leg was propped up, he gazed off into the night sky. With Dragon's Fang resting next to his left hand, which was pressed firmly against the ground, he couldn't help but ponder what had occurred. His goal was now reduce to nothing. As much as he wanted to believe Naruto was lying, he knew that the jutsu revealed nothing but truths.

For the first time in his life Reido was a cross road. On one hand he could continue his path or on the other hand he could follow another path. "Father… I've spent the last seven years training for this day only to discover that you didn't want this for me. I…I…"

Tears slowing crept down the boy's cheek, "I don't know what to do."

A few rain drops hit his face. Reido looked up at the sky, "I had no idea that it was going to rain tonight."

Hidden Leaf Village…

Tsunade, who finally had time to mourn was standing outside of her house when she felt rain start mix with her tears. Looking up, "Rain?" she couldn't believe that it was raining, as there were no signs that rain was coming.

Something felt weird about this rain. "This isn't natural, it's a jutsu."

Hidden Cloud Village…

Kouen was looking outside of his window from his office. "This rain is laced with Chakra. They send only one after me, are they serious? This shall be interesting"

Slowly removing his robe revealing a black sleeveless tank top, pants, and matching colored sandals, he was almost ready for battle. Slowly tying his hiate around his forehead completed it. He was now ready. Kouen exited his office to meet his guest.

Hidden Stone…

Awesado, the Godaime Tsuchikage was standing surrounded by the new entrants at the academy. He was talking to them about the importance of the academy and how it was essential to preparing for being a shinobi of the Rock. However he was interrupted when Rain started to pour down on his village. "Rain?" he was surprised as well. "Something is going on… why is it raining?"

Hidden Mist…

Safaia was addressing the Seven Swords, "You have you're assignments. Suigetsu, Seisui, Mizuni, Rakusa,Yuugyo, and Shizuku. Head out. Sesui, wait."

The young Shinobi from the Hidden Mist village stopped, "Yes Mizukage-sama?"

"Understand that this is just a training op for you. Under no circumstances are you to use any of the techniques for Kairyuu."

Seisui nodded, "I understand sensei. Can I ask you a question before I go?"

"You're wondering why I gave you Kairyuu and took Sanzunokawa? Well it's simple. I was never fit to wield that sword; Sanzunokawa was always in my future. I can't inherit everything from my parents. Enough of that, you have a mission." Seisui nodded then left Safaia.

Safaia looked up as the rain fell from the sky. "Now it begins"

Hidden Light…

Naruto just put his son to sleep. Looking at the boy he couldn't help but smile. What caught his eye was the Rain that was falling. "There were no signs of rain?"

Somewhere in the village…

Hayami was walking down the street when she also noticed the Rain fall, "That's weird; there were no signs of rain on the horizon."

Hidden Sand…

Gaara observed the Rain fall from his balcony. "So it has come to this." Looking at the mountain range from his balcony, he could see an akatsuki member staring at him. Turning to his attendant, "Put the village on high alert we have an unwelcome guess.

On the Mountain…

The time was now. Madara addressed Pein, "Pein…are we all set?"

Pein spoke, "yes, we are ready. Everyone is at their locations. We will attack on your orders."

"Very well then… attack; it's time to send the message." Madara faded from View once he gave the order to attack.

10 pm Hidden Rock…

Shokaki Bouka, a black haired ember-eyed shinobi, stood on a tree gazing at the Village Hidden in the Rock. Below him were a number of at least 300 'Soldiers of the Dawn'. Hoping down from the Tree, Bouka turned to the group, "Let's go." He began his March toward Rock.

10 pm Hidden Mist…

Two members of Akatsuki were walking on the lake that was covered in smog. The long white-haired blue-eyed shinobi and the white short haired green-eyed shinobi stopped in the middle of the lake. Slowly, the head of 'The Soldiers of the Dawn' started to rise from the water.

