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New Beginnings

First Aid sat staring blankly at the wall. He wasn't sure why Ratchet had sent him down here in the first place, Optimus was perfectly fine. He grumbled to himself. Optimus was in fact fine. But it wasn't because he was ready, no, he sensed something distressing. First Aid peered up at the leader when he moved his arm, "Optimus! You're awake!"

The little sparkling was in the med bay with the two giants who had taken him away from his caretaker, and now there were a lot more of them. They were all standing inside the doors and on the outside trying to get in to where he was hiding under Ratchet, too much in awe to listen to Ironhide and the medic about getting out. He let out an ear and audio sensor searing scream, causing the humans to duck and cover their ears as they run and the sound actually caused all of the Autobots to cover their audio sensors. He was scared of everyone trying to poke him and when he felt the waking of his caretaker he instantly wanted to go to him, but he couldn't find a way out, as the door that he had come in had a lot of optics staring at him, watching him. They were more surprised the little critter could let out that much noise from its itsy bitsy vocals and he muttered something, blinking.

"So I am," he stated as he moved to sit quickly, his voice was low and calm as he said that. As if he was aggravated at someone or something. Even though Optimus was still weak, he instantly went to stand.

"But you're not nearly ready to come out of recharge, sir," First Aid stood up and moved in front of his leader.

Optimus searched for what was distressing. It was as if he felt something akin to him missing and very frightened, it was the sparkling. He looked around the room curiously, before honing in on the sensation. He could feel that the sparkling was frightened and A powerful urge wanting to go to the call that came through his audios.

The sound of thunder ran through the base and they could feel his feet hitting the ground. It was big, it was running and it was headed right for them. Everyone turned to look down both corridors, finding nothing, as the sound came from all around. Finally someone saw him and looked up at him. Wheeljack suddenly was so surprised his emergency lights flickered, since he was hazmat pickup catching everyone else's attention.

"Run for cover!" Sideswipe suddenly yelled, as he broke free of the crowd and started running backwards, pulling Sunstreaker with him, "He doesn't look happy, guys!" No one got in the way of a Prime and his sparkling.

With that, Sideswipe and his brother booked down the other way, quickly followed by the younger ones who grabbed the humans as they darted, but Wheeljack, Prowl, Ratchet and Ironhide didn't move. Wheeljack moved out of Optimus' way as he moved forward, getting to the door just as he saw something in the air in front of him that gave him a sudden feeling of relief over him as he made some chirping sounds and then he gave out a soft resonating hum. The sparkling went right at him, and just then Optimus felt what it was and who and he smiled.

"Optimus, you have a sparkling?" Prowl asked.

He gave no answer instantly, his attention was diverted heavily, only looking down at the sparkling with soft optics, another soft hum resonating from him before he finally answered the curious ones, "Yes," his optics still pinned on the sparkling that was comfortably latched onto the chest armor of the Prime, pulling at armor until Optimus answered him with opening his chest enough so the sparkling could crawl through and there he sat, right next to his caretaker's spark, chirping happily while muttering in his strange language.

"But how?" Wheeljack suddenly asked, watching the sparkling disappear under it's caretaker's armor, he approached cautiously before a sudden glimpse of something caught his optic and he peered around his leader at everyone who was down the corridor watching apprehensively. Sam was down on the ground pointing to Optimus, "Is… is he purring?" he whispered to the first one he saw, was Sunstreaker, who just shrugged. They went back to watching.

"One sliver of the Allspark and the Matrix,"

"Does it have a designation yet?"

"Yes, in fact, he does," Ratchet smiled as he stared down at the spot where the sparkling disappeared, recognizing the behavior, "His name is Starscream," he spoke the name in English this time. This time everyone heard it, and there was the thundering of footsteps as they ran back to the med bay, Optimus spun to look, all of them had shocked faces. The humans were also shocked as they perched on Bee and Sideswipe.

Well that wasn't expected. Everyone gaped at Ratchet and their gazes went to their leader, "Starscream? Why that name? He died! Why would you name a sparkling after someone we watch die, Optimus?"

"He isn't dead," Optimus felt the sparkling wanting to get out, so he shifted some metal and his chest parted slight to allow him out. Starscream moved to Optimus' shoulder, looking now down on everyone curiously. He knelt down, going to all fours and leaning out so he could see them better. Optimus put his arm up for the little seeker and he took the hint, perching himself on his hand, "He's right here,"

Sam stare was shared by everyone, "How is that possible?" Prowl asked, fritting his processors for any logical explanation.

