an idea i got from snow and jak 3.

warning: AU, yaoi, angst, lemon, het

inspiration: jak 3 and the reviving leaf ep.

reasons: cause i wanna

rating: M later, T for now

pairing: lavi/allen allen/lenalee


disclaimer: i own nothing! dont sue please.

aaaaand tada

It was cold and snowy as usual, yet most of the town was busy with jobs and missions still. Allen looked up at the tall tower that stood before him, looming into the gray sky. He gulped. He didn't want to be here... he wanted to go back and do chores, not find a job. Correction, be given a job. Being an orphan, he had no income for himself, and the town only gave money to orphans for so long until they were of age. Of age meaning, able to take on suicidal and crazy missions.

Like, say, for example, scavenging. That was what Allen knew he'd get. Because the job required a body that was able to deal with a lot walking, and a lot of stress. Allen, was perfectly fit for this job. He was young, he was strong, and he could still do quite a bit. Compared to a lot of other jobs, it was the most suicidal job to be taken. Very few ever lived, due to how dangerous the job was. Allen didn't know heaps of details, but he did know it certainly wasn't fun.

But, in his opinion, it was much better than watch tower. Watch tower was hit so often, even less lived than those in scavenging. Shivering despite his warm coat, he pushed open the grand wooden doors and stepped inside the vast first floor of the tower. It wasn't the first time he'd been here, it was the town hall after all. He'd been here a few times with Mana, before his stepfather had died. It hadn't changed much, if only for the new face behind the great wooden desk that looped in a horseshoe fashion.

Walking up to the desk, he bit his lip and smiled weakly. The person behind the counter was taller than him, but then again, Allen was only thirteen. The teen behind the counter had to be seventeen at least, he thought. Looking up from the thick book he stared slightly boredly at, the boy blinked a bright green eye (the other he couldn't see behind the long red hair) and smiled a little.

"Ah, hello there! Whatcha need?" he asked, shutting the book and focusing on Allen.

Allen brushed a hand through his messy white hair nervously and said, "I-I'm here for a...a job."

Realization lit up the boy's eye, who nodded. "Oh...Allen, right?" he asked.

Nodding, the boy wasn't unnerved that this boy knew him. Truth be told, he was the only one with white hair, and the only orphan his age. "Yeah."

"So then, what would you like to do?"

"Whats available?" Allen asked nervously.

"Watch tower and scavenging." he replied right off, as if he didn't need to even think.

Which fate did he want...? Being blown to bits in a tower, or running from storms? Both were suicidal. Sighing, he replied, "Scavenging..."

A look of slight pity took over the redhead's eye. "You sure...?"

Allen nodded. "Yeah..."

"Well then, sign these." he said, handing a few papers to the white haired boy. "You can sign em here if you want." that was code for, sit down and sign them now.

Allen knew this code quite well.

Walking over to the cushy couch in the corner, he slumped into it. Taking a pen from the table, he began to read over and sign the documents. He wasn't looking forward to this at all. He signed the papers, trying not to note the waver for his death he had to sign, and sighed. Four papers, but so much to read. But he couldn't NOT read it, or he might get screwed over, like he had in the past... he hated signing papers. So much fine print, so many things they wanted you to say you wouldn't do. The whole process was just so annoying. When he was finished, he walked up to the front desk, and handed the signed documents to the redhead. With the documents signed and turned in, Allen could no longer stay here.

Back to chores it seemed.

The next day, he woke up slowly. First, he could hear and smell, then he could feel, and finally he could open his eyes. However, he simply ignored the urge and rolled over, hiding his messy white head under the thick quilts. Allen was just to tired to get up yet. Just as he began to drift off again, the phone rang shrilly on his nightstand. In shock, and the fact he was already rolling over, he rolled further and fell off the bed with a shriek. Sitting up, eyes wide, heart pounding, he bitterly noted it was only the phone. Sighing, the snowy haired boy reached for the phone, answering as politely as he could.


"Allen, right?" a voice asked, and Allen recognized it as the redhead from yesterday.


"Can you come to the town hall in an hour?"

He blinked, realizing what that could mean. "Sure...did I get the job?"

"Probably. See you then!" and with that, the phone clicked and died on the other end. Allen stared at the white and plastic object, face blank. He wasn't sure if he should be excited that he had a job or not. Sighing, he put the phone back on its hook and stood. Then he realized the town hall was thirty minutes from here if he walked. With this information in mind, he hastened his pace of getting ready and made for the door. Happy or not, he needed a job. Even if it WAS suicidal.

The room wasn't bright, but it wasn't dark either. If one had to say which one it was, they'd probably say it was bright. Behind a wooden desk sat a man, who was respected and renounced for his judgment and his work as mayor. This man, however, was sound asleep on a mound of paperwork when Allen finally made it to the room. A girl at the front desk (not the redhead this time...) had directed him on where to go, and Allen somehow expected something more...awe inspiring.

"Maybe I should come back later?" he murmured, blinking.

After watching the sleeping man for a few minutes, Allen decided that he wasn't going to be sent away after his rush to get here. Walking over, he gently called out, "S-sir...?" and got no response. He said it louder. Nothing. Louder still. Nothing still. He then attempted to shake him awake, and after five minutes of that, he began to become quite annoyed. He was fighting the urge to punch the man, when a tired sigh was heard. in embarrassment, he turned around quickly and noted it was the girl from the front desk.

"Geez, brother..." she said, walking up to the man.

At the sound of the girl's voice, the man sprung up it seemed, beaming and wide awake. "Yes Lenalee??"

Allen thought for a moment he had been faking his deep sleep. The girl, Lenalee, pointed to Allen. "You asked him to come, and you fall asleep...honestly."

Following the girl's finger, he blinked when he saw Allen, and seemed to become slightly serious. However, it was clear he didn't quite care that Allen was there, mostly that lenalee knew a boy. After a small argument, the girl was on her way, and Allen was cowering in a fluffy armchair. The man, Komui he called himself, sat at his desk, a frowned. Allen figured he was either annoyed at him, or unnerved by his age.

"Oh yeah, O did call you, didn't I...any who! so, you signed up for scavenging?"

"Yes sir..." Allen answered, slowly coming out of the cushy chair.

"Komui is fine."


"So, why would such a young kid go for a job, let alone such a dangerous one?" Komui mused aloud.

Allen blinked and figured the man was just a bit worried. "I'm an orphan, and there weren't any jobs open really."

To this, he received a nod. "I see. Well, then, you'll need to review the rules for this job, and then you'll be assigned a partner and a mission."

Allen nodded slowly, taking this in. He really hoped his partner wouldn't be an asshole... he didn't need that sort of pressure with the threat of imminent death. As if remembering something, Komui made an "oh!" and then fished out a paper, handing the paper to Allen. He looked at it blankly. It had a time and date and where to be.

"Be there tonight at the time it says, and you'll get your partner for your missions." Komui said, pointing out what the sheet already told Allen.

He nodded again and was then dismissed.

aaaaaaaaand zomg the drama. not.