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"Hello"-Hichigo Talking

/Hello. / Zangetsu talking.

Warning: Short.

Summary: Ichigo discovers there's more to him then he ever imagined… Hichigo speaks and a flashback.

Chapter 1-The Fourth Part of Beginning


It fell in everyday life in heavy amounts, and saddens the hearts of many.

Ichigo Kurosaki used to one of those people...at least until he found he had a much bigger problem.

What the hell was he?

Ichigo watched as the rain poured down on his window and he let his thoughts wonder over his latest problem…Rei.

At least that's what he found out when he met this other stranger part of his soul.

Flashback-3 Days ago

Ichigo locked his bedroom door shut and camped himself on his bed, before warily doing one of the very things he hated…he traveled into his inner world.

It wasn't like he hated Zangetsu: he simply couldn't stand his Hollow. More times then Ichigo could count he returned from his inner world trips wanting to kill Hichigo, and only kept himself from doing so at the cost of his own death.

"Yo." greeted Ichigo as he arrived at the sideways city.

"Hello Old Man…Hichigo." Ichigo said unsheathing his sword and preparing himself for a routine training session with the Hollow part of his soul.

Hichigo on the other hand smirked with a maniacal look in his eyes as he copied Ichigo and brought out a perfect copy of Zangetsu seemly out of nowhere though in opposite colors.

"Careful Aibo, my hand could slip, and kill you…" Hichigo chatted charging Ichigo and testing his reaction time.

"And risk killing us both? Like you would, it would mean both our deaths." Ichigo shot back as he jumped away from the tangled mess of their blades.

"Whatever King, at least I'd be spared having near death experiences because of your weak-assed fighting."

Ichigo glared, but said nothing as both could feel the time for talk was over. Actions spoke louder then words, and any talking could be done using their blades and their blades alone.

'Ichigo…' A voice whispered from the reaches of his mind; both combatants momentary stopped the fight.

What was that? Both wonder momentary.

Hichigo was the first to come back to the fight and smirked at the chance to defeat Ichigo.

"Getsuga Tensho!" He roared sending a dark Getsuga at Ichigo.

"Shit…" Ichigo muttered as the Kidou washed over him.

Giant explosions of light assaulted Hichigo and Zangetsu's eyes, as both watched Ichigo vanish from sight as clouds of smoke covered the area Ichigo was standing.

Hichigo smirk widen and he sent a rapid series of black Getsugas at Ichigo and possibly wounding Ichigo in the process.


Then silence...and smoke.

Where was Ichigo?

"Hey you alive ya stupid King?" Hichigo asked though the clouds of dust sheepishly.

He really hoped Ichigo didn't die. It'd be a real pain in the ass to have the King die… Even if he often said he would kill him, Hichigo really did mean it...at least not yet.

Ichigo made an appearance once more.

"You think?" Ichigo said slashing his sword down on the white hollow.

Hichigo dodged only to come out of the destruction with only a ripped sleeve.

Ichigo tried an attack on Hichigo back at that moment.

Hichigo didn't even turn around to use his blade to stop Ichigo's attack.

"Careful Aibo you're acting like me." He said grinning: perhaps his King wasn't so lame…

Neither noticed that Zangetsu was no longer watching their fight.


Zangetsu observed the two halves of Ichigo fight stoically.

He could feel his power increasing as the fight continued and he knew they were getting stronger.

Every battle Ichigo fought in whether it occur in the real world or in his inner world Ichigo gained experience that would also translate over to Zangetsu and Hichigo making them stronger as one.

'Ichigo…' The foreign voice said once more entering the recesses of Ichigo's mind.

Zangetsu blinked and searched for the cause.

It wasn't coming from the outside…so then where was it coming from?

Zangetsu looked at the sideways city carefully, until an answer dawned on him.

What if there existed others besides himself and Hichigo?

'Perhaps its time I answered that…" The voice returned. Zangetsu glanced sideways from his position on the pole and came face to face with a stranger.


"Cero." Hichigo whispered pointing at Ichigo.

Ichigo paid it no mind and came up close to Hichigo to deliver a fatal blow, but the hollow sonidoed again.

"You suck Ichigo."

Ichigo fought the urge to roll his eyes (he really didn't want to give Hichigo anther chance to kill him), plus he really didn't want to seen how bad a swordsman he was.

Though Ichigo did wonder briefly if he would be able to cast a cero or make Zangetsu appear out of nowhere like his Hollow.

"STOP!"A voice said commanding both opponents to obey as Ichigo and Hichigo stopped in mid-air.

The owner of the voice appeared to be a slightly younger teenage version of Ichigo with black hair and icy blue eyes.

"Who the Hell are you?" Hichigo bluntly asked for the collective group.

"Rei Lasca." The teenager answered, looking only Ichigo in the eyes. "Advisor to the King."

The three older parts of Ichigo blinked.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Ichigo and Hichigo yelled clearly off set by this new addition to Ichigo's inner world.

Zangetsu looked at Ichigo before turning to the newcomer and asking the serious questions.

/What is your true purpose for being created? /

Rei seemed to ponder this question briefly before answering.

"I am to give knowledge, while mending the split soul of Kurosaki Ichigo."

Ichigo replaced his sword and walked over to the so-called Advisor.

"Okay what?" He asked confused, though he apparently wasn't the only one confused as Hichigo shared the same look as the Shinagami.

Rei sighed. "With the recent addition and surface of Hichigo Kuroji the soul of Ichigo Kurosaki has been battling itself for control, when both Shinagami and hollow should be working together. Thus creating a spilt between the two halves."

"Wait, together?" Ichigo interrupted. "Wasn't I supposed to beat Hichigo, and take his power?"

"No. That might work if you were in fact a true Vaizard but because of the combined force of us four you are something more, sou-aibou."

A vein popped out on Ichigo's head.

What did everyone have to give him a nickname? His name was Kurosaki Ichigo for a reason.

"It seems as if I must vanish for now …" Rei said starting to disappear, though the shards of him simply vanished instead of combining with one of the other three. "Sou-Aibo," He said looking at Ichigo, and then shared a glance with Zangetsu. "The power you desire will come from Hichigo and vice versa. Work together before we die from this rift." He said echoing.

He no long was with them…



Ichigo watched the rain pour down his window still, his meeting with Rei was two days ago, and so far he had made little process in his training, and Hichigo himself was getting frustrated.

Maybe they should take Rei's advice…. Ichigo shook his head.

There was no way in hell he could do that, giving Hichigo control was just asking for trouble…even more so because he tried so hard to keep his hollow a secret.

/You and Hichigo are parts of the same person when different traits being dominant in each. He isn't evil anymore then you yourself. He simply wants to be accepted as a part of you. / Zangetsu told him.

Ichigo pondered this. Zangetsu had some truth in his words.

/If you wish continue to protect your family and friends you need Hichigo. I have gained your trust so now you must extend it to Hichigo. /

Ichigo knew Zangetsu was right. Too many lives were depending on him to protect them, and he didn't have the luxury of choice so he had to compromise…as crazy as that sounded.

'Fine I will.' Ichigo thought closing his eyes.

Ichigo would get stronger, and he would defeat Aizen.


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