I don't own anything and the reason Tony is Sexy Titanium Man is because in the movie he says that the suit is made out of titanium and not Iron. Yeah.

SexytitaniumMan: Hey Miss Pots..you should take a break

assistantPots: and what pre tell do you think I should do?

SexytitaniumMan: well there is an open Tennis court just a few miles

away..just waiting for me to take you on

assitantPots: Is that a Challenge?

SexytitaniumMan:yes of course it is Miss Pots..

assistantPots: Then I suppose I have no other choice but to accept to

beating your ass

SexytitaniumMan:did you just type ass Miss Pots?

AssistantPots: and if I did?

SexytitaniumMan:I would be shocked

assistantPots: well Mr.Stark be shocked by all means..and quite typing your wasting time

SexytitaniumMan has logged off

"SHIT!" Miss Pots shouted Tony had beat her to her own point...before she could even tell him what it was...I better get my ass over there or he'll start saying he had more points before I even arive.

It was after all the fourth of July...Mr.Stark prided himself on the glories of the United States in war at least he used to. Pepper was concentrating on the road and going as fast as she could. She looked at the car next to her's and was shocked. Who was driving ,but Mr. Stark himself. He rolled down his window and she rolled down her's neither slowing down.

"Well Miss Pots..care for a race?" He asked

" yeah eat my dust Mr. STARK!" Pepper shouted. She then sped past him. Tony was right behind her.

"Oh yeah?" Tony asked her just a tad in front of her.

"yeah" Pepper was now way ahead of him. She beat him to the Tennis Court. She got out of the car to meet a car speeding up to her she jumped and held onto the top of her car.

"..told ya Mr. Stark" Pepper smiled the biggest smile she could muster.

"yeah never figured you were the racing type.."Tony smiled trying to be as sexy as possible. Miss Pots didn't seem to notice.

"yeah well things change Mr. Stark I can be anything I want" Miss Pots smiled her sexiest smile. This Mr. Stark noticed. He was wondering when she decided to change her attitude.

"well lets get to this game here "Pepper smiled.

"may the best man win" Tony said sarcastically.

"excuse me?" Pepper asked.