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"Yo." Hichigo talking

/ Hello./ Rei and Zangetsu talking

Chapter 12-More than Sorry... Part 2

"Hirako Shinji, I have come with some important information." Noir said silenced the warehouse; all attention was on the teenage girl.

"What information?" Shinji insisted.

He was worried, and the fact that Noir skipped proper prodical to delever information highlighted how important her lastest information was. Noir was a very strict person for rules, as far as any of the vaizards knew Noir had never over step any legal bounds.

'The warehouse was slient now,' Shinji thoughts distractedally. The leader of the Vaizards had tuned out all of the noise the other members of his family was making while he thought over Noir's words, and waiting impaitently for the answers the messager of Queen-sama carried.

"Sickness," Noir said pausing and looking straight into Shinji's eyes. "As of yet were are unsure to the origins of this epidemic-," Several fast intakes of air came from the vaizards behind Shinji. "-but this sickness has sweeped through many of the lower ranks causing the Hospital Ward to be on high alert. For her majesty's sake,the council has moved her to secret location while orders are beening relayed to the rest of the divisions."

Noir took a folder , she had been carrying (and had been overlooked by all the warehouse vaizards) and handed it to Shinji without any premble, to what it contained.

Shinji took the folder, and was about to open it, until he saw the look in Noir's eyes. She shook her head, and continued on with her speach.

"The sickness starts as harsh coughing, and within two days causes a high fever to develop within the paitent and then the person reaches a tempertature around 104 degrees...the paitent falls into a coma. The Healers have not been able to disconcern much knowledge about the infection spread from person to person, so the divisions have been put on high alert-forbidding the use of any type of sharing until the infection process can protect other from getting sick."

"How long has the sickness been around?" Mashiro said hestiantly, a total one-hundred and eighty from her usual bouncy attitude.

Noir considered her question for a few second before replying. "As our intelligence goes, the estimation was around the last time I visited you all- twenty days ago."

Shinji nodded. "I see... Is there anything else you would like to add?"

"Yes, starting now, you have exactly seventy-two hours to return to base, and any trips to a certain society are to be completed by than."

Shinji raised an eyebrow. Did she just tel him to -?

Hiyori smirked, and cut in. "Whatever brat, we'll be there just make sure you have an extra room ready for a guest." She said turning to the others.

Lisa's lit up with a cunning grin. "Tomorrow night, we strike."


The day of September twenty-fifth started out much like any other day in fall, with the wind cool and autumn leaves falling in haphazard paths in front of the many offices of the Soul Society buildings. Like previous days, Ichigo was up and awake before Hanatoro started his routine medical checks, and Ichigo was able to have a few minutes of peace-at least for a little while until Rei and Hichigo determined Ichigo could train.

Ichigo glanced out of his window, and watched the leaves spiral in the wind, and couldn't help the feeling of unease that he had felt when he first awoke. Something was going to happen...

Knock. Knock.

Ichigo turned his attention to the door, and waited expecting Unohana, or Hanataro to enter, but surprise and then a guarded expression lit his face as his visitor entered.

Ichigo glared at his guest, after the whole Bountou Incident he was more than a little weary about Kurotsuchi Mayuri. The rumors (that were acknowledged by Inoue, and Uryuu) about this man using his own subordinates as test subjects, and his experiment left Ichigo really not happy to meet the twelfth division captain.

Even more, Ichigo did not like the smile the crazed captain had starting at him, but he didn't say anything, simply waited for the captain to speak first.

Kurotsuchi did so; or rather he examined Ichigo through some strange glass instrument, and muttered some words that were less then welcoming. "My observations were correct the substitute shinigami has elements of hollow reiatsu in addition with his mundane spirit pressure, there are also two sets of shinigami reiatsu in subject-."

"Why are you here?" Ichigo asked with a hint of steel in his voice. He did not like the way the twelfth division captain was looking at him, and faster he could make him leave, the better.

