I Am Yours

By: The 19th Mad Hatter

Disclaimer: The characters are the rightful property of Tsugumi Ohba-sama and Takeshi Obata-sama. I'm borrowing the plot and twisting it immensely.

Warning: Rated M for sexual content and language. There will be yaoi; if you don't like, don't read.

Pairing: I like being secretive, but this is definitely Matt x Mello. :heart:

Conducive to Making Out

Matt typed quickly as he gently moved his head in time to the loud music blaring from the speaker. His cigarette hung precariously from his lips and he found the colored strobe lights a minor distraction from his task. His concentration lacked a bit, but it wasn't a problem. The hackathon that was currently taking place was full of amateurs and only had a few geniuses. He knew the other two pretty well, and they had made a pact to not give it their all until the fourth day.

It was only the third. Still, the redhead had opened up the security to several programs and installed back doors so that he could sneak in with ease in the future. His acquaintances were good, but Matt was better. He was determined to win.

He loved the party atmosphere of this particular group. Some of the computer underground was so mundane; he found it refreshing to hack to electronica of questionable taste. While some of the more needy members got their full five hours of beauty sleep, he partied hard with the others. Eating and sleeping took a backseat to hacking and dancing, which Matt fancied he did quite well. Cigarettes and coffee were the items consumed most frequently; occasionally he'd take a five minute break for Cup Noodles, or he'd snack on any of the junk food laying around.

All in all, it was exactly what he'd been looking for to forget the empty hole that had existed since he was fourteen, at least temporarily. Ever since he had come of age, he'd pursued activities of varying legality just to occupy time. This was the longest lasting distraction he had indulged, and it felt good.

Just as he was about to finish up his latest Trojan horse (1), he felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket. Deciding to take a break early, Matt got up and went to a more quiet corner. He didn't recognize the number, but noted that the area code was a Los Angeles one. Puzzled, the redhead answered with a hesitant but firm, "Hello?"

"Matt." the voice practically smirked, and the nineteen-year-old's heart jumped as he almost allowed himself to believe his ears.


"Still as sharp as ever," the man responded. "Good. I want you to come to LA."

"...Now?" He replied dumbly.

"Yeah... what is that crap in the background?"

It was Matt's turn to smirk. "I'm in a club. It's just kitschy electronica."

"Whatever. Be on the eleven o' clock flight to LAX. I sent your itinerary to your email."

The redhead allowed his grin to grow. "Okay... Hey, Mel?"


"... I can't wait to see you."

He could hear the smirk back in the blond's voice as he said, "I know," and hung up.


Mello parked his motorcycle haphazardly and tugged off his helmet. He shoved it in the compartment under the seat and pulled out a piece of white cardboard with his chosen name for Matt scrawled across the front in black sharpie.

The blond made his way into the airport to the pick-up area to wait.


Matt stepped off of the plane and sighed a little on the inside. He stretched a bit and headed to Starbucks for a doubleshot. Once the coffee was in his hands, he was filled with anxiety over seeing Mello for the first time in over four years. What if the blond was disappointed? It wasn't like Matt was feeling peachy about being left behind and subsequently ignored, either.

There was also the fact that he had dropped everything at Mello's call. The hackathon was quickly forgotten; sleep could go fly a kite. He was like a lap dog, and it would have revolted him if it were anyone but Mello. It made sense when it was Mello.

He was drawn out of his musings by his arrival to the security checkpoint. Just beyond it, the blond who occupied way too many of his thoughts waited. Shit, shit, shit, was what his mind was screaming, but he strode out cool and composed.

When Matt saw him, the composure leaked away. The blond was wearing leather head to toe and the look was good for him. He recognized him despite the sunglasses that covered most of his face. Sunglasses inside; how very Mello.

His attention was then drawn to the sign. It was as plain as any other, but in black sharpie it read 'Prick.' The smirk on the man's face was priceless. It was just the welcome Matt expected.

The redhead walked over to him and grabbed the piece of cardboard away with a lighthearted glare. "Nice sign, Mel."

The blond grinned. "I thought so. Let's get out of here." He shifted a bit under his long time friend's scrutiny.

Matt noticed the burn on the left side of Mello's face that the sunglasses had partially succeeded in covering. "What the hell did you do to your face, man?"

His expression hardened. "It's a long story... this isn't the place. Come on, Matt."

On the way out, Matt shoved the sign in a trash can. The two walked back to the parking garage in a comfortable silence. When they got to the bike and Mello made it known that it was his, Matt rolled his eyes. "You know, I could have brought luggage."

Mello smirked. "I know you better than that, obviously." He opened the compartment with the helmets and took both out. He handed one to Matt and put the other on. He grabbed Matt's bag and shoved it in the crevice. "Ready?"

Matt shrugged. He got on the bike behind the blond and wrapped his arms around the other's waist. For Mello, he was ready for anything.

1) A Trojan horse in the hacking world is a program that looks like it's doing something legal, while really doing something not so legal, such as creating a back door. Usually.

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