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"Kuro…saki-kun?" came a timid voice near his ear.

He opened one eye slowly, being woken from his slumber to a sight that he had dreamt of many times. Orihime Inoue sat on the edge of his bed, her long auburn hair falling over her shoulder as she leaned closer to him. His eyes shot open, a look of half panic and half disbelief on his face. Here she was…the girl of his dreams.

In his room…on his bed.

The moonlight shone through his open window, illuminating her ivory skin and causing it to emit an otherworldly glow. Her hairpins that secured her hair as well as contained her strange powers sparkled in the moonlight, emitting a glow of their own. Looking away from her hairpins to her face, he noticed that her lips were shimmering in the moonlight as well…and they were only inches away from his own.

"Inoue? Wha…what are you doing here?" he blabbered, his mind becoming lost in those mesmerizing grey eyes of hers. God damn it, why did she have to be so beautiful?

"I just…wanted to see you, Kurosaki-kun," she mumbled, a pink tint spreading across her cheeks as she looked into his brown eyes. "I couldn't wait anymore…"

"Couldn't wait for what?" he asked quietly, a small blush of his own creeping across his cheeks as he finally realized how close she actually was to him.

His normally furrowed brow relaxed as he saw a single tear falling down her cheeks. Lifting up a hand, he brushed away the tear with his thumb in such a gentle way that it even surprised himself. He could feel her tense momentarily before she closed her eyes and took his hand from her face and held it in her own. His hand, calloused from wielding his zanpakutō, contrasted greatly with her smooth, soft skin. He found himself wondering if the rest of her skin was just as soft…

"I…I couldn't wait for…" she stammered, her grip tightening on his hand and she looked away, trying to gather her courage. After a moment of silence, she finally looked at him, her eyes locking onto his. "Kiss me," she murmured.

His heart leapt into his throat at the request, his blush becoming deeper and his free hand clenching into a fist at his side. Did she really just say what he thought she said? It had to be his imagination running rampant again…

"Kiss me, Kurosaki-kun…" she murmured again as she closed her eyes and leaned closer to him until her lips were only a few millimeters away from his. He could feel her hot breath against his skin…see tears in her eyelashes that were sparkling in the moonlight…feel the tight, urgent grip she held his hand in…

"Okay…" he whispered in return, his free hand unclenching itself and reaching up to run through her silky locks before gently resting on the base of her neck to pull her closer. He closed his eyes and heard her let out a tiny sigh just as they were about to…

Sitting up, drenched in a cold sweat and breathing heavily, Ichigo glared at the ringing alarm clock on his bedside table. Hitting the switch to turn off the alarm, he sighed and ran a hand through his unruly hair. It had all seemed so real. He could still see the tears in her eyes sparkling as the moonlight hit them...feel her hand in his…feel her lips mere millimeters away from his.

'What a time for my damn alarm to go off…' he mentally grumbled as he flopped back onto his bed. While in deep thought about his dream and mentally cursing his alarm clock, he didn't even notice Isshin Kurosaki performing his usual morning greetings.

"Good morning, Ichigo!" he yelled as he attempted to land a punch in his son's stomach, and was instead caught by Ichigo's leg and launched into his closet door. Sitting up, Ichigo glared at his father who was now stunned and lying limply on the floor in front of his closet.

"It's too damn early in the morning for this crap," he muttered as his father clamored to his feet in an effort to remain dignified.

"Early or not, you did well to evade my attacks!" he laughed proudly before Ichigo landed a solid punch under the older man's chin, launching him into the ceiling.

"I DON'T CARE, OLD MAN! Jeez… go find someone else to fight with if you're so bored!" he yelled at his father as he headed down the hall to take a shower before school.

Yuzu and Karin peeked around the corner to watch their brother stomp off to the bathroom. Karin walked into Ichigo's room and poked an unconscious Isshin to make sure he was still alive. His grunting told her he was, and she placed a swift kick in his side.

"Karin! Don't do that to daddy!" protested Yuzu, a concerned look on her face.

"Don't worry. Old goat-chin here will be just fine," stated Karin matter-of-factly. "He actually deserved it. Ichigo was probably having one of those dreams and was woken up right at the good part," she said, giving her twin a wicked smile.

"Don't say that!" wailed Yuzu, tears threatening to roll down her flushed cheeks at the idea of her brother having naughty dreams.

