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Fables from the 21st Century

Johnny Appleseed

The story was Johnny Appleseed—an ancient pioneer originating in a country called America hundreds of years ago. The Captain told it with enthusiasm, as always, while those humans interested in attending that week's class listened intently. Eevee, at the front of the group with the human toddlers, focused raptly on the Captain's words, recording the things he said for future pleasure.

She kept in tune with the humans around her, beaming when they smiled, giggling when they chuckled, and beeping along with the applause as the Captain finished. Just like Eve and Wall-E, she was slowly learning the humans' emotions and how they portrayed them. Eevee had moved past the class of a non responsive robot, developing—as the humans said—an emotional sense and a consciousness of the events around her. Or, in simpler terms, a personality. And just like her father, she was incessantly curious.

It was because of this quirk that Eevee waited patiently until all the other humans had cleared out of the town square before approaching the Captain with what she thought was a dire question. It took a moment to get his attention—he was losing weight rapidly, but he still retained much belly fat, and she was quite tiny to begin with. Finally, when he craned his neck enough to see his feet, and thus Eevee, he laughed and sat down.

"Eevee! What can I help you with today? Did you like the story?" he took the job of educating the other humans in the 'old Earth ways' very seriously, and loved feedback of his weekly classes.

Eevee nodded enthusiastically before holding out one floating hand, "Apple seeds?" she sounded out, repeating the words he had used commonly throughout the story.

The Captain cocked his head and peered closer at her, "You want some apple seeds?"

She nodded again, and he laughed loudly.

"Of course you do! Planting is your directive, after all. Follow me, and we'll see what we can do..." he stood and waddled off, leaving the young robot to zip after him. Keeping up was an easy task, and Eevee surveyed the surrounding area as they headed towards the Axiom. Her beloved plants were making the area greener than ever, and a forest was forming just outside the city limits. Her blue eyes zoomed into the forest, surveying the stick-like trees and bushes that she had helped grow. Beaming proudly, she turned back to the Captain, her mind already set on the task ahead.

The Captain punched in a code on the side door of the Axiom's looming figure, and stood back as the door slid open soundlessly. He sighed and trudged inside, "One day we won't have to use this piece of junk for resources. We'll be able to live off what we create!"

It was clear he didn't expect an answer from Eevee, so she stayed silent as he led her through the white hallways. She noticed the dust collecting on the floors—all the cleaning bots had been reprogrammed to focus entirely on the city, making it more and more presentable as the days wore on. Mo kept them in order out there, but Eevee knew he would probably short-circuit if he ever came back inside the Axiom and saw the mess it had become. On the contrary, the Captain and the other humans seemed almost proud of the state of their past home. It was a pride Eevee didn't understand, and so she left it alone.

The Captain pushed a button on a small door and smiled as the lights clicked on, illuminating the room. Eevee poked her head around his legs to see rows and rows of drawers and beakers. He took a step inside and motioned grandly at the large area, "The DNA room," he told her. "Here's where our ancestors stored DNA of all the old animals and vegetation. The apple seeds should be somewhere around here..." he trailed off and started hunting, leaving Eevee to explore.

She edged away from him, staring up at the old bottles lining one particular shelf. Though she was forced to zoom her vision, she managed to register several strange words that didn't match any in her database—words like "dolphin" and "shark." She blinked, and stored the words in her memory banks for future reference.

"According to the computer," the Captain said loudly, catching Eevee's attention once more, "all those animals will create an ecosystem once they're recreated, and we'll be able to produce so many more things off of the resources they give us. But I don't think the city's quite ready for animals yet."

"E-ecosystem..." Eevee repeated, staring back up at the bottles. She wheeled back over to the Captain, who was currently digging through a drawer.

She watched him for a moment more before jumping when he pulled back suddenly, "Ah hah! Here they are... Apple seeds, straight from the twenty-first century," he shook his head as he handed a small airtight canister to the little robot. "They're as old as your dad, Eevee. Treat them with care. I look forward to trying an actual apple once they're big enough."

She waved her arm in thanks and turned, speeding out of the Axiom without so much as a goodbye to the Captain. Clutching the canister tightly, she turned to the forest, but stopped short. Her memory banks recalled the Captain's dictation of Johnny Appleseed, and she instead headed back to her house. Once she entered the code and slipped inside—noting with relief that her mother was absent, probably out helping Wall-E with his work—Eevee wasted no time in cycling the shelves to find the item she desired.

"Ah!" she cried out, stopping the shelves and rolling over to the far right section, pulling out an old frying pan. She studied it for a moment before setting it upside down atop her head, beaming as she looked at her reflection in the mirror just to the right of the pans. Humming as her mother so often did, Eevee turned and left the truck, still holding the airtight canister in both hands as she started towards the forest.

