I Am Yours

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Lunacy Fringe

It was almost a mathematical certainty that Mello plus alcohol equaled sexy and brash, but then again, that was Mello pretty much all the time – he didn't need the booze to do it. Hell, if anything, it was no more than an excuse, but Matt saw right through it and didn't care one bit. They were fused at the mouth all the way out of the club, and Matt drove home so they wouldn't end up dead in a ditch, but as soon as they had parked, they were fused at the mouth once more – life was their oyster, and they were going to live it up.

As far as Matt was concerned, those stuffy Japanese business men with their tailored suits could stuff it if they thought staring wide-eyed and aghast was going to stop these two American boys from making out with each other in the elevator. Mello relished the attention and tried to be as obnoxious as he could when he wasn't drunk, but when he was, anyone in the vicinity with any sense of decency was screwed. I wouldn't mind being screwed by Mello right now, Matt thought, and laughed mid-kiss at his brilliant pun. He always lamented when the rest of the world missed out on his humor, but it wasn't worth breaking away from Mello to inform the suits, so he settled for being extremely pleased with himself.

They passed from the elevator into their tiny apartment without incident, and Matt barely had the door shut before Mello had managed to sexily trip onto the couch and pull the redhead down with him. Matt gave up puzzling out how anyone could 'sexily trip' onto anything as he decided to stop living in his head and give into sensation.

"I've wanted to christen this couch forever, Matty." Mello's mouth was all over his everything, and he hastily stripped the hot and bothered blond of his vest and was working on getting his pants down when Mello's quick removal of his tee halted that action. He marveled at the simplicity of t-shirts and Mello's gorgeous abs, and continued with the frustrating laces of Mello's favorite pants, wondering how he'd ever gotten them undone with his teeth.

After a little less than a minute, Mello's leather was around his ankles and Matt's skinnies were once again being unbuttoned and yanked down, but this time, his boxers came too. Due to Mello's somehow attractive clumsiness, he'd ended up on top, and no way was he going to relinquish the position. He shoved his fingers into Mello's mouth and the blond knew right away what was necessary.

As he sucked, the drunken Mello lamented his loss of control but gave up caring almost instantaneously. He had hoped that something might come up like this and their roles would be reversed, and quite frankly, he would have a difficult time accessing Matt's ass with their awkward positions. He gave in.

Seconds later, Matt used his saliva-coated digits to prepare the blond. When he finally drove himself into Mello – god, so tight! - they were both panting and moaning and Mello was sort of encouraging with shouts of, "Christ, Matt!" and "Fuck, yeah," and various other brief, hot emissions, which was more vocal than he'd ever been, and Matt decided that drunk!Mello was fun.

With the help of Matt's hand, they came simultaneously. Mello sort of deflated as Matt slid out of him, and the blond stared at the ceiling with a sort of dazed, blissful expression. "Shit, that was amazing. Matty, you're amazing. We should do that more often. Do we have any chocolate?" He sounded enthusiastic, but he found his body was too heavy to move.

Matt didn't help by collapsing on top of him. The redhead snickered as Mello groaned. "I know there's more of the good stuff in the cabinet, but I'm not going anywhere, so you'll have to figure out a way to get it that doesn't involve moving."

Mello rolled his eyes, but there was no real malice in it. "Yeah, Matt, I'll just have to try out my telekinesis – oh, wait, I forgot... I'm not a mutant."

Matt laughed into his shoulder. "Sucks for you, man. I would help, but my power is the manipulation of fire, and I don't think you want your chocolate in soup form."

"Look, I know we've talked about this before, but you're starting to stick to me, and as much as I like you, there is no way we're staying here like this all night."

Matt groaned. "You are such a whiny bitch... who'd have guessed?" He smiled good-naturedly and climbed off of his lover with some difficulty. He tore off each of his boots in quick succession, stepping out of his skinny jeans on his way to the bathroom. He came back with his boxers on properly and a warm wet washcloth.

He sat next to Mello, who still hadn't moved or attempted to adjust anything and gently cleaned the blond's stomach, as he had done for Matt the first time they'd slept together. When he finished, he moved down to the end of the couch and removed both of the blond's boots as well as his leather pants. He went to the kitchen and returned moments later with the box of chocolate Mello was currently lusting after.

The blond's mouth twisted into a smirk and he reached for the box, but before he could grab it, Matt pulled it out of his reach and laughed. "Not so fast! To get the chocolate, you're going to have to take a shower with me."

With a devilish chuckle, he ran to the bathroom and started the water in their small shower.

Mello's eyes narrowed and he lifted himself off the couch, stumbling into the bathroom with a murderous expression. "Matt... I want my chocolate. Since I can't have what I want, I'm gonna take something else I want - you."