Kurotsuchi smiled. "A deal."

Ichigo glared. "What kind of deal?"

"If you agree to become a test subject, I will give you any information we have on Kurosaki Masaki…I'll even make your tests…enjoyable."

Ichigo's glared intensified, as well as the silent staring contest that went between them. Kurotsuchi knew he didn't trust him, and was more than likely to reject his offer so then why was he making it? Something about this conversation did feel right.

"No-." Ichigo started, there was no way anyone knew where his mother was, and she had died years ago.

Another knocking sound cut off Ichigo. "Mayuri-sama, Unohana-taichou approaches." Nemu's voice said breaking though the tension. Kurotsuchi smirk faded, and his face turned ugly as he hissed insults to his lieutenant.

"You stupid girl. Why didn't you distract her?" He growled.

Nemu bowed. "She is coming with Isane-san, contact was not advisable." She explained, Mayuri did not care, and walked to the door. He sent a glare to his daughter, before smiling (in a horribly digusting way) at Ichigo.

"Regardless, of this little oversight…we will talk again…"

Mayuri Kurotsuchi as well as his daughter vanished from the room…leaving Ichigo alone with his thoughts.


The walk to Urahara Shoten took the shortest time, any of them could remember, the neighborhoods, and streets speed by, and details were blurry as they approached the stronghold of Living World Intelligence.

Jinta, and Ururu who had been minding the store, looked up as the three individuals arrived and quickly went to task opening the doors for their guests. Jinta didn't announce their presence as the look in Yuzu's eyes stopped any understandable from being said.

"Welcome." Ururu said quietly. She bowed, and left their sight, possibly going to the kitchen to get them some drinks.

The trio walked passes the store front and with practiced ease slipped out of their shoes-.

"How long does he have?" A harsh voice said, as Yuzu opened the sliding door.

Time froze.


Yourichi glared at Urahara again, she was going to make sure he remembered never to do that again. That stupid idiot…

The sounds of a paper door sliding stopped Yourichi in mid-thought.

It was Isshin.

He looked determined, and had the same steel in his eyes that Ichigo had when he charged Soul Society for a friend. His clothes were slightly untidy, and he was messing he usual smile as well as his idiotic demeanor he had long been using. But then, Ichigo was kidnapped...

Yourichi lips went into a frown at the thought of what she was going to say.

How was she going to tell Isshin that his only son was already showing signs of dying from the reiatsu band placed on him, by the same Court 46 that banished his best friend? She hated Court 46, that was a given, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to see just what made Isshin 'the Reaper'...

Yourichi let her frown turned into a neutral expression. Court 46 could go to hell, her student was in trouble.

She barely noticed when Tessai placed the tea in front of her and waited until Kisuke came in before looking up at her friend. He spoke first breaking the silence.

"How was he?" He asked without any pause.

Yourichi was not one bit surprised by his bluntness, and instantly went into her report.

"My trip to Soul Society was the usual boring spill of nonsense from Soi Fon, but Court 46 did manage to get under my skin, in a way they hadn't dared for years." She paused giving Isshin a few seconds before she dropped the bomb on him. "They ordered the use of a reiatsu band on Ichigo-"

"A reiatsu band...." Isshin hissed, gone was his composure, and in its place was absolute anger.

Yourichi nodded, and continued on, wanting to get all of her report done before Isshin tried calming down...better to only get him upset once and not several times.

"But that wasn't the only excitement that happened, while I was on my rounds a hollow decided to make an appearance...one that was crushed by an unknown fighter ten minutes after it appeared."

"What?" Isshin blinked.

Urahara looked intrigued. "Was there any information on the unknown fighter?"

"Almost no information, I plan to return to Soul Society later tonight for more information-."

Ururu stepped into the room placed a cup of tea in front of Isshin, before she turned to Yourichi.

"Would you like something to eat, Kitty-san?"