When she reached the thick grass, she opened the canister with oval fingers and pulled out a single apple seed. She studied it intently, memorizing the curves, color, and size of it. Once she was finished marveling at the physical beauty of it, she glanced around for a good place to plant the seed.

When Eve and Wall-E had decided their daughter would be a planter, they headed straight for the Axiom's computer and the vast supply of knowledge on all of a seed's necessary requirements. From the moment Eevee was aware of her existence, she knew exactly what sort of plants needed what kind of soil, or how much water, or the degree of sunlight to be exposed. As a result, all of her plants grew effectively and remained healthy longer.

So it wasn't shocking that Eevee knew the front lines of the forest would result in the apple seed's death. Traveling further in, she looked around for a good plot of land where the tree would have plenty of room to grow and access to loads of sunlight. Finally, after a half-hour of wandering, Eevee located the spot for the first seed. She put the bag of seeds down, took the lone seed in her right hand, and looked at her left hand expectantly. It instantly merged into a small shovel, just big enough make a fist-sized hole in the ground.

After using the shovel, she set the seed into her hole and covered it with both hands, patting the ground affectionately. Then she aimed her right hand at it and watched as water sprinkled out of the end, the exact way plasma shot out of Eve's cannon. Once the seed was watered, Eevee picked up the canister and started off again.

And so it was that five hours later, she was still planting her precious seeds, though she had traveled a considerable distance away from the city. The forest had grown, and the tiny trees that occupied the areas surrounding the city disappeared to make way for large pines. Eevee marveled at them while she planted, unconcerned with the growing shadows as day became night.

She had three seeds left when she heard a strange sound from just a few feet away. She froze, slowly turning to see the cause of the noise, and blinked when she noticed a little animal poking its head out of a burrow. Intrigued, Eevee rolled closer, peering at the animal curiously. It had feathers, so she knew it was a bird, but she didn't know what kind—she was trained on plants, not creatures. Still, she was captivated by its large golden eyes and the fact that it was about her size; which was rare, considering how small she was.

But as she approached, the bird took a few steps back and ruffled its feathers, blinking those wide eyes. It opened its beak, "Hoo... Hoo..." and Eevee's own blue eyes widened in surprise, then glee. She started to repeat the sound, but just then a light on her body started to flash red, accompanied by a loud beeping. She glanced down at it, then at the bird, who was quickly retreating back into the burrow, frightened. Annoyed at the sound, she pressed the light to turn it off, and the beeping stopped.

She looked back at the bird, who was poking its head out of the burrow, staring at her. She leaned down to eye level and repeated, "Hee, Hee!"

"Hoo... Hoo... Hoo..."

"Hee... Heo... Hoo!" Eevee giggled. "Hoo! Hoo!"

The bird cocked its head and promptly disappeared back into its burrow, and Eevee's eyes dipped sadly. She moved closer to the burrow to try and peek inside when suddenly arms were wrapped around her and she was being dragged away.

"Eevee!" her mother's voice cried happily, and Eve set her down before Wall-E, who quickly wrapped his arms around his daughter as well.

"Eevee!" Wall-E echoed. Eevee blinked twice and glanced up at her parents as they moved away.

"Daddy? Mommy?" she blinked as Eve picked her up, examining every inch of her with eyes dipped in worry. Eve tapped the spot where the light had blinked a little while ago, turning back to Wall-E in exasperation.

"Off," she clarified for him, and he shook his eyes. Eve put her daughter down and pressed the blinking light on her own body, watching as it stopped blinking in response to Eevee's tracking light. Satisfied, she narrowed her eyes angrily and looked down at her daughter once more. Eevee was very close to retreating into cylinder form—her eyes dipping inside her body, her ball almost nonexistent underneath her. She clutched the airtight canister, inconspicuously trying to keep it hidden from her parents.

Eve reached down and grabbed the canister of apple seeds from her, scanning them with the grid-like blue light before handing them to Wall-E. "Plant," she explained, motioning towards Wall-E's body. He took the canister from her, storing it inside himself before turning back to Eevee, who looked heartbroken that her seeds had been taken.

"Apple seeds..." she whimpered.

Wall-E shook his eyes again and pointed at the sky, which was pink from the setting sun, "Late," he sounded out, taking the pan from her head and studying it for a second before storing it with the seeds.

"Trouble," Eve grabbed her little hand and started to head back towards the city. Eevee sighed and glanced over her shoulder at the burrow, where the owl was watching her retreat. She giggled softly and whispered, "Hoo..." one last time to it, beaming when it responded with the mimicked sound. Then Eve tugged on her hand to get her moving, and Eevee trudged back home with one parent on each side.

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