The Golden Fox: The Light in the Darkness

Chapter 3: Tears in the Rain

Written By: Nyce456

Sun Country Hidden Light Village 7am…

Hayami was surrounded by people in akatsuki cloaks. On the other side she saw Naruto, Shinji, Yumi, Aori, Mai, Hinata, Naiya, and Kaito surrounded by Danzou, Kumoko and various members of Akatsuki. Before she could reach, she watched as they were cut down one by one. Running toward Naruto, Hayami watched as Kumoko smiled at her before slicing Naruto's head of.

Jumping up out of her bed, Hayami was breathing heavy while covered in sweat.

"You're finally awake" Turning her head slightly; Hayami saw Yumi and Aori, who were watching her with a big smile. Hayami could sense another person in the room. When she turned slightly right she noticed Mai and Reido, who was standing with his arms, folded looking at the younger girl.

Griping the sheets tight, Hayami frowned up her face as she remembered what happened, "Naruto-niisan…"

Turning to Yumi immediately, "Yumi-neechan I'm sorry, if I was…"

Placing a hand on the girl's shoulder, "Hayami it's all right I know Naruto is going to be okay, that much is certain"


"No buts. Naruto will be fine, our job is to tend to the village and devise a course of action going forward." Yumi's comment caused Reido to remove himself from the wall and step forward.

"The only course of action is to confront Akatsuki. What do you think is going to happen when they get all of the tailed-beasts?"

"He's right you know"

Every one in the room turned toward Yokoana and Rin who entered. "Hayami, how are you feeling?"

"I feel okay Yokoana-sama."

"Good, I want you in Konoha before sundown tonight. I have a special mission for you and Reido, who has chosen to accept. You will be accompanied by Okani and Tekka."

"What? We have to find Naruto-nii all other missions can wait our leader is missing!"

Rin jumped, "The mission involves finding Naruto. There you will be debriefed by Tsunade-sama who will discuss the strategy to go forward. Hayami, you are our ears and one of the best in the village."

"I can't just leave the village in such a state. I'm needed here, what if Akatsuki comes back!" Hayami was trying to get everyone to see reason.

Yumi spoke, "Hayami, don't worry about the village. Akatsuki goal is Naruto, now that he's away from the village their probably searching for him. Unless Naruto shows up here I don't think they will come here. Hayami your just gathering info, once you do that just come back."

"So we are not going to search for Naruto?"

"Hayami, we have to form a strategy, align ourselves with the other villages before we can even attempt to go after Akatsuki. I think a joint effort with the other villages would be great. We will search for Naruto, but we also have to ensure the safety of our village, that is something Naruto would want and you know that." Rin's words caused the girl to put her head down.

"Are you up to leave now or do you need to rest more?" Yokoana asked.

"Give me an hour to prepare." Turning to Reido, "I will meet you at the gates in an hour."

Yumi motioned for everyone to leave the room. When they did she closed the door behind her, and turned back to the girl, "Look I know you're going to go after Naruto and I don't plan to stop you as if I could. I just want you keep a level head. Also, I think Naruto entrusted this to you, I think you should hold on to it." Yumi handed Hayami 'Heaven's Blade' .

"He knew you would protect it which is why he gave it to you. When you find him slap him really hard for me ok."

"Okay Yumi-neechan. I'm curious though, what will you do?"

"The village is demoralized over losing Naruto. I will work to unifying the villagers and the shinobi populace. I don't think the village will be attacked again but if it is it will have no chance if the warriors are demoralized. I will hold down the fort here, do what you must Yami-chan"

Hayami nodded, "I will. Take care neechan, and give Aori a big hug for me."

"will do, now you must get ready." Yumi opened the door and allowed Hayami to prepare and that is just what the girl did.

10 am Konoha…

Rain… for twelve hours straight Rain covered the Leaf Village. The second Funeral Service in three days was being held but instead of one shinobi, the service was being held for the fallen shinobi.

With the Shinobi populace dressed in black, everyone was paying their respects to the falling soldiers. Makeinu, Akuru, Yougan, Ranpu, Futeki, Yasumi, Niiro, and Kiseki stood behind Kakashi, Gai, and the rest of the active rookie nine and Gai's team. Standing in the front was Kurenai and her daughter Kinome who had tears streaming down her eyes. Senzairu son, Shikraki was clenching his fist as he watch his friend cry.

Yuugao glanced at her son taking notice of his reaction. Glancing over at Kurenai "You're very strong Kurenai-san, I don't think I would be that strong if I lost Senzairu."

The procession began and everyone was present except for two people. Ino scanned the Area, "where are Shikamaru and Konohamaru?"

Shrugging his shoulders, "I don't know?" was all Sakura could say as she was holding her son.

Nara Residents…

Playing Shougi by himself, Shikamaru paused for a second to look up to the sky. Looking down to place his hand on the 'king' he heard his son calling to him, "Papa". Looking at the piece and then at his son he smiled "Don't worry Asuma-sensei, I understand who the King is.'

Shikaku hide himself behind the wood beam of the porch, "So you finally understand Shikamaru. It's your turn son, the only way this world will see peace is if you generation steps up to protect it."

Shikamaru stood up and pat his son on the head. Looking towards the wooden beam at the far end of the porch, "Pops, I need you guys to look after Nanpuu while I'm gone."

Stepping from behind the porch, "I hope you're planning to return?"

Looking at his son, "Yes."

"Well I would try to stop you under any other condition but you seem sure about this. I can only assume you're going after Akatsuki's Hidan"

Shikamaru nodded confirming his father suspicions. Walking toward his father with Nanpuu in tow, Shikamaru stopped when he was side-by-side with Shikaku, "I have a plan and my squad will succeed. I will be back in a week or so and Akatsuki will be down one member."

"That may be true but your leader hasn't told you to move, besides isn't finding Naruto more important, your village should come first."

Shikamaru smiled, "Naruto is fine, that much I am certain of. I know full well what he's capable of and he is the piece that will determine if we win this war or not. Losing him easily won't happen. Trust me, he will show up when we least expect it. But in the meantime, I will be doing this to ensure my villages safety and for Asuma-sensei"

Looking forward, Shikamaru saw Ino, Chouji, and Lee waiting. Walking up to the group Shikmaru looked into the eyes of his comrades, "Are you all ready?"

