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Page 15-"The Chair Creaked"

The chair creaked, adjusting to Kakashi's weight. He had barely made himself comfortable when another figure, backlit by the moonlight pouring through the uncurtained windows, positioned herself between his wide spread legs, silently looking down at him. Then, the silhouette of her slender arms slowly reached out towards his face and her body bent at the waist as she lowered herself down to him, twining her fingers through his forever disheveled hair as she kissed his maskless lips once, twice...too many times to actually count as the kisses all ran together. When their oxygen deprived lungs burned and ached for them to part, they did, only to continue again, this time their kisses raining softly upon each others cheeks, eyelids, and neck. Between the quickly closing gap of their perpetually drawn together bodies, Sakura's fingers fumbled for the slim piece of cool metal at the front of Kakashi's jounin flak vest. Finally finding it, she slowly tugged it down, splitting the thick fabric in two, allowing her to rub the palms of her hands against the warmth of his shirt-covered chest.

Kakashi's own hands came up to the front of Sakura's sleeveless shirt, finding her zipper more easily, perhaps because of his exposed Sharingan. Then he, too, split her clothes in half. His hands reached up, urged by the need to squeeze and knead the round mounds of flesh still covered by the cups of her bra, but Sakura met his hands halfway, "cuffing" his wrists with her chakra-infused hands. She pulled Kakashi's hands back down to his thighs as if there was no resistance from him when in reality there was.

Sakura brought her lips a mere inches to the shell of Kakashi's ear and whispered ticklishly warm in it:

"Uh, uh, uh...If we're going to do this, we're going to do this right and nowhere in this part of the book does it mention Junko ever being in charge."

A tingle shot down the length of Kakashi's spine and he tilted his head up to meet Sakura's eyes long enough to see the evil glint in them before she slowly lowered herself down to her knees.

Kakashi gulped, trying to moisten his suddenly dry mouth. Just as he did, a "zi-ip!" split through the still silence of the room and when he looked down, he saw that his pants were now parted open and Sakura hovered inches above that opening, a mischievous smile on her lips to match the evil glint of her eyes. Kakashi felt a warmth trickle down his upper lip and he wiped at it, not even needing his Sharingan to already know it was a nosebleed.

Without prelude, Sakura lowered her soft lips down and gently kissed Kakashi's exposed tip, causing his breath to hitch. He hadn't been expecting it. At least, not so soon. But then again, time was their enemy. It always seemed to be...these days. Besides, he was already too aroused. So much so that he had snaked through the slit of his boxers, through the opening of his pants, and stood twitching out in the cool night air. But not for long. Holding him carefully, but firmly in her hand, Sakura planted a soft kiss at his base, up along the underside of his length, and kissed him once more at his tip before pushing the silken, swollen flesh between her lips and swallowing him whole, relaxing the back of her throat so that she could take him all in.

Kakashi let out a satisfied moan and tilted his head back, his eyes squeezed tightly shut. One of his hands wandered to the back of Sakura's head and he twined his fingers through her rosette colored hair as she bobbed up and down against him, but he didn't dare push her down. He knew better than that. He knew women hated that. He didn't want her to hate him. She was doing him a favor, after all, so Kakashi simply tilted his head back and reveled at the intense feelings that shot through his body as Sakura expertly twirled and swirled and pressed her tongue against the most sensitive part of his body.

Just as he felt himself begin to tighten, preparing for release, Sakura let him gently slide out of her mouth. Kakashi looked dreamily and a bit disappointedly down at her. Sakura looked right back up at him, licking her already wet lips. Kakashi's eyes widened. Didn't she know what a simple gesture like that did to him?

Again with the evil eye glint and mischievous smile.

She knew. How could she not? She was his-

But Kakashi lost all train of thought as Sakura raised herself back up on her feet and slid herself across his lap, putting her full weight upon him as she straddled his hips. The chair creeeaked again.

Sakura wrapped her hand around the back of Kakashi's neck and murmured softly into his ear, "You're forgetting about the book, Kakashi," she admonished.

An image flashed through Kakashi's mind as he remembered the page in the book that they had both agreed upon and he had to admit she was right. He needed to be patient. Better things were yet to come...in a manner of speaking. But it was difficult to keep one's sense of calm, even for the infuriatingly unharassed Hatake Kakashi, when a completely attractive woman was sitting comfortably on his lap, certain parts of their anatomy set to lock into place if it weren't for one last piece of pesky clothing still between them.

