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Maguri POV

Maora sat next to me, swinging his legs as he chomped happily on pocky. He blabbed about something stud Haine had done earlier while I focused on the intensely magnetic chocolate covered treats in the box beside him.

''…And then, hee! She just ran into the wall…very anticlimactic! Uwah, it was adorable!" Maora gushed, peals of giggles spilling as he talked.

Damn it! I'm hungry! Offer me some pocky! Or you'll end up with the yakuza after you!

"…uri? Maguuuri?"

"Wha? Eh?" Oh, so he'd noticed I wasn't paying attention. Was it time to give me a stick yet?

Please don't make me have to say please, damn it!

"Is somebody at the door?" he asked, ears perked as he glanced back toward the student council room entrance.

"Eh, I think the Mul-me club was going to drop something off today…"

Urgh. So it wasn't an offer of lovely, heavenly, sweet chocolate drenched biscuits.

Knuckle rapping came again, and Maora rose, swallowing his mouthful. "It must be them, then! I'll get it!" he nodded and pranced off, leaving me alone with the precious box.


Precious pocky.

Come to me…

Checking once to make sure Maora couldn't see as he chatted with the Mul-me posse, I leaned over to snatch up the red box.

Ah! Dear love!

My smile was wide as I cradled the box, blessing the picture on the front. It was a symbol of guaranteed peace, once the stick graced your mouth… Glorious and pure, pocky could save the entire world if only every person had some. (Which of course they couldn't, because Maora hoarded them all for himself. Rawr.)

"Oh! Maguri! You're stealing my pocky box!''

…Shit…! Caught! When had he gotten back?!

"Um, um! It's not what you think!" I blinked, dropping it and trying to cover up my sin.

"Did you want some?" he squeezed his eyes and hit himself on the head. "Aw, I didn't notice. You should have told me…"

Wait, so I'm not in trouble?

"…before I ate them all!"