Receiving nods from everyone Shikmaru and his group vanished from view. Nanpuu reached his hand out, toward where Shikamaru stood, "Father!!!"

Shikaku Knelt down next to the little boy, "Don't worry your father will be back soon."

"Come back Shikamaru"

Somewhere in Fire Country…

Standing on a cliff looking toward the Hokage Monument from Miles away, a smile was present on Konohamaru's face. "Hanabi-chan I apologize for leaving without letting you know. Kurenai-san, Asuma… I will bring an end to this."

Hidan laughing flashed quickly in his head causing his expression to change to one of grimace. With his Hiate and around his head and Leaf's signature navy shinobi outfit, Konohamaru faded from view.

Noon Konoha Gates…

Shikamaru and his group were at the village gates. Glancing at his team, "Once we leave Konoha, there will be no turning back are you guys sure you're in?"

"Shikamaru, everyone here is in. We now know what we're up against. With you at the helm of the strategy, I'm sure we are going to kick their asses" Ino confidence cause the group to smile.

Shikamaru eyes shifted to his left, "So you're coming too? I guess Konohamaru went ahead."

Hanabi nodded, "Yes"

"Great you will be more than what we need, you're Byakugan is highly valued. If that's it, let's move!"


Everyone recognized that voice. Turning around, the group saw Tsunade standing with her arms crossed glaring at the group. "Shikamaru, you're not leaving this village… none of you are!"

"I'm not a Leaf Shinobi so I can do what I want. As I recall, you and Naruto both were in agreement about stopping Akatsuki. I was against attacking Akatsuki directly but you two were for it. With the team I have now I can eliminate two of its members."

Tsunade shook here head, "I cannot allow that Shikamaru. We need to form another strategy."

"Actually, I think Shikamaru's way is the best option" everyone turned to the entrance of the gate to see Kakashi leaning on the door with his arms folded.

"Kakashi… I can't believe you are agreeing with them. We can't afford to lose another valuable shinobi. I understand Asuma meant a lot to you all but each and every one of you is valuable assets."

Hanabi stepped forward, "So do you prefer we wait around until they hit us again. Truth Hokage-sama we were caught off guard and we paid for it dearly. Sasuke is in a coma, Senzairu is in a coma, and all of the Jinchuuriki's are missing except for Kouen which puts us in an even tighter spot. What you're asking is for us to be sitting ducks and I rather be the hunter instead of the prey"

"Hanabi this isn't about bein…"

"She's right Hokage-sama Don't worry Tsunade, we won't do anything dangerous. Consider this a recon mission; I will make sure everyone returns."

Tsunade thought about it for a second, "Ok Kakashi. But I want status updates every few hours."

"Will do. Shikamaru… we should get a move on it already" Kakashi turned toward the outside of the village.

Shikamaru nodded, "Very well, let's move out. Oh and Tsunade… if Temari returns to the village let her know. I'm sure that she is going after Akatsuki as well seeing as Gaara was taking"

"You all are fools but I will relay your message. Return back alive everyone"

The six members of Team Kakashi stared of into the unknown. With their final resolve, Team Kakashi faded from view. Tsunade prayed for their return. Turning around, she headed back to the tower to prepare.

7pm Konoha Hosptial…

Sakura and her younger son looked on as Sasuke lie in the bed with no physically injuries, all mental. The one noticeable thing is the mark on Sasuke's neck is now gone. As the Uchiha lay unconscious, Sakura and Hidoko watched him. Sakura examined Sasuke and noticed that his eyes got worse. "His eyes are slowly deteriotating and the Mangekyou is the cause. Using it only speeds up the process. His chakra also seems lower than usual. Sasuke-kun what's going on with you?"

Hidoko tapped Sakura, "Mama, is Papa going to be ok?"

"Yes, your papa will be fine. He's the strongest in the Leaf, he will be fine. He just needs his rest" Sakura said to reassure the boy but the truth was she didn't know whether he would be or not.

Sasuke, who was conscious for the last three hours listened to his family speak. He remained calm and played the role of the unconscious patient. "Madara… the curse seal is gone but I don't care about that. I knew the Mangekyou would make me weak one of these days but never knew that extensive use would bring this about. So this is why Itachi showed me the drawbacks of this eye. If I am to stop Madara I know what I must do. Is this the reason you sacrificed yourself brother? I have to get out of this hospital unnoticed then I have to send for Juugo, Karin, and Suigetsu. They will help me get to Madara and I will end this once and for all. Naruto… I will find you as well. I hope you're still alive Tonkichi."

Sasuke continued to play unconscious and listen to all around him. He would escape as soon as he got the opening. The quicker he got out of here the better. The past few hours he heard a lot of commotion but had no idea what was going on. He could only guess that Akatsuki hit Konoha hard and the body count was enormous. He did over hear that all leaders from the Hidden Villages, the ones that had Jinchirukii's as their leaders, were missing except Kouen. This was not good. It wouldn't take long for Akatsuki to go after him. Sasuke knew that he needed to get to Madara before he could Kouen. For now he would play unconscious and when no one was around, he would make his move.

Second level…

Yuugao, Shiraki, Makeinu, Ranpu, and Akuru were all standing around Senzairu's bed. Ranpu who had his arms folded and his Byakugan active was looking at his sensei chakra flow, "That guy Pein really injured sensei bad. His chakra flow is out sync."

"What the hell did that pain guy do? Is he really that powerful?" Makeinu questioned.

Akuru shook her head, "I don't know… but he did put Senzai-sensei in the hospital so that should speak volumes about his ability. I heard of Akatsuki strength but I had no idea. I mean both Senzai-sensei and Sasuke-sempai are in the hospital. This isn't good at all."

"Senzairu will be fine; I'm more worried about Konohamaru-kun. No one knows where he's at; I think he left the village."Yuugao pointed out.