Slamming the door, he ran his hand over his face and glared at the tile floor. He couldn't understand why he was having dreams about Orihime. She was just a friend…that's all she was. Chad and Ishida did notice that he acted nicer around her, but he just waved it off. Besides, he could never be angry at the bubbly girl no matter how hard he tried. Thinking about her made him remember his dream. Her smooth skin glowing in the moonlight…her large, emotional eyes locked on his…her request… Shaking his head to rid his mind of the images from his dream, he quickly undressed and hopped into the shower.

He could already tell it was going to be one of those days.

After hurriedly eating the breakfast that Yuzu had made him, Ichigo bolted out the door before his father could say anything more. He vaguely heard his father yell "BE GOOD, AND FIND YOURSELF A NICE GIRL TO BRING HOME!" from their doorway, but he disregarded it. His father was a crazed old man and he didn't plan on taking any advice from him anytime soon, that was for sure. Once he was a block or two away from school, he slowed down to a leisurely stroll, his mind still lingering on his dream. It was the same dream he had been having for the past few weeks or so, and it always ended the same way; either with his alarm clock going off, or his father punching him in the gut.

'Just for once, I wish I could see the ending to that dream…' he thought, a small, barely visible blush spreading across his features.

Seeing the school gates in the distance, he cleared the thoughts from his mind and put on his usual scowl as he entered the school yard. He had a reputation to uphold after all. He nodded to a few of his friends as he passed them in the courtyard, headed up the stairs in the main lobby, and down the hall to his classroom.

"I-CHI-GO!" came the familiar yell, and Keigo ran right into Ichigo's fist just as he did every morning. "WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO ME?!" he wailed, dramatic tears flowing down his face.

"Perhaps if you weren't so loud, he wouldn't do that to you anymore Asano-san," Mizurio replied, his eyes glued to his cell phone.

"There you go again with that formal speech! You all hate me, don't you?!" yelled Keigo, pointing an accusing finger in Mizurio's direction as he cried in a corner.

Ichigo sighed and headed into the classroom and took his seat, placing his bag on top of his desk.

"Morning, Ichigo."

Looking up, Ichigo saw Tatsuki standing in front of his desk. "Morning," he said, doing his best to not look troubled. Chad and Ishida came in shortly afterwards, Ichigo greeting both of them, Chad nodding in return and Ishida merely pushing his glasses up his nose before heading to his seat. It didn't bother Ichigo; it was just Ishida's usual greeting. Keigo and Mizuiro found their way into the classroom, Keigo instantly accusing everyone of having left him out of something…yet again. Ichigo didn't really hear him or any of the others yelling at Keigo to stop whining. He was too wrapped up in his own thoughts to even notice Tatsuki punching Keigo in the face and sending him flying across the room.

"Good morning, everyone!" came a cheerful voice from the doorway.

Ichigo looked up to see Orihime coming through the classroom. He blushed slightly, remembering his dream and noted that she looked just like she did in his dream…without the tears of course. She approached him, a light blush spreading across her cheeks.

"Good morning, Kurosaki-kun," she said. He noticed how she tended to lower her voice when talking to him, as if she was speaking so that only he would hear her melodious voice.

"Good morning, Inoue," he said, and gave her a small, but rare, smile. It wasn't like the smile he used to have back when his mother was alive, but Orihime liked the fact that he was gentler with her than with his other friends. She hurried to her seat, and buried her face in a book to hide her blush. Tatsuki noticed this, and smirked as she took her seat as well.

Rukia then came rushing into the classroom looking a bit frazzled, but greeted everyone as she normally did in that sickeningly sweet voice that Ichigo loathed. She took her seat next to Ichigo, and noticed that he was staring absentmindedly at Orihime. Grinning mischievously, she leaned close to Ichigo.

"Hey, did you have one of those dreams last night? You're staring at Orihime a lot, and I felt your reiatsu spike last night while you were sleeping. Were you? Hmm?" she teased, poking him in the side a few times.

"I DID NOT!" roared Ichigo, only to have the entire class staring at him…Orihime included. Clearing his throat, he sunk down in his seat and wished that the floor would just swallow him up whole and let him die there. He glanced up and noticed that Orihime was still looking at him. She blushed and quickly busied herself with reading her book. Rukia did not miss this exchange and took note of it for further tormenting of Ichigo.

Ichigo groaned inwardly. It was definitely going to be one of those days.

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