Yourichi smirked. "You bet, kid." She stood up and followed Ururu out of the room…


"Are you awake yet Ichigo-san?" Isane said knocking on Ichigo's dorm door.

She hoped she wasn't waking him up if he was asleep, and then she remembered Hanatoro's reports that Ichigo was asleep most of the day. 'Maybe this was a bad idea,' she thought starting to go in circles in front of Ichigo's door. 'I could come back later- no, wait the Women's Association meeting is later, and I'm not allowed to miss that-.'

"Calm yourself, Isane," Captain Unohana said placing a hand on her lieutenant's shoulder. It was obvious to her how much Isane was already second guessing herself. "We can always return another occasion."

Isane nodded.

"Come in." Ichigo's voice said breaking the conversation. Unohana's smile fell an inch as she noticed how much time Ichigo took answering the door. Ichigo was usually very prompt…something (probably health related) was wrong.

Isane took a deep breath and let herself as well as her captain in. The sights that meet her eyes made her blink in surprise. The person sitting on the bed in front of her was very different then the patient she helped heal during the Soul Society Invasion. 'Ichigo-san was a health shade, and he didn't have those bags under his eyes.' She paused and made a note on the file she brought with her.

Dark black marks were more evident, and the dull Ichigo had spoke about were clearly becoming more of pain then anyone thought, because the very work Ichigo was doing to stay awake was very apparent.

'Was this the affect of the reiatsu band?' She thought watching Ichigo, as her captain asked Ichigo the usual series of questions she did every day. Isane too, could feel the low amount of spirit pressure Ichigo was admitting compared to last time, and this worried the lieutenant greatly. Ichigo had no control over his reiatsu so all the reiatsu she could sense was all he had, a disturbing fact added with Ichigo's ghost pale skin-.

"Are you ready Isane?" Unohana taichou asked moving back from Ichigo, and motioning for the younger to move forward.


"Good, I'll be back later, to give Ichigo-kun his medicine."

Isane nodded and watched her captain leave before turning back to Ichigo. "I'm to teach you Kidou," she said sitting herself down on a chair besides Ichigo's bed.

Ichigo nodded.

"Today we'll start on basic control exercises, and how gain greater control over reiatsu."

"Okay," Ichigo said noticing the slight strain in Isane's smile. "Something wrong?"

Isane froze for a second, and shook her head. "N-no, nothing's wrong, nothing at all." Ichigo regarded her with less belief then Rukia's and Renji's lies. Isane was horrible at lying.


Karin's eyes narrowed as she walked over to the older Kurosaki, she was really not happy with the old man.

He had lied about everything! She knew something was up when Yuzu had said she'd seen the old man inside Urahara Shoten-a shop only seen by people who could see ghosts (as Jinta said one time). Why did he lie? Why didn't he say anything to them? Did he think that they'd blame him for letting their mom die?

There were so many questions in the twin's heads, that they were hard to voice. Karin waited on his right side, and she wasn't the only one, Yuzu took a seat next to her father, while Ryuuken sat directly across from the angry Kurosaki's.

Yuzu stared up at her father determination in her eyes, and a glint of sadness as well as confusion about why her father was keeping secrets. She stayed quiet thought letting Karin (the more vocal of the two) talk…for now.

Isshin for his part was downright shocked to see his teenage daughters, and jumped up ready to play his usual act.

"My sweet daughters," He yelled hoping it was only his friend being mean and bring them, than something else…like they knew…

He was proven dead wrong; as instead of dodging his hug, Karin punched him square in the jaw, sending him a step or two backwards.

Isshin blinked, and looked down at Karin. She'd never actually hit him…unless she was mad.

"Sit down father." She hissed her reiatsu and voice confirming Isshin's thoughts.

Isshin returned to his seat, and silence was cast over the group as Yuzu, and Ururu placed tea (or refilled cups), before taking a seat themselves. Urahara was overseeing this transaction with interest, and waved his fan. It was somewhat comically to watch his friend an ex-captain himself cowering under his teenage daughter.