"Konohamaru-niisan isn't here? But we can't lose him; he's going to be the Rokudaime." Makeinu slammed his hand in his fist.

The seven year-old Shiraki spoke, "Konohamaru-nii did he go after the guy that killed uncle Asuma?"

Everyone looked at the boy.

"Asuma…he's dead?" In a weak voice everyone turned to see Senzairu.

Ranpu looked at everyone who put their head down. Stepping forward, "Yes Senzai-sensei. He was killed by a member of Akatsuki"

Senzairu who was still weak closed his eyes as the pain of losing his best friend stung. Slowly opening his eyes, "Can someone please fill me in to what happened while I was out?"

Yuugao spoke, "Gaara, Awesado, Naruto, and Safaia were all captured."

Senzairu eyes widened, "Naruto!"

"Well we don't know if he or Safaia was captured. According to our sources they were sucked into a worm hole. For all we know they can be in Akatsuki hands or they can be somewhere unknown. The fact of the matter is we are going to have to move soon." Yuugao stated.

Senzairu spoke once more, "I think the goal should be Kouen. He is the last one left; all nations should be shielding him until we can find out what's going on with Naruto and Safaia. Until notified otherwise, he is the last Jinchuuriki and if Pein goes after him he doesn't stand a chance. Where is our intel about the members sent after Gaara, Awesado, Naruto, Kouen, and Safaia?"

"Well… according to the info we've received Gaara was attacked by a Masked Akatsuki member, which means he was attacked by Madara. Kouen was attacked by Zetsu, Awesado was attacked by Shoukaki Bouka, Naruto by Danzou and Kumoko, and Safaia by Heisui and Fubuki."

Senzairu contemplated for a minute for responding, "Well we now know who is in the top tier. Bouka was strong enough to capture Awesado by himself so he is definitely someone to watch out for. Hesui and Fubuki as well, they were able to take on Safaia so they must be formidable. Our best bet is to formalize a strategy and put it into effect. Where is Shikamaru?"

"He left the village 20 minutes ago with Ino, Chouji, Lee, Kakashi, and Hanabi" The group turned to the door to see Tsunade standing in the entrance.

"Obaa-chan!!!" Shiraki ran up to Tsunade and gave her a big hug. Rubbing the boys head once she picked herself up from kneeling to his height, Tsunade addressed the group of Jounin "Kakashi and his team are going after the two Shinobi that took out Asuma"

"What!!! *cough*" Senzairu regain himself then spoke, "Mother why did you let them leave?"

"No choice and they would have left regardless. Shikamaru seems certain he can neutralize at least two members and maybe he can. Time will tell. Our main focus is the village. Senzairu, how are you feeling?"

"Not good, Pein is definitely a tough opponent, but he isn't unbeatable. I can probably beat him, since I know his secret but if he's a brilliant Shinobi then he has prepared for me in case we meet again in battle. In any event I will be better probably by tomorrow" Senzairu revealed his left arm to shoe the tribal phoenix tattoo, "the glow is evidence that I am being healed. I can feel my chakra being out of wack but… the healing powers of the phoenix are correcting this matter."

"Tousan, you will be all healed by tomorrow? That is amazing. I can't wait till I get older, I'm going to have the Phoenix contract just like you. That way I can protect Kinome-chan and the village"

Senzairu laughed but coughed soon after; this prompted Yuugao to move to his side. Holding his hand up to inform her that he was okay he continued, "Well son it's not easy to get this contract. It takes hard work. But in any event, where is Sasuke?"

"He's in here as well sensei." Makeinu stated.

"It seems that Madara confronted Sasuke. He removed Sasuke's curse seal."

"Okay what's the bad news? Obviously the curse seal was not good for him, removing that was a good thing."

Tsunade spoke once more, "The bad news is Sasuke is losing his sight and he is getting ill."

"Hmmm… damn. We need Sasuke's abilities. Well all isn't lost." A smile formed on Senzairu's face.

Yuugao was curious, "What do you mean?"

"I mean we have Ranpu, Akuru, Hanabi, Makeinu, Futeki, Makeinu, and Konohamaru. Let's not forget the other Nations and their young talent. The top shinobi of the world may be MIA, but we still have the youth."

Tsunade shook her head, "They are not ready. Naruto, Safaia, Kouen, Sasuke, and you are still the key. According to reports I've received from Light, Naruto took on both Danzou and Kumoko with little effort on his part. Safaia fought two Akatsuki members evenly without aid. Kouen forced Zetsu to flee. And Sasuke made short work of God's Angel."

"I understand mother but everyone you mentioned is out of action. We have to make alternative plans. In any event, I will put forth my plan when I fully recover. I trust Shikamaru and Kakashi will return with good news; that being the case, we have to prepare for the other members." Senzairu stated.

One of Tsunade's Attendants burst in, "Hokage-sama, I'm sorry to interrupt but a Contingent from the Mist, Light, Cloud, have arrived. One of the female Light Shinobi, Hayami I believe, is outside right now and she is demanding to see you immediately."

"Let her in. Where is the rest of the guest?"

"They are at the conference hall waiting for you Hokage-sama"

"Inform my guest that I will be with them shortly 20 minutes" The attendant nodded and motioned for Hayami to come forth.

Hayami entered the room, "Tsunade-sama, its good to see you again. I'm sure you've gotten word about nii-san?"

"Yes… the fool shouldn't have battled them alone" Tsunade said with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Naruto didn't fight alone. I fought with him. We had them right were we wanted them but they used a Jutsu that sucked Naruto into a void. If Akatsuki got Naruto we have to stop them immediately."

Senzairu spoke, "Hayami, the goal is to find Akatsuki. Doing so we will be able to locate Naruto and the others I'm sure. It sucks though; Akatsuki has Naruto which means they probably have 'Heaven's Blade' as well."

"Actually, 'Heaven's Blade' is with me. Before nii-san got sucked into the void, he threw me the sword"

Makeinu jumped in, "Then that means Naruto is…"

Hayami lowered her head an gave a slight shake, "I don't know. A weird light came from the sword that blew nii-san into the portal and knocked me unconscious. I have no idea what that means."