The white-eyed shinobi who had on the Moon Hiate, addressed the 'Soldiers of the Dawn' Leave nothing, destroy everything."

The group slid back into the water. Fubuki, the Green eyed shinobi sporting the Snow hiate turned to his partner, "Looks like she is waiting for us. This makes our job that much easier."

Hesui shook his head, "Hardly. She is the Jinchuuriki of the 'Hachi no Orochi'. We are to exercise extreme caution with her."

"I'm well aware of that. We're not Hidan and Kakuzu. How do you wish to proceed?"

Hesui closed his eyes thinking of a course of action. When he had an idea his eyes slowly opened, "A direct attack. She's waiting, let's go introduce ourselves"

The smog around the two became heavier until they were no longer visible. When the smog faded the two Shinobi were gone.

10 pm Hidden Cloud…

Zetsu was traveling in the ground; he was trying to keep a low profile. Without any warning, he felt a hand grab his head and rip him out of the ground. After being flung across and dirt field, Zetsu landed on his feet only to see Kouen's back.

"You know, you were taking too long and I was getting anxious." Kouen turned around and gazed upon Zetsu with glowing yellow eyes.

"It's in a wolf's nature to hunt his prey. Sending one after me, you're leader will regret this." Kouen started to slowly transform.

The ivory side of Zetsu spoke, "This guy is strong, and how do we deal with him?"

The ebony of Zestu responded, "Everyone has a weakness, he is no different. We find his weakness and exploit it."

Kouen smirked, "Finally a real battle."

10 pm Hidden Sand...

Madara was now in the sand village. Looking around, "Suna sure has changed a lot. I guess I should locate Gaara"

Madara could feel the ground beneath him shake. Performing a back-flip to avoid from falling into the hole that was created beneath him, Madara looked at the hole, "Whew that was a close one"

Madara quickly dodged a stream of sand that came from behind. His would be attacker was now standing before him, the legendary Gaara of the Desert.

"Well that was easy. Usually someone who's in a high position will send their cronies to die but not you. I'm impressed Gaara of the Desert."

With his Melchonic look, "Don't be. I've come to kill you."

"Well at least I know I'm going to get your best. That is all I ask for." Madara appeared behind Gaara who gave a rare smile. "Ready to die Gaara?"

"Not at all, but you're welcome to try and kill me."

"Madara voice deepened, "I will do more than try, Gaara."

Turning around while the sand was dancing at Gaara's feet, he knew that Madara would not be an easy opponent. "This shall prove to be interesting."

Hidden Rock…

Bouka was standing before the Tsuchikage, who watched his village being attacked. The Akatsuki member informed Awesado that he could come peacefully or lose painfully and be taking by force. Awesado declined and decided they would fight to the death. There was no other option.

Hidden Mist…

"So you really were waiting for us. You know, the hunted usually hide. What you're doing is unprecedented." Fubuki words generated a response from Safaia.

"If I were to hide you would search until you found me. There is no reason in hiding."

"What about your subordinates? No one to back you up against us, the odds is not in your favor." Fubuki stated the obvious. Safaia knew she was outnumbered but it was all a part of her plan.

"I sent them away. I detected your power about a day ago and decided that I would face you two alone. Without anyone getting involved, I don't have to hold back."

Fubuki and Hesui smiled when they notice the purple chakra beginning to leak from Safaia's body. The Jinchuuriki of the Mist mind drifted as she was drawing on her demon's chakra "Naruto…"

10 pm Hidden Light…

Explosions could be heard and seen throughout various locations of the village. Naruto, who was in the house with his family was heard the noise. He heard a knock at his door. Immediately answering the door, a 14 year Chuunin stepped in, "Karikage-sama, men in black and red cloaks are attacking the village."

"Akatsuki!" Naruto looked at the boy, "Watch over my family! I will take care of this."

Before Naruto left Yumi spoke up, "Naruto, be careful." Looking back at his wife and smiling, he was gone in a flash.

