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Starscream stared at the wall. There was so much is mind was putting into focus. There was so much information that had been unlocked, the poor mech was silent as he started sorting through them. Perhaps this is why when he re-sparked he was to have no memory, because it could overload the CPU. He grunted and continued to stare blankly at the wall until he sensed a presence, "Enter," he said gently.

Optimus hadn't even the chance to knock before he heard Starscream and the door opened, "Starscream, you haven't come out of your quarters for almost 3 days now, is everything alright?"

Starscream gave his creator a side glance, then proceeded to stare at the wall, silence again ensued for a few moments until…

"I could never understand why the history books wrote such scrap about the Cybertronians and the Allspark,"

Optimus raised an optic ridge, curious of the statement, "Pardon?" he asked, hoping Starscream would elaborate, but elaborate he did not. The Seeker stared at the wall in silence again, his optics flashing as he stored information away or deleted it if it wasn't what he thought was necessary. Optimus pondered Starscream's predicament. He knew that the mech knew things that were locked away, giving him every memory that ever happened in his overly long life, but the idea of it was also overwhelming.

Wheeljack had been asking for the Seeker to ask him questions, but Optimus wouldn't allow it, giving his creation time that he needed to come to terms with himself.

"Did you ever wonder why they lied?" Starscream's voice came.

"Who lied?"

"All of them. They erased us from history,"

"Erased who?"

"Do I have to name them? I'm sure you saw them yourself on the memory extraction machine,"

"I don't know their names, Starscream,"

Starscream let out a long and annoyed sigh, choosing to divert the topic at hand, "You do realize that when Cybertron died, Primus may very well have died along with it?"

"What are you talking about, Starscream?" Optimus was becoming more and more confused by Starscream's cryptic words.

"That only means that Unicron will perhaps return once he escapes from his prison. I'm sure of it. Just," he paused, glancing at his creator, his epic green eyes flashed and went dim, "they aren't here to stop him this time,"

"Who's Unicron?" Optimus asked. Starscream balked. Had the Primes not even heard of Unicron himself? How backwards had the stories been distorted? He wrinkled his nose and snorted in disgust, "Words are not enough to describe him," Starscream went back to staring at the wall, "he is the living entropy of darkness,"

Needless to say, Optimus was a bit curious why Starscream was speaking so strangely. Telling of names he had never heard of. Telling of how backwards Cybertronians were. And of Primus, how could he speak of him dying?

"When we were created, we all had a purpose," Starscream spoke, "yet this purpose has apparently come to an abrupt end," He optics shuttered, "therefore I have no purpose,"

"What are you saying Starscream, of course you have a purpose,"

Starscream turned his head lazily to stare at Optimus for a long moment before he went back to looking at the wall. Optimus puckered an optic ridge at him. He wasn't sure how to classify Starscream's behavior, in fact he was becoming downright creepy.

"Starscream, whatever this Unicron is, I'm sure we can handle it,"

"Prepare to be surprised," The Seeker moved to stand, actually making Optimus flinch involuntarily, surprising even himself. The tension that Optimus felt was so tight it could be cut with a dull butter knife, "Don't fear me, my creator," Starscream walked past Optimus without another word.

Yeah, creepy.

Ratchet walked by Starscream, he shuddered as a foreboding feeling overcame him as he got closer to the seeker, he turned his head to glance back at him as he headed for his medical bay. As he did, he walked by the mech's quarters and he stopped, backing up to look in, he saw Optimus standing there.

His leader was apparently stunned, as he didn't even acknowledge Ratchet's appearance, "Sir?" Ratchet asked, turning into the room.

"Have you considered running in depth cerebral scans on Starscream?" Optimus asked.

"I tried that, he has me completely blocked off," Ratchet started, "I cannot penetrate them, which is highly unusual,"

"Yes, unusual," Optimus echoed, turning towards the door not even looking at his CMO.

"Sir, are you alright?"

Optimus stopped at the door, not even turning to Ratchet, "No," he replied before he kept on walking.

Ratchet shuddered. What was this he was sensing? Now he knew something wasn't right.

The End

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