Senzairu spoke, "Maybe Shinji does. After all, who knows more about the sword then him? You should visit your cousin Hayami to find that answer."

"No, my goal is to find Naruto-nii as soon as I can. I already lost a day."

"Hayami, we will discuss this in the meeting. Senzairu, I will be back to check on you later. Shi-shi-chan grandma will get you later. Everyone else, take care and prepare wisely. Hayami, follow me."

Tsunade exited the room with Hayami in tow.

Senzairu looked at his former genin squad. All of which nodded knowing full well what their sensei wanted them to do. The group disappearing in a Cloud of smoke.

"Okay, now its time to see what course is of action is being planned. I will rejoin the fray once I get healed." Senzairu laid back with one thought on his mind… Akatsuki."

Hospital Corridor…

Hayami, who was standing next to Tsunade, the girl who was only an inch shorter than the Hokage looked at Tsunade, "Tsunade-sama, Who did that to Senzairu-kun?"

"The same guy who killed Jiraiya… Pein" Tsunade said the last part with malice in her voice.

Hayami looked down as to try and comprehend how strong Pein was. Looking up, "What about Sasuke-san?"

"He's currently on the first floor recovering from his battle. He's unconscious though." Tsunade informed the girl.

"Can I see him?" Tsunade nodded.

"Come I will lead you to his room" Hayami followed as Tsunade led the way.

5 mins later Sasuke's Room…

Tsunade and Hayami entered the room only to see no one there. Tsunade had expected Sakura to be there "Guess she realized there wasn't much she could do here."

Hayami turned to Tsunade, "Tsunade-sama, can I have a minute alone with Sasuke-san"

"Very well but I can only grant you no more than five minutes." Tsunade informed Hayami who nodded understanding.

Tsunade stepped outside leaving the two alone. When she was gone, Hayami turned to Sasuke, "Sasuke-nii… how could you let this happen? You and Naruto-nii are the two strongest people I know."

"I was careless." Hayami eyes widen when she got a response. Walking up closer she was looking up close to Sasuke. The Uchiha continued, "My ancestor, Uchiha Madara did this."

"Akatsuki is powerful. Sasuke… Naruto-nii…"

Cutting the girl off, "Naruto was captured I know. Don't worry I already have a plan in the works. Tell me Hayami, did a Shinobi from Mist with a 'Meat Clever' type sword come along with the contingent from Mist?"

" Hmmm….coming to think of it I did see someone like that, why?"

"So Suigetsu did come along, this saves me time." Sasuke glanced at Hayami while sitting up, "I'm going after Uchiha Madara. He's the key to finding Naruto. Why are you here and not in 'Light' Hayami?"

"I was sent here as a representative for my village. Once I'm done I will report back. As for you Sasuke-nii… you seem to be very weak."

Sasuke smile caused the young girl to be confused, "My body is recovering. I am weak but Madara doesn't realize how much he has aided me. The curse seal has plagued me since I was twelve and I have been trying to get rid of it since. It has been a great source of strength but an even greater source of weakness. Now that it's gone I will be able to use the Mangekyou to its fullest capability."

" I won't be able too but not for long. My eyes are getting worse and my body needs to recuperate now that the seal is gone. I have something in mind but it will shorten my life span but it's of no consequence, I will have reverse the damage of the 'Heaven's Seal'. Itachi, who was weakened by the Mangekyou overtime, still demonstrated the power that it brings even in a weakened state. That being said, I've long surpassed my brother and with the seal gone my power is going to be even greater. But the power won't last if I don't do something about these eyes"

Sasuke turned to the girl, "Hayami, focus on your mission. I will look for Naruto. Better yet, I will find him. I have the resources. Prepare for what's to come because this certainly wasn't the last of Akatsuki. So 'Heaven's Blade' is my only concern. I can't let it fall in to Akatsuki grasp."

"It won't because I have it." Hayami informed Sasuke whose eyebrow rose slightly

"So they will be after Hayami She's in more danger than she knows but If I can find Madara and end this, she will have nothing to worry about…why am I worrying about her Naruto and Shinji trained her well. Hayami will be fine"


The girl cut Sasuke off, "Don't worry Sasuke, I will be ok. I won't do anything stupid I promise"

"That's not what I was going to say. I was going to say Akatsuki going to come for you. Be prepared for what's to come. You are strong and I have no doubt you can handle yourself. You should leave, Tsunade will come back soon. I won't see you for a while so you know what you need to do. Be well."

Sasuke laid back down and pretended he was out. Hayami exited the room with Tsunade leaning against the wall with her arms folded, "let's go we have a lot to discuss" The young girl followed suit.

15 Mins Later Conference Room…

In the Florissant lit beige color room, that had a decent size meeting table inside, was were all the representatives from various Shinobi nations gathered. Tsunade was sitting at the head of the table with her two advisors by her side. On Tsunade's right, Hayami, Tekka, Okani representing the , Inkan Jikoku the yellow eyed Cloud Jounin, his Genin squad member Okugata Tsuki, a Jounin from the Rock; on her left, 4 Members from the Village Hidden in Mist's 'Seven Swords' Mizuni, A 22 year old female with flowing red hair and hazel colored eyes. an outfit similar to Ino's with a 36in kantana style sword with ruby's in the handle… definitely the smallest sword out in the group.

Next to Mizuni was Rakusa, the oldest of the Seven swords who was dressed in the standard Mist shinobi garbs. Sesui, the current wielder of 'Kairyuu' was also present along with Suigetsu who seemed to be uncaring about the whole meeting.

Tsunade looked the group over and proceeded, "I will skip all of the introductory speeches and get to the point… Akatsuki has made its move. Three of the Five great shinobi nations have lost their leaders and Naruto is missing as well. Jiraiya has already been eliminated and more shinobi will add to the body count if we don't do something."

Jikoku addressed Tsunade, "what do you suggest. Our leader believes he can crush all members who come his way but lets face it… Naruto is stronger than Kouen-sama and even he was captured. A contingency plan needs to be implemented. What do you suggest Tsunade?"