"Primus is full of surprises," Optimus smiled as the sparkling regarded everyone, then the humans curiously, tilting his head and chirping at them before he leapt down from his perch, now too curious to just continue to look, he wanted to touch. Sam took a step back when he saw the red optics. The sparkling twittered at him and took a step closer. His bright, red optics filled with childlike curiosity.

"Don't be afraid, Samuel, he won't hurt you,"

"But that's Starscream! It's like reincarnation, a little freaky," Sam watched the sparkling when he tilted his head again. He suddenly beeped and muttered something, approaching slowly; he got closer then reached out his small claws to Sam. Sam suddenly wasn't all that brave, leaning back as the claws got closer. Starscream didn't stop trying to touch the squishy and he leaned closer, he lightly poked him. Sam jumped back, and the sparkling withdrew his claw, muttering again. It was quite comical seeing Sam's reaction and the face that crossed the little seeker.

When Sam finally took a good hard look at the seeker, he noticed he didn't look like the Starscream he knew, he looked different. A lot different, "If that's Starscream, then why does he look so different?"

"Because that's his Cybertronian proto-form," Optimus answered as he saw the teen looking Starscream up and down, simply amazed at the intricacies of how he was built.

Ratchet interrupted Sam and Starscream as he made a sound like a deep growl, something akin to 'clearing the vocal processors', "Optimus, I took the liberty of running complete scans on him, he is perfectly healthy. He's using Seeker sparkling language, however, and I cannot understand it. Never could, for some reason." Ratchet looked up at his tired leader, his right optic twitching, "And you need to rest."

Hidden from view, Frenzy was determined to find out how to shut down the plasma cannons that were killing off the Decepticons. He learned about it about 8 years prior, when Barricade told him that something was shooting down Decepticons like they were meteors. Even though they were with the Autobots, both of them had another agenda, Barricade had formulated a plan to get into the place. He used an excuse to not get a million questions about his different alt form. He set it up that he was someone who belonged to another someone who was there for 'observation'. Therefore, no one suspected him or his 'car' which was a Black Saleen Mustang, but it was no longer a cruiser.

He was a good little hacker, and if anyone could get the cannons shut down, it was him.

"How is it coming along?"


"Hurry it up, they're going to start wonder what I am doing here so late."

"You're a car, who suspects a car?"

"That doesn't matter, I don't belong here now." He stressed the words to give Frenzy a hint that he meant business, "Ok, fine."

Frenzy worked quickly, connecting himself with the computers, setting himself undetected as he went about searching files. He was quick to find out a lot of information, including the power source, the way it ran, which was not all that dissimilar to Cybertronian.

"Got it," he disconnected and sped out of the computer room, the cameras never seeing him because of his ability to cloak, and he skittered out. Just then he had tripped a silent alarm, but Barricade made quickly of getting out of there, disappearing in the traffic as the cops and everything headed in the opposite direction. Frenzy watched, "They are slow, 'Cade."

"Primitives," he paused, "You have what we need?"

"Yes," and he started rambling as he sent data bursts to Barricade. Barricade wasn't pleased. This would be harder than he thought to disarm it. They needed to get in there and disarm it, but the humans protected that place so much, could they possibly break through the defenses? If they were to try something like that, would it spare the other Decepticons who were waiting on Mars and the moon enough time to get to Earth and not get shot at?

/ Barricade to Thundercracker. / The shock trooper sent.

/ Thundercracker here, report. /

/ It will be risky, and there will probably be casualties, but I believe we can attack the power source and get the cannons offline long enough for you all to get here. /

/ How long? /

/ I am not sure, yet, but I think if they were off for a few short seconds, then if they fired, they would miss because they would most likely be out of calibration from the sudden shut down. /

/ Good news. I will report to the red planet about it and get them here, it will take about an Earth day to get them here and I will signal you. Thundercracker out. /

No one ever saw the mysterious guy, who had gone to the facility again, and he was suspected of stealing something, but they had no proof and he apparently completely vanished. He reformed into his cruiser mode which he had in his memory and returned to the Autobots getting a startling reading.

I know, it wasn't all sparkling cute, but I figured there would be surprises.