Yumi was worried, "Naruto, be careful something just isn't right."

Roof of and establishment…

Danzou and Kumoko gazed upon the village that held their target. Kumoko, water-laced hair had a look of disgust. She had prepared for this moment and was not going to let it slip through her fingers. "Uzumaki Naruto, where are you?"

A smirk formed when Kumoko saw a familiar lavender haired girl, "So she has gotten older. I'm going to kill her"

Danzou knew that wasn't going to happen, not when Naruto was behind them. "You've found us this quick I'm impressed, Naruto"

Kumoko shock was visible in her eyes. Slowly turning around, Naruto was standing before her and Danzou with a menacing look on his face.

"Pein… where is he?" was the only words that escaped Naruto's mouth.

"He's in Konoha right now. You want him don't you? For killing Jiraiya, right? Well I'm sure you can get there using Hiraishin but know that if you do, I'm going to lay waste to this village. No one will survive." Danzou said bluntly.

"I'm not leaving, besides Pein has his plate full. As for you two, it ends tonight."

An evil grin escaped Kumoko's lips, "Yes it really does."

Displaying her newly found speed, Kumoko appeared behind Naruto with her kunai drawn. Thrusting the blade forth, Kumoko intended to pierce Naruto's jugular but was stopped by a blade. Naruto shook his head, "Hayami, I thought I told you not to get involved."

Forcing Kumoko back, she was now standing back to back with Naruto"I am my brother's sister. Niisan, lets take care of the trash and show them why Nikkou is to be feared!" the girls eyes went from emerald to an intimidating whitish-blue.

Naruto was proud of the girl's strength; he smiled on the inside but remained stern on the out. Four warriors stood on top of the roof. Naruto wondered how everyone in Konoha was doing.

Hidden Leaf…

Konan, Hidan, Kakuzu, and Pein were gazing upon the hidden Leaf Village. Pein nodded. "About fuckin' time" Hidan left the group. Kakuzu shook his head then followed Suit.

Pein, turned to Konan, "Uchiha Sasuke…"

"Enough said" Paper butterflies formed all over as Konan faded away.

Pein who had about 200 soldiers behind him just brought his hand forth. His action caused them to shunshin in the village. It was time, the attack was underway. Pein just stood at his location. Looking up at the sky, the rain continued to fall, "I feel a powerful presences coming my way. So he's coming for me, just as I expected."

Pein saw an explosion and the Hokage tower; he instantly knew Hidan had been the cause.

Hidan was in fact the cause of the explosion. Both he and Kakuzu stood before group of Shinobi from the 20 battalions surrounding them. Hidan turned to Kakuzu, "Seems like were surrounded, these fucker must really want to die."

"Let the 'Soldiers of the Dawn' deal with them. Our mission is the Hokage, let's kill her."

"Sorry but I can't let you do that" Hidan and Kakzuzu looked to their right to see Chouji, Rock Lee, and Ino before them.

Hidan laughed, "Look its fatso, bowl cut, and a skank are they joking. For such an insult I will offer you all to Jashin"

Kakuzu took a step back, "I'm not involved in this, and none of them are worth any money. If someone like Sharingan Kakashi showed up then I would get involved but their not even worth it. Get your warm up but after this we are going after the Hokage."

Rock Lee shifted into a fighting stance, "I wouldn't underestimate us if I were you."

Chouji anger was visible, "You called me fat and my girl a whore, you're going to pay for that"

"Chouji-kun I'm glad you want to defend my honor but the silver-haired bastard is mine." Ino pulled out a Kunai.

