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Author's note: Hey, what's up? This is my first Dragon Ball related fic, so be gentle in your reviews. I was inspired to do this fic by one of the story lines in Tenkaichi 2, the one that dealt with Trunks coming back to the future and facing the Androids (Ultimate Future Warrior). That, and a longstanding interest in a certain pairing. Well, let's see what happens, shall we?


Androids 17 and 18 were hanging around the remains of a destroyed building. 18 sat on a ledge, while 17 just stood there, leaning up against part of a wall, and looking out at the wrecked city. They were bored. With Gohan dead and Trunks gone, they had nothing to do. Aside from looking for a city to destroy, but that got old.

"I wonder where Trunks got to," said 18. "I don't think we killed him last time."

"You don't?" said 17. "I kinda thought we had. Well then, he's probably hiding somewhere. How much you wanna bet he's training or something? I bet he thinks he'll be able to beat us someday."

"Yeah," smiled 18. "Like he could beat us." Suddenly, they heard a noise. It was the sound of footsteps. "Hm?"

"I wonder who that could be?" said 17. 18 hopped off the ledge she was sitting on and 17 stood up straight. They walked out of the ruins of the building and went to go see who was outside. The sky outside was full of dark clouds. It looked like it might rain. They looked around for the source of the footsteps. Then they saw him.

17 smiled. "Aw, Trunks," he said. "We were just talking about you. Nice to see you're still in good health." Trunks stood there, looking back at 17.

"Nice to see you too," answered Trunks, his long hair blowing in the wind. He had most of it tied back in a ponytail.

"Interesting new outfit," said 17. "Reminds me of Vegeta's. What do you think, 18?" 18 whistled.

"Hm," she said. "When did you get so hot, Trunks? It hasn't been that long since we saw you last." Trunks ignored the first half of 18's comment.

"Doesn't matter," he said. "I think you know why I'm here." 17 sighed and shook his head.

"You never learn, do you?" he asked.

"Oh," said Trunks, "Make no mistake. I've learned. I've learned a lot." He started concentrating. His hair suddenly went golden, and his eyes turned green.

"Oh boy," said 17. "Looks like someone's copying you again, 18."

"First Gohan, then Trunks," said 18, sighing. "When will these guys ever learn that it doesn't change anything?"

"Never," said 17.

"Can we just kill him then?" asked 18. 17 nodded. "This should be fun." She smiled, and then suddenly rushed forward. She pulled back her fist, aiming for Trunks's head. He made no effort to dodge. Her fist flew forward. Bam! The force of the impact was tremendous. However, to 18's shock, she hadn't actually hit him.

Neither Android had seen him move. But there was Trunks, standing there, having caught 18's punch with his left hand. "What?" said 18.

"Too slow," said Trunks. He brought his right fist up, getting 18 square in the jaw and lifting her several inches off of the ground. However, not half a second later, he had hit her in the side of the head and sent her flying. She hit the ground and skidded to a halt. 17 looked on in shock. Trunks wasn't that strong. 18 must be toying with him.

"Why you," grunted 18, getting to her knees. She wiped a hand across her mouth, wiping the blood away from a small cut. "You're dead!" Trunks was suddenly in front of her. She tried to attack, but it was too late. Trunks had kicked her up into the air. It took only a second for 18 to right herself in the air. Trunks flew up to continue the attack. However, 18 was finally ready. She flew down and started punching and kicking. To her dismay, Trunks blocked every shot. Seconds later, she went crashing into the ground. She didn't move. She was either unconscious, or...

"Eighteen!" exclaimed 17. He looked at Trunks angrily. "You're gonna pay for that!" !7 flew up at Trunks. He didn't fair any better. Soon, he crashed down beside his sister. Trunks descended to the ground.

"Is that all?" he asked. 17 got up, slowly. He helped 18 up as well. She had only temporarily blacked out.

"Enough fooling around," said 17.

"I agree," said 18.

"Me too," said Trunks. 17 and 18 looked at each other. Suddenly, they started hurling energy at Trunks. They kept firing and firing, until the area Trunks was standing in was covered in smoke. They smiled. They had gone all out, and Trunks hadn't dodged. There was no way he was still standing after that. The smoke started to clear, causing the Androids' eyes to widen.

Trunks stood there, brushing some dust off of his shoulder. "That it?" when the Androids neglected to answer, Trunks smiled. "Alright then. My turn." He suddenly rushed forward. He grabbed both of them and flew into the air he let them go and kicked both back into the ground. His arms started moving quickly and he pointed both hands down at the deadly siblings. "This is the end for you!" he exclaimed. He launched a huge ball of energy down at them, causing a large explosion. Trunks flew down and inspected the spot. It was now a crater full of rubble. There was no way they could have survived. He stood watching the spot carefully. There was no movement at all. Suddenly a rock fell, causing Trunks to tense up. However, it was a false alarm. the rock had revealed 17's hand. It was completely lifeless.