"I have formed a 20 battalions consisting of four shinobi who are combing fire country for Akatsuki. The teams consist of my best shinobi who I believe can take down members if they encounter them."

Suigetsu laughed, "Your confidence is misplaced. Two of your best is laid up in the hospital because they went up against Akatsuki's best. Naruto, Safaia, and Gaara have all disappeared. Let's be real Tsunade…there are only a few shinobi in each of our villages that can stand against or even take down these guys. Where is Sasuke? Where is Senzairu? Where is Hatake Kakashi? Isn't Sarutobi Asuma dead? And how about the rest?"

Tsunade spoke once more, "Your absolutely right. The fact of the matter only a few our villages top Jounins can deal with Akatsuki. This group is strong and they have formed a formidable army. All our villages have been hit hard by Akatsuki. They're extraordinary shinobi who could individually probably take over a small country if they saw fit."

"True…but they can be beaten that much is true."

Everyone turned to Hayami.

Mizuni smiled at the girl, "And what would a Light shinobi such as you know"

"I've fought a member who was formerly a Cloud Shinobi. Sucho Kumoko. I know that I can defeat her if I take her on by myself. I also know that if Reido take her on he can defeat her as well" Hayami stated.

"Reido? Who the hell is that?" Mizuni asked.

Tsuki from the cloud eyes lit up, "Reido? Where is he did you seen him?"

"Who is Reido?" Mizuni questioned again.

Jikoku answered, "He's the son of the former Raikage."

"Aisu's boy" Rakusa stated.

Jikoku nodded.

"Aisu's son… how do you…" Tsunade asked the lavender haired girl.

"He came to our village looking for Naruto and I fought him but our fight was interrupted when Naruto interfered. The two fought and Naruto defeated him in a matter of seconds." Hayami informed the group.

Mizuni laughed, "And you expect me to believe a loser like that can take on a member of Akatuski"

Hayami turned to Mizuni, "Its understandable why he lost, niisan Hiraishin jutsu is formidable and practically unbeatable. To be quite honest, the only member in your group who could stand a chance against it is Safaia-sama. You would fall just as quickly"

Mizuni narrowed her eyes, "You little bitch…"

Sesui placed a hand on her shoulder, "Mizuni calm down."

Tsunade continued her gaze at Hayami, "Hayami do you really believe you can defeat Kumoko?"

"I don't believe… I know it for a fact. Akatsuki is strong that much is certain but they aren't unbeatable. I do believe we were caught off guard and now that we know what to expect taking them on again will turn out different. Where are Shikamaru and Konohamaru?" Hayami stated.

"Shikamaru…he went after Asuma's killer."

"Konohamaru?" Hayami asked again.

"He did the same but he went by himself. At least Shikamaru is with Kakashi, Lee, Ino, Chouji, and Hanabi."

A rock Shinobi spoke, "So a small contingent was formed but that's 6 shinobi not four as you stated?"

"I didn't send them they went on their own and Shikamaru is not a Leaf Shinobi. I wouldn't have let them go but I couldn't stop them. They did what they wanted but I do believe in Shikamaru and Kakashi."

"Well Akatsuki will be down two members that mean we will have only 8 to worry about?" Tsuki stated.

"Nine but that's another story. None of our shinobi can take him and I'm afraid there are only two shinobi on this planet that stands a chance against him."

"Uchiha Madara…" Hayami words cause all to focus on her.

"Suigetsu yelled " Uchiha!!!!!!!!! Sasuke is the only Uchiha alive didn't he kill Itachi?"

"Yes but Madara is the true leader of Akatsuki. Not even I have the power to defeat him. Sasuke being an Uchiha and Naruto wielding Heaven's Blade makes them the only two people who can defeat him. Currently Uchiha Sasuke is in the hospital because of Madara and well…let's just say Madara and Pein are not easy to address. We will have to deal with them accordingly"

"Two unbeatable opponents… sounds like fun." Rakusa shook his head at Mizuni statement.

Looking at Tsunade, Rakusa "So how do you suggest we proceed?"

"We need to work together. Gather intel. Only our best should do battle with Akatsuki members, anyone else is just suicide. I don't know how you will proceed or conduct the moves in your villages, all I know is that an alert needs to be sent out once spotted. Once that is done, we will send out a team to that location and our teams will work together to take down their members."

"So your saying for instances, an Akatsuki is spotted in Lightning Country, a order of alert is to be issued and a team from Mist, Light, Suna, Konoha, and any other villages nearby is to converge on the area?"

"Yes. It's the best plan we have now."

"What about searching for Naruto, Gaara, Awesado, and Safaia?" Hayami stood up and yelled out.

Tsunade closed her eyes. Slowly opening them and looking at the girl, "Our goal is to stop Akatsuki before they can take the tailed-beasts. Focusing on looking for Naruto and the others might be a waste of time and we need to focus all of our time and resources on stopping this group ASAP. I'm sorry Hayami."

"So we are going to abandon them? Are you serious?"

Koharu finally spoke, "little girl, this is bigger than Naruto. Akatsuki needs to be stopped."

Hayami shook her head. "As a representative of the Light I speak on behalf of my village when I say I cannot concede to this. Our leader is missing and I believe finding him is the key. "

"Doing this will hurt your village? You will not receive support from any of the villages, the Light will stand alone." Tsuki stated.

"Which is why I'm using my rank as the senior Shinobi to inform everyone here that the Light will align with your villages" Tekka words cause Hayami to glare at the Special Jounin.

Hayami rose from her seat once more headed toward the door but stopped short, "It doesn't matter. You all can do what you want. If I have to hunt and take every member down to find Naruto-nii I will do just that… he did it for me that is why I can't go along with this plan. You all do what you must; I will do what I must as well"

Hayami left the room. Tsunade rubbed her temples. "What are you going to do Hayami?"

Suigetsu stood up, "Well if that's the plan no need for me to stick around. Is that it Tsunade?"

"Yes, remember everyone be smart and don't do anything stupid. Everyone dismissed."

Everyone filed out of the room.


Hayami was walking toward the Village gates. Okani was screaming Hayami name as she trailed behind. Leaning against the wall with his arms folded, Reido voice caused Hayami to stop and look up, "I guess the meeting didn't go the way you wanted?"