Matt knew the intended reaction was fear, but he couldn't help himself, he smirked. Mello turned vicious, yanking down Matt's boxers without a second thought and shoving the gamer roughly into the shower. He had just barely managed to step out of his clothing before he was shoved roughly against the tiled wall face first and his shoulder was bitten into by a much more intimidating Mello.

Still, Matt knew he could handle whatever was coming, even if it was Mello's hard length without any preparation. The redhead was amazed that he could still enjoy something like this, but it was Mello, so he figured he shouldn't be surprised. When the blond was done, Matt was still largely into it, but it wasn't a problem, because Mello's bad mood seemed to have evaporated and he smiled lazily as he turned Matt around and dropped to his knees. He took Matt into his mouth and sucked until the gamer's seed flooded his warm orifice.

He slowly stood and wrapped his thinly muscled arms around Matt. "How's that for a shower?" he whispered hotly in Matt's ear, and the redhead had to confess that it was better than he'd imagined. They quickly soaped up and rinsed off, and finally they were free to collapse in bed with Mello's box of chocolate.

Mello looked at the box then back at Matt with a sigh. "I don't even fucking want it that badly anymore. Maybe one. You up for one?"

Matt laughed almost silently. "Mel, if you put anything in my mouth that isn't you, I'll slap you."

Mello grinned.


"Fuuuuuck, Matt, shut that thing off. My head is fucking killing me!"

The gamer rolled his eyes and switched off his PGS. "It's not my fault you drank all of that vodka, Mel; I'm surprised you haven't puked up your guts yet."

Mello groaned and covered his head with a pillow, cursing himself inwardly for losing valuable time in their investigation. Matt decided to light up and the blond found reason to respond to his latest statement.

"I. Will. Puke. On. You. Move."

Matt evacuated as quickly as possible, but Mello barely made it out of the bed and to the trashcan before spilling the contents of his stomach into the small bin.

"Ugh, that is gross. You need some super hangover remedy, man."

Mello stumbled into the bathroom and washed his hands and mouth before replying dryly, "Any suggestions, genius?"

Matt grinned widely. "You betcha, babe."


Mello stared at the black coffee with lemon juice in front of him with a raised eyebrow. "And this is supposed to help because?"

Matt shrugged. "Who knows? Some chick taught it to me back when I was doing hackathons because hangovers and thinking don't mix well. That's not all I've got, either. Lean back, relax, and let me do all the work... try not to scream at me, okay?"

Mello puzzled at why he would be screaming at the gamer when all of the sudden Matt's thin fingers were threading through his hair. Before he had a chance to question this, Matt began pulling it gently in sections. Well, as gently as a person can pull hair, Mello thought darkly. "What the hell are you doing?" He inquired calmly.

"I'm stimulating your scalp and directing the blood flow to your head to alleviate your headache." A perfectly intelligent defense for a completely illogical action. That was typical Matt crap.

"Really?" Mello was not in the mood for this. "Because it feels like you're trying to rip out my hair," he began, but Matt cut him off.

"Oh, shut up and drink your damn coffee. Aren't you in too much pain to be talking anyway?"

"Sure, Matt," he grumbled.

Matt knew that he was pissing Mello off right now, but he also knew that this worked, and Mello would thank him later. Despite his complaining, Mello was relaxing considerably and appeared to be enjoying the attention his head was getting. Matt knew better than to say anything, but he allowed a small smile to grace his lips at the thought of the blond's silent appreciation.

They coexisted like that for several minutes, until Mello said softly, "Matty, I think my headache's gone... wanna go for a walk?"

Matt slowly removed his hands from Mello's scalp and nodded, before remembering that he was behind Mello and saying, "Yeah, sure. You could use some fresh air, probably."

Mello shrugged. "It couldn't hurt."


The two walked down the street for a while, speaking casually of anything that came to mind and ignoring the case for as long as their minds permitted. It wasn't every day they allowed themselves a break, so they meant to enjoy it as fully as they could.

Before long, they arrived at a park. "You know, Mel, it's not so different here than it is back home. Sure, all the people are much sexier, but-" He stopped as Mello punched him in the arm, and he laughed.

"Your capacity for nonsense astounds me. Shut up and fucking enjoy it, Matt."

Matt couldn't erase the smile on his face as they took a seat on a bench and observed nature and it's casual worshipers. They were the most conspicuous pair in the park, Mello with his black leather, though he'd exchanged his vest for a form-fitting hoodie, and Matt with his fur-lined vest and striped shirt.

They didn't talk very much and soon Matt's eyes had fixed on a certain other conspicuous character, one very blond, very loud and annoying woman who was dressed like a gothic lolita doll.

"Mel, that's Amane! What the hell is she doing here?" Matt whispered urgently.

Mello's eyes narrowed. "I don't know, but you need to calm the fuck down. She doesn't even know what you look like, and she's basically an idiot. She's seen a drawing of me though, I don't know if she'll recognize me..."

