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Fables from the 21st Century

Little Red Riding Hood

Eevee had been watching her father with an intensity only curiosity could produce when he found a small box full of nails nestled between a small tire and a wrecked keyboard. He examined it, cocking his eyes as his fingers delicately opened the lid. Eevee was the first to peer inside, and she reached up and grabbed a single nail, studying it. Wall-E pulled out another, copying his daughter, turning the metal pin around slowly.

But as Eevee began to play with the ancient tool, Wall-E studied the box, eyes retreating slightly as he noticed the worn picture etched into the side. It was of an old human, smiling as he held one of the nails in one hand and a shiny red hammer in the other. Behind him, a house was half-built, and Wall-E could see the little dots signifying nails already driven into the wood.

"Ohh," he looked at his daughter, who was currently giggling as the nail rolled around beneath her head, tickling her. He tapped his fingers together to get her attention, motioning for the nail back. When Eevee handed it over, a bit disappointed, Wall-E added it to the box, closed it carefully, and held it out to the tiny robot.

She giggled again and took it, looking back up at her dad in question. He pointed towards the town square, only a forest's width away, "E-vah." He pointed back at the box.

She looked between the box and the spot where her mother was helping the humans rebuild the city. Surveying the forest in between, her eyes slanted upwards happily. With a nod, she waved to her father and raced down the tower they were on, being careful to hug the inside of the slanted pathway.

What Wall-E didn't know was that at the Captain's last story class, Eevee learned all about the tale of "Little Red Riding Hood". And now, she saw the perfect chance to prove that she was just as brave as Riding Hood, to go on another adventure without the consequences of overly distressed parents.

On the way down the trash tower, her sharp eyes found a cape like the one the Captain had depicted—blissfully ignoring the fact that it was a pale blue instead of the traditional red. Pausing for a moment, she set the box of nails down and took the tattered cape, hooking the hood over her head, just above her eyes. As an afterthought, she tied the loose ends around the top of her body. Then, with the fabric billowing behind her, she sped to ground level.

She started to hum as she slipped into the forest, one arm waving front to back while the other held the box of nails to her side. The wild flowers that had started to grow amongst the trees seemed to dance to her tune, and she could imagine the songbirds whistling along. With the noonday sun filtering brightly through the trees, Eevee stopped to twirl a few times, thinking herself the lovely little girl skipping to her dear grandma's house.

Halfway through the forest, Eevee froze, eyes darting around. A twig had just broken beyond the bushes—she was positive of it! Slowly, her gaze tilted to the sound, blue eyes dipped in fright. Her cape finally settled softly on the grass with a silent hush as Eevee debated on whether to move forward and investigate or escape the scene at top speed.

As silence fell around the forest, she rolled towards the menacing bushes apprehensively. Unfortunately, she hit a dry twig from the overhanging tree and the cracking sound caused her to jump in fright. Wound as tight as Mo on a cleaning spree, Eevee fled towards the humans and her mother. But as she sped along, more twigs snapped, branches rustled, and a big bad wolf jumped out to eat her—


Eevee cried out and dropped the box of nails, reverting into her cylinder form in a second. Finally, the sounds quieted, and all that could be heard was flapping and a soft thump. Eevee's eyes rose to see what was happening, and she stared in shock at her little bird friend. It was watching her with its golden eyes, head cocked slightly, feathers ruffled.

"Hoo," it hopped forward, still watching her.

Eevee unfolded, picking up the box of nails—oblivious to the fact that now there was only two inside, with the rest scattered on the forest floor. She giggled, "Hoo!"

The bird clucked, a new sound that Eevee was unfamiliar with, and she instantly tried to repeat it. She couldn't get close, because the sound wasn't a word, but the bird didn't seem to mind her beeps.

She played with the owl for a few more minutes before bidding it goodbye with one last "Hoo!" and started once more for the end of the forest.

None of the working humans or robots paid Eevee a bit of mind as she wound her way through the construction zone searching for her mother. She finally located Eve, holding two strange tools while a human worked away with a third. After a moment of waiting for Eve to notice her, Eevee rewound her recorder and pressed play.

"Why, Grandma! What big teeth you have!" the Captain's voice blared out of her speakers, and Eve whirled around, eyes widening in surprise when she saw her daughter. Eevee stopped the recording and held out the box of nails to her mother.

"Daddy," she said proudly.

Eve glanced around for a place to set the tools she was already holding, finally settling on a nearby bench. Then she took the box and—with a wary glance at Eevee—opened it. Eevee beamed as she pulled out one of the two nails remaining, and Eve sighed, handing the box to the human beside her, who was watching the two robots with interest.

"Good," Eve praised her daughter. She leaned over and picked up the edge of the cape, giving Eevee a questioning stare.

"The story for today is… Little Red Riding Hood. Now, once upon a time…" Eevee clicked off the recording, and the Captain's voice faded.

Eve sighed again and patted Eevee's head. She glanced around the bedlam of the construction calculatingly and shook her head, getting Eevee's wandering attention again. She pointed back at the forest, making a shooing motion with her hands.

Eevee giggled and obeyed instantly, rolling back the way she came. Now was the perfect time to reenact the story of two weeks ago: Hansel and Gretel!

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