"It doesn't matter. I'm going after Naruto, your mission is done."

Reido looked over at Tekka and Okani who finally caught up. "What were you thinking back there as much as I hate to say it the Light is in terrible need of an Alliance with those five villages" Tekka stated.

"Well you got the alliance with them so what I have to say doesn't matter. I however will not be returning back to Light until I have some answers or Naruto-nii. Either way, I'm following my own path."

Tekka narrow his eyes at the girl, "You will be written up for this and as for being promoted to Jounin that will take years to achieve if you do this Hayami."

"I don't care" Hayami blatantly stated

Tekka was about to say something but was stopped before the words could leave his mouth "Hayami-san, you're going after Naruto correct?"

Hayami turned to look at Seisui, "Yes I am. Why do you ask?"

"I see you have a little team. Akatsuki is strong; having another strong ally will greatly increase your chances of taking down a member if you encounter a member."

"You want to find Safaia don't you?" Hayami said flat out.

"Yes. I agree our leaders should be our priority, the fact is they trail will lead us to Akatsuki. I am strong too and I know with my help Safaia-sama would have not got captured. In any event, I think me and you will make formidable team." Seisui extended his hand for Hayami to shake.

The girl looked at his hand then back at the boy. Giving a warm smile she extended her hand, "Ok we will work together."

" We should get on the move. Since you decided to form this unit where are we heading first?" Reido asked the girl.

Hayami was clueless. She wanted to search for Naruto but had no clue where to start. One thing she did know is she would have to find out more about Heaven's Blade so see Country would be first on their list.

"We will head to Sea Country first and gather as much info as we can along the way. Besides… Naiya-sama and Kaito-sama are there and they both know about Akatsuki. Especially Kaito-sama." Hayami stated.

Tekka just shook his head, "You all are crazy. I can't believe you're willing to look for these monsters but I must say without Karikage we are lost. I will cover for you Hayami, but make it back soon. Okani, lets go!"

"Ummmm….I think I'm gonna stick with Hayami for a while if that's ok?"

Tekka looked at Hayami, "She's my best friend, of course its ok. I will look out for Okani besides she's strong she can take care of herself."

"Whatever. You have a week. I'm off. Godspeed" Tekka disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Hayami glanced at Reido, Okani and Seisui.

"So it would seem this is our squad. I know of each of your skills. I hope you improved since the last time we met, Seisui?"

Gripping Kairyuu, he smirked at the girl, "I have come a long way since my lost to you at those exams a few years back. Since then I've been training hard night and day, I'm much stronger. I'm sure if we did battle again the result would be the same, just be glad I'm an ally and not an enemy."

"Well I haven't been slouching either. In any event I hope you can back it up."

"A member of the Seven Sword and a Member of the Minashu clan, I'm not really worried about you two. I'm worried about your friend; she may very well hold us back with her lack of skill. Tekka would have been more suitable to this group. In any event let's get moving we have a lot of ground to cover." Reido disappeared in black flames.

Hayami shook her head but smiled "Now it begins. Naruto-nii… I promise I will find you!"

When Hayami moved the rest of the group followed suit.

Uchiha District…

On the roof of one of the Uchiha shops that was abandoned in a long sleeve Uchiha Tunic with typical shinobi pants, Uchiha Sasuke gazed off into the distance. Closing his eyes as the wind grazed his face, Sasuke spoke, "Suigetsu… its time to mobilize 'Hawk'."

"So it would seem. So are you going after this Madara guy?" Suigetsu asked.

"Yes. But in order to find him we will need to make a few stops. Let's move out." Disappearing in purple flames, Uchiha Sasuke was off.

"That damn guy always acting like he's the fucking boss." In an instant Suigetsu followed Sasuke.

Unkown Lands…

From a cliff, Naruto and Safaia both gazed at the city below. Naruto glanced at Safaia who nodded. In an instant both Shinobi moved from their location toward the city. It didn't take them long to reach the city. Entering the city was easy enough their shinobi skills allowed for this to occur. But even then, Naruto and Safaia were both a bit unease at the fact they were able to enter so easily. Something just didn't sit right with them but they would be very cautious as they maneuvered.

It was now nightfall and even so, the city itself was still bright and vibrant. The street lights, the huge monuments and buildings, and numerous amounts of shops that were still open made it easy to blend in with the population. Both hungry, the two decided to eat at a local food stand then find a place to rest.

Taking their seats at a local food stand, Naruto waved his hand to the older lady, "Can I get a bowl of miso ramen."

Safaia raised her hand, "I would like the same baa-san"

Turning to Naruto after ordering, the blue haired shinobi from the Mist addressed her ally, "Hey, I've had a bad feeling ever since we entered this city."

"You mean the fact that we were able to enter as easily as we did… yes your right. I can't explain it but we can't dwell to much on that. We have our goals." Naruto stated.

"Even so… its just fishy. Have you noticed…"

Naruto nodded, "Yes but we won't make a scene here. Remember we are a long way away from home and honestly… we may never get an opportunity like this again so we have to be extra careful."

The old lady came back with two bowls of ramen. "Thank you baa-san I'm curious… do have any idea where is the nearest hotel?"

The old lady nodded, "There is a inn about 12 blocks east of this location. It's on the out skirts but the rate is cheap for couples."

Safaia was about to inform the lady that they weren't together but Naruto interjected, "Yes me and my wife are very tired. Man its been while since we been able to take a break, hahaha" Naruto gave a light laugh

Turning to Safaia, "My wife and I don't have much money and if this place is cheaper than these expensive joints that are complete rip-offs we will definitely head there"

"Young love how I remember the days. My husband doesn't even look at me the way you look at your wife, you are lucky…what your name is?" the old lady who served the food asked.


Naruto offered the old lady his hand, "Minato, nice to meet you. This was one hell of a dish lady, but we really need to get going. Naiya-chan, lets go."

Safaia grabbed his hand, "Let's go Minato-kun." Both waved to the lady as they left.