Suddenly, there was a flash of lighting and a crack of thunder. It began to rain. Trunks looked up at the sky and sighed. It was over.

His job finished, he left, flying home. The Androids were defeated. The world was safe. He knew he would eventually have to face Cell, but he was sure that he could do it. After all, if the two androids weren't around for Cell to absorb, he couldn't get past his first form. Trunks could take Cell. No sweat.

However, Trunks was wrong. Back in the crater, 17's hand twitched. It turned into a fist. 17 hauled himself and his sister out of the rubble. "Eighteen?" he asked. "Eighteen? Are you alright?"

"Uuhhh," groaned 18. "Seven... Seventeen? What happened?"

"Trunks," said 17. "He... He beat us."

"How did he get so strong?" asked 18, trying to get up. However, she could only manage to get to her knees.

"I don't know," said Seventeen. "He probably thinks he killed us though. We should probably go into hiding."

"Yeah," nodded 18. "We need to find somewhere where we can heal."

"And," said 17, "We need to get ready to face him again. No one does that to us and gets away with it. Now that we know what we're up against, he can't surprise us. We weren't expecting him to be that strong. We'll get him next time." With that, they flew up out of the city and towards the mountains. They would have revenge.


Trunks stood there, waiting. It had been a long time since he'd defeated the Androids. He had done the math, and he knew that it was time for Cell to show up. He was going to prevent him from going into the past. If nothing else, it would prevent a second Cell crises for his friends. He had already learned that what he changed in the past didn't affect his present, so he realized that the Cell they had faced had been from another alternate future. He wouldn't make the same mistakes the other Trunks had made.

It wasn't long before he showed up. "Well, well, well," said Trunks. "Cell, nice to see you again."

"Again?" asked Cell. "I've never seen you before." Trunks smirked.

"Nope," said Trunks, "And after today, you won't see me again either. In fact, you wont see anything." It was Cell's turn to smirk.

"You know me, huh?" said Cell. "Then you should know what I'm capable of." Trunks nodded. "And you know what I'm going to do." Trunks nodded again. "Now that Androids Seventeen and Eighteen are gone, I have to go back into the past to find them and absorb them, so that I can-"

"Achieve perfection, blah blah blah, I've heard it before," said Trunks, cutting Cell off. He gestured to the time machine behind him. "Problem is, you're not about to use this time machine. I'm going to make sure of it." Trunks' hands began to glow.

"If you think you can defeat me," said Cell, "You're dead wrong! I can sense your power level! It's far too weak to be any challenge to me!" Trunks smiled.

"Even if that were true," said Trunks, "It won't matter after I do this!" He aimed behind him and blasted the time machine to bits.

"No!" exclaimed Cell. "You fool! Rrraaaaggghh!" Cell charged forward, determined to beat the purple-haired boy to a bloody pulp.

"Ha!" exclaimed Trunks, going Super Sayan. He dropped down and kicked Cell in the gut the moment he arrived, and then kicked him into the air. Trunks flew up after him, got above him, put both fists together, and knocked him back into the ground. He started launching energy at Cell. Each shot hit as soon as Cell hit the ground. Trunks quickly flew down.

Cell got up, slowly. "Alright," he said , "You're stronger than you look. But I can-"

"Completely regenerate any body part you lose," said Trunks, "And can do so even if all that remains of you is a single nuclei from your head."

"How did you-!?"

"I just do," said Trunks, not about to give Cell the story. "All you need to know, is that you're dead!" Trunks rushed forward and began pummeling Cell. He beat Cell to the point that Cell couldn't move. Trunks jumped back. "I'll finish you the way I finished the Androids! Goodbye Cell!" Trunks Unleashed a tremendous attack. When the smoke cleared, there wasn't a single cell left of Cell. At that range, he couldn't have missed any part of Cell. It was over. With that, Trunks flew back home.

However, It was the second time Trunks would be wrong. Cell's entire head had survived, buried in the ground. It would take longer to regenerate in this imperfect form, but Cell would rise again. He would find that boy, and defeat him. He, like the hidden Androids, would also have his revenge.


Well, there's chapter one. It's short, I know. And, to be honest, it wasn't too great in my opinion. But this is just a prologue. The real story starts in the next chapter.

I decided to deal with both the Androids' and Cell's defeat at the hands of Trunks in the prologue so that I could get them out of the way. I hope you all liked it.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, coming soon!

P.S: I noticed this while looking for stories dealing with Trunks. There are two Trunks options in the filter list thing. One is trunks, and one is M. Trunks. I looked at Trunks, and many dealt with Future Trunks. M. Trunks is Mirai Trunks/Future Trunks, okay? I'm gonna use the regular Trunks filter for a bit. But, I am going to use my author's notes to help build awareness of this, and eventually change the filter to M. Trunks. Sorry if that seems pushy, but I like organization. At least when it comes to stories.