Ryuuken ignored the tension growing in the room, and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it with a lighter from his front pocket. The older Ishida form was serious, but there was no power behind his stance, and a sense of intrigue filled his eyes.

Yuzu set down her tea, and looked her father straight in the eyes. "Now, I believe you have something to tell us, father." There was a hint of steel behind her words, and the scope of her anger was glancing out from her warm face.

Ryuuken smirked slightly pleased at the amount of anger his 'enemy' was receiving.

"But there's nothing I'd hide from my lovely-." A tack appeared on Karin's head, and she delivered a powerful kick to her father.

"Enough already, we get you're an idiot, now just tell us, now." Karin growled more than ready to start dishing out some more kicks to her old man. "We know something going on-."

"-especially when our father liesto us. Correct otou-san?" Yuzu finished. "You told us you couldn't see ghosts, yet earlier you were here, a place only seen by people able to see the dead. " Her glance was unwavering, and the sweet tone her voice usually carried was gone.

Isshin sighed. "Fine, but Ichigo-."

"Will be told." Yuzu pushed. "You owe big brother the truth, so don't say not to tell him. I will not agree to keep secrets from this family."

Urahara glanced at her. "Yet, your brother is doing the same as your father, why have you not confronted him?" The shopkeeper had a point, but Karin had the answers. (1)

"Yes, Ichigo is keeping secrets, but he was up front about it, and made me a promise before he left."

Isshin tensed, and a glint of surprise lit Urahara's eyes.

"Kurosaki-san did?" Urahara replied looking absolutely pleased.

Yuzu nodded. "Yes, Ichi-nii did, now we would like you to start explaining father."

Isshin didn't look up at her, intent on staring at his tea cup. "Alright, I'll tell him, but Yuzu and Karin?" The twins looked up, their father rarely every said their names.

"What?" "Yes?" They asked in unison.

Isshin's grin turned goofy. "My beautiful daughters are growing up! I'm so proud! Here give daddy a hug!" Karin kicked her father in the face before he was even able to jump up.

"Stupid goat chin," She growled sitting back down.

Yuzu smiled slightly. "That was anticlimactic-."

"-and just like our old man, right?" Karin said taking a big gulp of her tea; an angry tack appeared on her forehead. "And you try that junk again and I'll send you through the door." Karin threatened, glaring ominously.

Isshin faked cried. "How mean!" He took out a picture of Masaki from his wallet, and hugged it. "Look how mean our daughters are being Masaki, maturity has made them resent me."

The group collectively rolled their eyes, and went back to their tea…that is until Ishida Ryuuken spoke up. "Urahara experimented on your brother." He said lighting another cigarette.

"What?!" Threes voice said turning to the shopkeeper.


"The first kidou any shinigami learns is Bakudou no Ichi: Sai, a spell that involves a minimal amount of reiatsu with pristine control. Um…you achieved Bankai, correct?"

Ichigo nodded. "Yes, I got it during Rukia's Rescue."

She smiled. "That's great. Unohana-taichou said you would have some problems with reiatsu control, right?"

"I have a lot of reiatsu, but controlling it has always been hard." Ichigo admitted.

"Okay, for this kidou, visualize a chain make entirely out of your spiritual energy, and use it to bind your opponent, me. Be exact on what you want your reiatsu to do, or you'll lose control, making your reiatsu backfire."

Ichigo nodded, and closed his eyes focusing.

"I've got it." He said eyes still closed.

Isane nodded "Good, use visualization when you do Kidou, and you'll do well." She got up from her seat, and went to the door. "I'm afraid; we'll have to wait for you to get better before we can do any actual practice." She said smiling. "Hanataro-san will be in with your food soon, so try to rest until then."

She continued smiling as she walked out, closing the door silently, leaving Ichigo with his thoughts.


1) A flashbach for another time.

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