Whenever Echizen Ryoma goes grocery shopping, the last thing he does is automatically go to the spices aisle and pick out a tube of wasabi.

He does this out of habit. It's not like he likes wasabi or anything, and he hardly needs to buy a whole tube of it every week. He just does this out of habit.

He doesn't need to buy a tube of wasabi every week. There's no need to; no one even uses it anyway, and the tubes have been piling up in his pantry, unused.

He now has 43 tubes of wasabi.

43 weeks. They have been separated for 43 weeks.

When he comes home, however, he doesn't need to worry about wasting all that wasabi. A smiling brunette is happily using up two tubes of it for his sushi. The brunette sees him, smiles, and says, "Ryo-chan, you bought so much wasabi! Did you actually plan on using all of them?"

And Echizen Ryoma knows that now, everything is alright.

More of a drabble-like thing. XD So short...