Sitting at the very end of the table, Green eyes followed them. Standing up, the old lady addressed the young man "Mayonaka, what's the matter?"

Shaking his head, "its nothing. Thanks for the meal."

The outskirts of town…

Naruto and Safaia were still holding hands, Safaia closed her eyes, "Ummm Naruto… you can let go my hand now."

"Sorry about that. In any event we have company" Both stopped and turned around to see a dark-skin man with short black hair, who had to be their age but looked slightly younger, sporting an outfit similar to that of most shinobi wear. His green eyes fiercely gazed at Naruto and Safaia.

Finally cracking a smile, "I knew you two would come…Uzumaki Naruto and Saichi Safaia"

Naruto eyes narrowed, "Who the hell are you and how do you know who we are"

Fading from view, this caused Naruto great surprise. In defensive position with the sword resting over his right shoulder blade, Naruto blocked the kunai. Jumping out of his body, Mayonaka went to attack Safia. Safia just shifted her eyes as the kunai came toward her chest but the kunai was stopped by Naruto's blade. Naruto, who was in front of Safia smiled at Mayonaka, "To create a clone that fast in battle is impressive but I'm your opponent"

Mayonaka smiled, "So the rumors were true. Uzumaki Naruto…you are definitely the one" using his kunai, Mayonaka forced Naruto about 20 feet back. Sheathing his kunai, the young shinobi bowed, "I apologize but I had to test your strength for myself. I am Senkei Mayonaka…and the two of you are going to aid me in my quest."

"Aid you? What if we refuse?" Safaia asked.

"Then I will reveal you to the Shinobi of the Dawn and the two of you will never leave this place. Make no mistake, I am not a friend. We both have similar goals and it is to that end you will help me and I will help you in exchange"

Naruto placed his sword in its scarab on his back "What is your quest Mayonaka?"

"The same as yours… the complete and utter annihilation of Akatsuki" This caused both Naruto and Safaia to raise an eyebrow.

"It seems you two are shocked. Believe it or not, half of the shinobi here are against Akatsuki, but the sad fact is we don't have the power to stand against them, especially Pein" Mayonaka stated.

Naruto's fist clenched at hearing that name, "Pein…"

" I can only assume you have dealings with Pein. It doesn't matter; we better get out of here soon. Follow me if you wish to survive another day in this place"

"What guarantees do we have that you won't betray us" Safaia questioned.

"Slowly turning to the Mist Leader, "You have none. But I will say this… do you really think that two people of your caliber would slip through our barrier so easily without assistance?"

"I figured as much" Naruto stated, "Seeing as this is Akatsuki and they are extra careful there is no way we would have got in this easy. So how did you even know we were coming?"

"You have high chakra levels and it was felt by our Technology Bureau. Being a High Rank Shinobi of Grade A in the Dawn, I offered to take care of the threat myself if there was one. When I discovered it was you two, I reported to the Bureau that there was nothing to be worried about. I then masked my Chakra and followed you. I knew you two would never get in the city if I didn't disable the shield for an instant. I got you in, getting out is on you. Now…that I've explained myself shall we go." Mayonaka looked at the two.

Naruto didn't know if he could trust this guy but he did know that they were in enemy territory and they needed any help they could get stepping forward, Naruto offered his hand, "You want to take down Akatsuki and so do we. So until Akatsuki falls you are my ally and I am yours. Now, tell us everything you know."

Mayonaka smiled, "First…let's get out of here. Follow me." Disappearing or rather moving at speed normal eyes couldn't follow; Naruto and Safaia took off after the shinobi.

2 Days later Location Unknown…

Standing on the hands of the reconstructed statue, all members of Akatsuki was present. Pein, who was using his Jutsu to perform astro projection, continued as the One-tails was being sucked out of Gaara. The last of the Chakra was sucked out of Gaara… his body dropped to the ground.

"The one tails has been extracted, that gives us five of the tailed beasts. Let's extract the four tail beast. Kakuzu and Hidan, it seems you guys are being tracked. I will let you go to take care of your would be trackers. We will finish up here."

"Hell Fuckin ya!!! We get to fight dipshits. Who's tracking us?"

Pein glanced over at Hidan "Hatake Kakashi, Nara Shikmaru, Hyuuga Hanabi, Yamanaka Ino, Rock Lee, and Akimichi Chouji. Becareful, Kakashi is a very formidable foe and someone who can get our way."

Kakuzu nodded, "We won't take them lightly."

"Fucking speak for yourself loser! I'm going to offer them to Fuckin Jashin…all of them bastards!!!"

Kumoko glanced over and Hidan, "I hope they kill your dumb-ass."

Hidan pointed at Kumoko, "Shut up you ugly bitch. You had one task and you couldn't even complete that. For someone who wants to kill Naruto you couldn't even do that, fuckin loser!"

Heisui shook his head, "You two act like children"

"Fuck off Heisui-chan. You failed too loser. So much for the great 'Heisui' hahaha what a fuckin joke all of you are. Hey Pein, you need to send me to catch Naruto and Safaia. At least if you had we would have all the tail-beasts right now. That's it! after I kill these bastards I will go find Naruto, Safaia, and Kouen and bring them back here."

Heisui spoke once more, "It's sad that you can't see your true strength level. To be blunt Hidan… you are weak. Akatsuki, if you haven't notice matches its members based on strength and how we compliment one another. Kakuzu makes up for what you lack and that's strength and brains. It is the same with Kumoko and Danzou. The sad reality is you two are the weakest members of this organization."

Kumoko didn't like that statement, "Heisui you…"

"The two of you can get stronger but your both blind to the fact of your position in this organization. I clearly understand I'm not the strongest but I do understand my role. We each have one, accept it and focus on achieving our goals. You going after Naruto or Safaia what would that accomplish for you? What are you trying to prove? All you would be doing is offering your life and we would take a step back from achieving our goals." Heisui speech caused everyone to be quiet.

Hidan let out a laugh, "Fuck you loser. I'm going to do what I feel like. Don't give me that sappy ass speech. You're the weak one. I'm immortal I can't be killed hahahaha!!!!"