The three leaf nins prepared themselves for the the intense battle that they knew couldn't be avoided

Other side of Konoha…

The masked soldiers in Akatsuki cloaks known as "Soldiers of the Dawn" commenced their attack on the Leaf. They were ordered to destroy all. Women, Children…just everything in their sight was to be destroyed. One of the soldiers saw a women and her son. The group of 10 that was with him looked at the leader for instruction, two words escaped his mouth, "Kill them"

The soldier on his left leapt toward the women with his knife drawn. She shielded her son and closed her eyes. Waiting for her impending doom, nothing happened. A voice prompted her to open her eyes, "You dare attack my village. You guys chose the wrong village and the wrong location, now you have to face the Rokudaime Hokage!" Konohamaru, who was holding the Akatsuki soldier under his arm, tossed the dead shinobi at the captain's foot.

"He's right you know, this was definitely the wrong location, you idiots just have bad luck." Hanabi was playing with a blade while resting against the wall of one of the establishments.

"Now were going to show you how we treat people who attack our village" Makeinu was twirling two Kunai's in his hand as he stepped forth.

Konohamaru turned to the lady and her son, "Don't worry, I will die before I let anything happen to you two. You're safe, I will protect you!"

Konohamaru looked at Hanabi and Makeinu, "Get them"

The both sides engaged in battle.

Uchiha compound…

Around twenty Akatsuki soldiers sprawled across the floor. The one responsible stood in the center with an annoyed look on his face. Uchiha Sasuke dispatched his would be attackers. "Fools, they would have been better off taking their chances in the village."

Quickly sensing a shuriken coming his way, Sasuke, without looking, tossed a Kunai behind him deflecting the paper Shuriken. Turning around, Sasuke was met by a female Akatsuki member.

"So you're Konan. 'God's Angel' correct?" Sasuke asked with his infamous smirk.

"Uchiha Sasuke, God has passed his judgment. Your time ends now." Sasuke readied his sword.

"Madara sends you after me. I guess I will send you back as origami cranes for him to understand that you don't send a sheep to get a wolf." Drawing his sword, Sasuke was now fully prepared to engage Konan in battle.

Gaara, Sasuke, Safaia, Awesado, Kouen, and Naruto all were looking into the eyes of the members assigned to capture or kill them. Each warrior had one thing in common, and that was neither of them would go down without a fight.

On A Cliff Over Looking Konoha…

"I was waiting for you."

"I know. This is the perfect spot."

"Yes, I figured that I would get your best if you weren't focused on anyone in the village. Just you and me, Are you ready?"

With the Phoenix Claw drawn, Senju Senzairu sinister smirk only became more sinister when thunder terrorized the sky. Pein slowly turned around. Senzairu noticed he was surrounded by 6 shinobi, all with the Rinnegan.

"It would be disrespect to Jiraiya if we didn't fight to the death."

Pein, in Yahiko's body response was a nod, "I agree. This battle will be decided by who lives."

Senzairu didn't know what to expect but at least he knew one thing. He knew how to fight Pein and he thanked Jiraiya for that. This battle was not going to be easy but he was ready to protect Konoha and perhaps end it all tonight by stopping Pein. Shifting into a fighting stance, he waited for Pein to attack. He was prepared… he was ready. It was all or nothing, no turning back… none whatsoever.

To Be Continued…


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Sonranjiru – To Recite From Memory

Seven Swords of The Mist Wielders

Kairyuu – Ocean Current -- Seisui

Sanzunokawa – River Styx -- Safaia

Koukai – Crimson Sea -- Mizuni

Kakushu – Beheading -- Suigetsu

Shuurin – Autumn Rain -- Shizuku

Unsui – Clouds and Water -- Rakusa

Samehada – Shark Skin -- Yuugyo

Akatsuki Members

Uchiha Madara - Leaf 100+

Pein - Rain 52

Konan - Rain 52

Zetsu - Grass Uknown

Danzou - Leaf 81

Kumoko - Cloud 31

Kakuzu - Waterfall 100+

Hidan - Unknown

Kagetsu Heisui – Moon 27

Hyougen Fubuki- Snow 35

Shoukaki Bouka - Heat Haze 37