Kakashi reached his hand beneath Sakura's skirt and gently squeezed her derriere, clad only in thin cotton panties. For the moment Sakura relented, allowing him to take the smallest bit of control, but just to remind him who was really in charge, for tonight at least, she cupped the sides of his cleanly-shaven face and pulled him towards her, kissing him more desperately, hungrily, and lustfully than before. Their tongues languidly slid and glided against each other, their heads tilting one way and then the next, trying to get the best angle. They sucked at each other's neck so hard that they each now sported a lovely pink bruise, sure to turn purple come the light of day.

Again and again, Sakura rubbed herself against Kakashi to the point that he could feel the heat and the soaking wetness of her core even through the barrier of fabric that remained in their way. But not for long.

Sakura let Kakashi's fingers slowly rub up and down her slit through her dampened panties, but it was she who finally pushed the thin cloth aside. It was she who aligned him to her opening and lowered herself down upon him, letting him sink into her at an agonizingly slow pace. And it was she who lifted herself up so that just his tip remained inside of her before plunging herself back down hard upon him, taking both their breaths away.

She was the one who rocked and swirled and ground against him. She was the one who made the chair creak, creeeak over and over again repeatedly, continuously, rhythmically. She was in total and absolute control of everything. The most Kakashi could do was to scoot down towards the edge of the chair to accommodate her better.

And even though page 15 of "Icha, Icha" stated that having her stand on tiptoes was enough to do the job, it was Sakura who decided that raising one foot up on the seat was truly what gave her control over her movements and allowed her to reach that secret spot deep inside of her just right. But as her momentum rapidly began to build, as well as the heat deep inside of her, she soon discovered that it did the job a bit too effectively.

Clutching the back of the chair so tight that her knuckles turned white, Sakura tilted her head back and rode wave upon wave of intense pleasure. And right behind her was Kakashi who was unable to hold back as well, at least not by the way she had been grinding and pounding relentlessly against him. At that moment, nothing else existed except each other and the pleasurable feeling which engulfed them, overwhelmed them, and ultimately, drained them.

After the feelings of intensity finally ebbed away, Sakura sat slumped over Kakashi and Kakashi slouched down low in the chair, both of them slick with sweat and panting as if they had been flying through the trees of Fire Country all day.

"Finally, I can remove the dogear from that page." Kakashi smiled lethargically.

"No, you won't!" Sakura said firmly.

"Why not?" Kakashi asked taken aback.

"Because, I liked that one." Sakura smiled sweetly back at him.

The chair creaked again.

Sakura's eyes widened. "Kakashi, we can't."

"Why not?" Kakashi asked, already nibbling at the sides of his wife's neck.

"Because it's already 9:30 and Naruto and Hinata are sure to be back with the-"

On cue, there was a loud knockknockknock on the door and a loud "Kakashi-sensei! Sakura-chan! We're back! Let us iiinnn!!"

"That would be why." Sakura said tiredly, raising herself up off of Kakashi. The chair creaked upon the lost of her weight.

"Right." Kakashi said defeatedly, slowly getting up himself and causing the chair to creeeak again.

They both tidied themselves up the best they could, quickly pecked each other on the lips, and made their way towards the front door.

As soon as the door swung open, it was not Naruto and Hinata's faces Kakashi and Sakura saw first. It was that of a 9-year old pink haired girl with dark eyes and a 7-year old boy with silver hair and bright green eyes who flung themselves into their parents' arms.

"We missed you, too." Kakashi murmured into Rose's hair, while Sakura murmured the same into Obito's. And while their children talked on top of each other saying what a great time they had spending the weekend camping with Naruto and Hinata, Kakashi and Sakura hugged their children close, completely disregarding the reason why they no longer had as much time to spend alone together, because when they were all together that was when they were both truly happy because that was when they were truly complete.

Of course, page 15 was still dogeared and Kakashi and Sakura had been talking lately about how a younger brother or sister for Rose and Obito might make their family even more complete.

Alone in the dark, moonlit bedroom, a wooden chair creaked again...in despair.

The End

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