It was a warm summer afternoon. The air was unmoving and still. Dark clouds were forming in the height up over the city skycrapers. The park in front of the old looking building was anything but silent before the storm. The sounds of children protesting when called to come back home, dogs barking and running around and bees anxiously flying to find their shelters awaiting heavy rain were mixed with the tones of piano sonata coming from the ground floor window. Suddenly the big raindrops started falling from the sky and the music stopped. People from the park disappeared so quickly it almost seemed like they used magic.

„Alright Isabel, that be enough for today. Please practice the whole sonata at least twice today. See you next Thursday."

Isabel stared at her uptight music teacher in disbelief. Last week when she begged the teacher to let her leave the lesson 5 minutes early she refused with the look of horror on her horsey English face. But now, when it was pouring outside she send her home 25 minutes prior the end of lesson.

„You have some problem, Isabel?"

She quickly gathered her things and left out the door with silent „No problem Ms. Bennet. Not at all."

Not wanting to stay there a second longer, Isabel took the umbrella out of her bag and with a huge sigh she stepped outside. When in the park she looked at her cell phone and checked the time. Next bus was coming in 35 minutes.

„Awesome," she muttered bitterly and sat on the soaked porch. She wasn't in hurry to get back home. She knew that apart from being warm and dry she won't feel any different than she did sitting at the deserted bus stop in the middle of what looked like the storm of the century. She felt so empty and numb that she was freaking herself out. Sometimes she wondered if anyone or everyone feels so indifferent about other human beings just like she does and they all are just pretending to be interested in happy chats about clothes, cars and babies. If they too only interact when it's profiting for them, otherwise they don't really give a shit. She watched the water gathered on the edge of the umbrella fall down so slowly as if the time has stopped.

Only after what seemed like hours to her she noticed that she is not alone at the bus stopped anymore. The bus she was supposed to take just left the stop and the three kids she knew from school apparently came from it.

„Hey Izz!" One of them yelled at her through the rain. She vaguely smiled and yelled back.

„Hey Rob!" He and the other two kids came closer so they didn't have to yell.

„Wasn't you s'pposed to take that bus?" Rob asked her with a grin.

„Um, yeah. I was." She shrugged and when she saw he was laughing, she added protectivly: "So what. Like you've never missed the bus when you spent half an hour waiting for it standing in the rain."

She started laughing with him. It really was ridiculous situation.

„So, where you're going?" She asked the boy.

„We're going to Ted's house, to play Settlers from Catan and eat some home-made chocolate chip cookies with milk."

„Fancy to join us?" Ted chimed in.

She knew Rob was a fucking liar but when she imagined the cold house with her demanding mother she was supposed to come back to right after the piano lesson even his offer sounded tempting. She put on a big fake smile and nodded. „Sure. Why not."

Five hours later she found herself back at the bus stop all alone again. At least it has stopped raining, she thought. She was so disappointed when she realized that Robbie was not kidding this time, when he told her about their plans for the evening. After 6 games of Settlers she excused herself that she had to go home, but kindly refused the offer of Ted's mom to drive her home. She knew she had to get there sometime tonight; she wasn't just quite ready yet.

Thinking about what she's going to do next she didn't noticed there were some guys standing on the pavement across the street. Only after a brick fell through the parked car's windshield she got back to reality. She watched the brawl unconcerned from her bench. The guys who were fighting were obviously drunk and they were blabbing something about football. One group apparently won the fight, because she heard loud cheering and saw the other guys running away with no shame. It was kind of pathetic.

Guys who won the fight were chatting excitingly about it when they crossed the street and got to the bus stop. Isabel listened to their pissing contest of who took down who unmoved. After a while she amazed realized that not only she was listening to the stranger's conversation, she was listening to the football hooligans' conversation, well, mostly one particular hooligan and she was laughing so hard, that when he looked at her with his light blue eyes and frowned, she immediately shut up and practiced her art of acting like she was not there. She mastered it after years and years of being unwillingly the witness of her parents fighting and them forcing her to choose a side.

Being lost in her own little world again she thoughtlessly got on the bus that has just arrived. She failed to notice that the hot guy got on the bus too and sat on the seat right next to her and frowning intensely at her. Staring out of the window she saw the street she knew so well and took of the bus at the next stop. She walked down the pavement jingling with her keys and opened the door. For a short second the light from the hall enlightened the dark street. She quietly closed the door and went up to her room where she immediately lied down on her bed and fell asleep. It's been a long, long day.