Fubuki laughed, "But you still can be neutralized. Your reckless ways are going to get you killed Hidan."

Pein interrupted the group, "That's enough! Hidan… Kakuzu… you are dismissed. It Make sure you eliminate Kakashi and Shikamaru. Those two can present us with a problem in the future"

"We will eliminate them. Hidan, lets go." Kakuzu disappeared from the finger he stood a top of.

Forest in Fire Country…

Hidan and Kakuzu, who were sitting on a rock, broke the jutsu. Kakuzu looked over at Hidan who slowly opened his eyes, "The enemy seems to be closing in on us. Let's get moving."

"Fuck that!!!! I'm not running from some bitch ass shinobi."

"We're not running, we're just leaving this spot. I prefer to fight in a different location. Hidan, you will get to crush them that I promise lets move from this location."

Hidan sighed, "Ok Kakuzu but I want to kill that pineapple haired bastard. Don't interfere with that. I don't care who else you kill."

"Whatever, I just care about Kakashi he is definitely worth some money. I will take him down; you can have the rest of those weaklings." Kakuzu said to his teammate.

"So where the hell are we going if they are coming after us Kakuzu?!" Hidan questioned.

Somewhere in the Forest…

Kakashi, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Lee, and Hanabi all stopped and gattered in a circle.

Shikamaru addressed the group, "Ok Hanabi you placed them about 25 miles from this location correct?"

"Yes. They're heading west now but the aren't moving at a fast pace at all so it is very likely that we will be able to catch up with them soon. So what is the plan Shikamaru?" Hanabi, along with everyone gazes fell on Shikamaru.

"Kakashi, here" Shikamaru handed Kakashi a small container "You should know what I'm thinking"

Kakashi nodded, "Very smart maneuver Shikamaru. That part is taking care of, how will we engaged the enemy?"

"I will be the first to attack. Kakashi you all will be on stand by"

Chouji didn't think it was wise so he decided to speak his opinion, "You can't take them on by yourself Shikamaru that's sui…"

"It's a perfect plan Shikamaru" Hanabi said with a smile.

"What do you mean, they will kill him"

"Hanabi turned to Chouji, "You don't get it do you? Shikamaru is the perfect person to lead off. His Kage Mane jutsu can trap the enemy. That being the case it will be much easier on us don't you think"

Ino smiled, "Shikamaru you're a genius but your still a lazy ass"

Shikamaru stood up with a serious look in his eyes "I don't have time for laziness. My laziness got Asuma killed. I will not allow anyone that fight at my side to die."

Kakashi stood up, this signal everyone to rise. The Legendary Konoha Jounin looked into the eyes of each shinobi who came along, "Make no mistake we are in the fight of our lives against probably two of the most dangerous Akatsuki members I kid you not. They are considered immortals."

Rock Lee punched his fist, "We proved that immortals can bleed. If they truly are immortal then I would like to go further and see how far we can push them cause honestly… I think that these two can be killed."

Hanabi smirked, "Immortal… don't make me laugh. We will see those labeled as immortals can die otherwise we should have let them kill us back in the village."

"enough, let's go and show these immortal wannabes who we are and what we are capable. Let's Go!" Shikamaru and the group took off towards Hidan and Kakuzu location. With Hayami in the front using her Byakugan to lead the way, the group continued their course toward the two Akatsuki members.


Standing by a little ravine gather up water in his and taken a sip, Konohamaru rose from his crouching position. The outfit was no longer that of the standard Leaf jounin. The Young Shinobi sported a blue track suit similar to Naruto's with his long scarf wrapped around his neck. Looking off in the distance, "I can feel I'm getting closer"

Konohamaru knelt down and touch the ground. With his eyes close it was as if he was trying to hear something. Slowly opening up his eyes, Konohamaru rose to his feet. He didn't know how long it would take but he knew that he wasn't returning back to Konoha without bringing the guys who killed his uncle to justice.

Looking at his right-hand that was mildly bandage, Konohamaru made a fist. Using his speed, the shinobi ran through the forest before taking to the trees. His mission was clear, his goal was all that he saw... bringing those who committed the crime to justice.

40 mins later Southwest Fire Country (Forest)

Hidan plopped down on the nearest rock. Kakuzu stopped and turned to his partner, "Why are we taking a break?"

"Cause I want to rest, is that a problem. I swear you're such an uptight…"

Kakuzu zoned Hidan out and focused on his surroundings. Something wasn't right and he was trying to figure out what it was. Scanning the area while Hidan was still ranting, he looked up to the sky to see a bird.

"hmmm… I haven't see a bird for miles this is very interesting…"

"Are you listing to ME KAKUZU!!!"

Turning back to Hidan, "We have company"

Looking toward the sky once more, both Kakuzu and Hidan saw Shikamaru with two kunai in his hand. Quickly, he launched the kunai his targets who jumped out of the way avoiding the kunai.

Landing opposite sides from one another, both rose from their crouching positions to look at the shinobi who landed in the middle of them.

Point his scythe at Shikamaru, "You're the bastard that used that shadow jutsu on me. Too bad it won't work a second time. You're so fuckin dead"

Shikamaru with a serious expression on his face glanced at both Hidan and Kakuzu… "You're an idiot. Hitting you with the kunai was never my objective"

Realizing what he meant Kakuzu yelled out, "Hidan get out of the way!!!!!"

"Too late… Kage Mane Success"

Hidan tried to move but couldn't. Slightly panicking, "Kakuzu, get me the fuck out of this"

Kakuzu found that he couldn't move either, "Shit I'm caught too but how…you don't mean"

Shikamaru seen the look in Kakuzu eyes, "Chakra Kunais are really something amazing. You two are trapped, this time you will not be going anywhere"

Hidan and Kakuzu were trapped sitting ducks. Shikamaru knew this was the quiet before the storm.

"The first move goes to Leaf lets see how this shogi match plays out this time around"

Hidan smiled, "The boy is a genius to think so far ahead. But not matter far ahead you think you are there is always a road block. Well done Shikamaru but I'm afraid you played your hand too early."

Whether what Kakuzu said was true, it was definitely going to be interesting.


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