Matt did the first thing he could think of – he climbed on Mello's lap and shoved his tongue down the blond's throat. He couldn't be sure that they'd be safe now, but hell if he was going to just sit by and wait to see if they both keeled over. This way, both of their faces were obscured and Amane would be too distracted by the public display to notice who they were.

Mello was amazed by Matt's solution, but he went with it, if only because he had no better plan. He had to admit, the redhead was pretty good at thinking on his feet when there were no electronics in front of him. If he weren't so lazy, Matt could have very well been the next L. Mello sort of shuddered at the thought, though. A Matt that was different than his Matt, L or not, was undesirable. People who didn't like him the way he was could shove it as far as Mello was concerned.

"Woo, go for it boys! Love is love, no matter who's watching!" Mello internally rolled his eyes; Amane was ridiculous, whatever the situation. He allowed himself to smirk, though, as Matt furiously deepened their kiss, probably to prevent any face visibility. Hey, Mello wasn't complaining.


Under normal circumstances, Matt would have wanted to complain loudly if he was forced to walk around Tokyo all day. Mello, however, was the x-factor that made this circumstance less than normal, and he did quite enough complaining for the both of them, so Matt was content to laugh at him.

"Why the hell is it so cold?!"

"I don't know Mel, does the word 'winter' mean anything to you?"

"I really wish those suit bitches would stop staring like we're some kind of freak show."

"I thought you prided yourself on your freakiness."

This sort of chatter continued comfortably until Matt was forced to wonder why they were still walking around if Mello hated it so much. Matt certainly wasn't one for the outdoors, and he brought this up as they rounded another corner.

"Walking is good for you, stop complaining," Mello ordered, and Matt complied.

After about half an hour, they finally reached their apparent destination. Mello walked right up to the front door and spoke quietly to a distinctly suspicious looking Japanese man. As the man walked away quickly with purpose, Matt looked at Mello quizzically. "Um, Mel? Why are we in an awkwardly Yakuza-ish used car lot?"

Mello turned to his redheaded companion and grinned. "I don't know; sometimes I get the urge to look at beautiful 1968 Camaros..."

Matt paled. "19... 68?"

"That's what I said."

"What, ah, what color?"

"Not sure, I think he said red..."

"A red 1968 Camaro?" At this point, the gamer was practically salivating.

"No, shithead, that's not what I just said at all," Mello said with a grin.

"I'm sorry, I had to make sure," Matt said sheepishly.

A second later, the severe man returned with a set of keys and handed them to Mello. The blond turned to his lover with a huge smirk. "Wanna take it for a spin?"

"Can I?!" he all but shouted.

"Duh," Mello said as he handed Matt the keys and rolled his eyes.

The redhead sat behind the wheel of the car he'd dreamt of since he was a small boy and he felt the interior of the door with a loving rub. He'd never been inside of one before and damned if he was going to let the moment pass without remembering every dirty detail of the whole affair. He had moved onto caressing the the seat when Mello stared at him and said, "Are we gonna leave the lot in this century?"

Matt shook his head and drove the keys into the ignition. The Camaro started with a beautiful purr and Matt stepped on the brake as he shifted the gear from park to reverse. He eased up on the gas and pulled out of the space with expert ease. He shifted into drive and pulled out of the lot, slipping a cassette tape into the player and turning up the volume almost as loud as it could go. The Beastie Boy's So Whatcha Want blasted from the speakers and Matt struggled to maintain the speed limit.

Traffic was blessedly sparce, and Matt did a few circuits around the block of the lot before Mello, grinning widely, said, "Why don't we go home, Matty?"

Matt glanced at the blond. "Don't we have to take her back to the lot?"

Mello couldn't stop smiling. "Why would we?"

"Um, I don't know, maybe because it's not ours?"

"No, it's not ours. It's yours," Mello replied easily.

Matt's mouth fell open and he momentarily forgot he was driving. "You're shitting me."

"No shit here, man. She's all yours. I bought her yesterday."

"B-but, I mean, seriously? Why?"

Mello rolled his eyes. "The proper response would be 'Fuck, Mello, I love it. Thank you.'"

"Fuck, Mello, I love it. Thank you!"

Mello smiled and patted Matt's knee. "You're very welcome, cupcake. Happy Birthday."

Matt took the stoplight opportunity to grab Mello's face and initiate a thank-you kiss. Mello was quick to respond, but shoved Matt away after a few seconds so that the redhead could pay attention to the light, which had turned green.

"This is the best birthday present ever, I mean it. Anything you want, I'll do it. Whatever. You want rough sex in the shower daily, I'm down with that."

"Jesus, Matt, you'd be down with that regardless. You're such a slut."

"I know; I admit it. I'm hot and bothered by you all the time. You love me anyway, right?"

"Damn straight."

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