The Rice Ball Chronicles: The Cat and the Onigiri

The Rice Ball Chronicles: The Cat and the Onigiri

A/N: This story is based sort of off of the manga and the anime, but I am not copying anything. This a complete re-telling of the entire Fruits Basket series, well, as far as the romance between Kyo and Tohru go (Also, the interference of Yuki…). If you like the way things could have been since the start of the series then you'll like this story.

Disclaimer: I do, in no way, own Fruits Basket. I never will, and it stabs me in the heart every friggin' time I have to say this. Always a constant reminder of the pain I feel at the top of every story! Oh, got a little caught up there, sorry. The point is, I do not own the manga or anime, although, I own this particular story, and most all of the ideas put into it.


The sun shone brightly on the clearing in the woods where a small tent stood. Out of the tent came a young and cheery girl, her turquoise eyes sparkling like the stream water running through the clearing. With a huge smile, the girl took in a long, refreshing breath of the pine-scented air. Her long, ochre locks seemed to join the wind's course as they stirred in the breeze.

She turned her head up to the sky, looking at the lovely shade of blue through her own blue colored orbs. Of it were possible, it seemed her smile grew bigger as she could no longer wait until she would arrive at her private school to meet her friends, and fellow high school freshmen, Uotani and Hanajima.

"Oh, mom, look at the beautiful sky! It's going to be a wonderful day today, I know it!" the girl spoke in a perky voice. "I wish you could see it! But, I need you to look after the castle while I'm at school." The girl politely waved to the honey-yellow tent and ran off in the direction of the pebble and dirt path leading to the main road.

As the wind grew stronger, the girl held one of her pale hands down to her navy-blue school uniform's skirt to keep it from flying up. In her other hand, she held her leather book bag. As she never took her eyes away from the sky, she couldn't help but hear the unsettling tones coming from what sounded like three men over to the far left. The girl shot her attention to two boys shouting menacing things to one another, and a man on the porch of an old fashioned Japanese home. Being the worry-wart she was, the girl left her stance at the entrance to the main roads leading to school to the house to stop the fighting.

"Yuki, please! Must you people destroy my house so early in the morning?" shouted the man in a traditional beige kimono on the home's porch.

"Would you shut up, stupid dog?! This is between me and that damn rat!" shouted a rather tall boy with tan skin and an unusual mess of orange hair.

Then there was the shorter, more feminine boy that the girl recognized. He had been in her class since the beginning of freshman year, he was known as the 'Prince' of the school. "You don't give up, do you? This obviously isn't worth my time, I've got to be at school soon, cat, so why don't you just return to your mountain to fight some more bears?"

The taller boy scoffed and grew even angrier. "Who the hell told you that?! I wasn't fighting any bears! Anyway, that's not the point, just fight me!"

Yuki, the prince, assumed a battle stance and shot a mocking glare at the orange headed boy. "Fine, if a fight's what you want, come get it." He said rather nonchalantly.

"That's it!" shouted the other boy as he lunged at the violet haired beauty of a boy.

The girl panicked and leaped out of the bushes just behind the feuding boys in time to grab the orange haired boy from behind and to hear a loud POOM!

"I-I'm so sorry! I know it's none of my business to interfere, but it's just not right for you two to fight and…" she was cut off by looking at the little orange cat flipping out in her arms. She dropped it and put her hands to her face in awe. "I-I turned him into a cat! I'm so sorry! How did th-that happen?! Is it a medical mystery sort of thing, if you need help for him I'll pay for it, sorry, sorry!" the girl babbled on.

Yuki just grabbed the girl by her forearm and calmed her down. "Miss Tohru, is it?" he said calmly. "Relax first, and then I'll explain."

Tohru, the girl, prepared to walk forward toward the prince but over her own feet and fell face forward into his chest as she soon her that familiar POOM, and landed face forward on the ground.

She stood and grabbed a small violet rat from the ground. Her eyes grew wide and she scrambled toward the man on the porch now. "What's going on?! I'm turning them all into animals! Help me, please!"

The man smirked and looked at the girl as her reflection shone in his deep pools of hazel. "Hm, well, there's no point in hiding it anymore. As you can see, Yuki and Kyo, well, the boys, they've become animals after you hugged them, correct?"

Tohru grew confused and dropped the mouse accidentally. "Yes, but why are you so calm?! Don't they need a doctor…or would it be a vet?! I'm so lost!"

"Relax, Miss. It's normal, in fact, they should be changing back to normal any moment now. When they are hugged by members of the opposite sex, they transform into those animals. But, I must warn you that when they change back they are…" continued the man.

With another POOM, a nude Yuki and an equally unclothed orange haired young man appeared just behind Tohru. The girl turned shakily and covered her eyes with a scream.

"Well, they're naked. But, I'm sure you see that now." Said the man with a teasing smile.

Kyo, the orange haired boy hastily pulled on a pair of tan colored cargo pants and marched over to the stunned girl. "What the hell is your problem?! You don't randomly jump out of the bushes and hug some guy from behind! Are you stupid?!"

Tohru felt his words pierce her like bullets. "I-I'm so sorry! I just didn't want you two to fight, and I just didn't know what to do…"

"Well, maybe next time you should just mind your own damn business! And now, thanks to you, you're going to have to lose your memory! Congratulations!" the boy shouted and ran off to the back of the house.

Yuki straightened the tie on his school uniform and bowed his head gracefully to the young lady. "I really apologize for him, he's just an idiot. I'm also sorry that you had to see all of this. Really, I am."

The girl blushed wildly and panicked. "No, I should be apologizing! He was right, I should've minded my own business. But…I don't understand…"

Yuki glared at his older cousin standing at the porch. "Well, to tell you the truth, you're not supposed to understand. It's actually supposed to be a secret, but since my cousin, Shigure over there decided to be so generous as to tell you the mechanics of the curse, I have to ask that you don't tell anyone about this."

Tohru swallowed hard at the word 'curse'. "A-a curse? You have a curse?"

Yuki nodded. "Yes, but not just me and that stupid cat, it's actually most of my family. The Sohmas."

"You really don't want me to tell anyone. I promise! I mean, this is the first time we've ever talked to each other and all, but please, trust me! I won't tell a soul, cross my heart!" she looked at him with somewhat pleading eyes.

Yuki nodded again and showed her a slight smile. "I'm glad. Just remember, you cannot tell anyone. Not even friends."

Shigure put a stiff hand on Yuki's shoulder. "Yuki, she asked us to trust her, and I believe she expected us to do just that."

The feminine boy sighed. "Okay. Then, I suppose you'll be making a trip to Sohma House today?"

Shigure gravely nodded, but then a goofy smile curled onto his lips. "But, all we can do is hope for the best!"

"Sometimes I really hate your little optimistic outbursts…idiot." Yuki sighed once again.

Tohru couldn't help but laugh, but soon enough, she felt the temperature rising and she felt dizzy. "I-I think that was just a l-little too much for me to handle…" with that, she plummeted to the ground.

The only sound was that of the blissful little birds that inhabited the woods as the girl seemed to rock in and out of consciousness. Her eyes fluttered open ever so slightly as she took a mental note of her surroundings. It seemed that she was in a plain room, nothing on the white walls, and in a comfortable futon on the hardwood flooring. Then, she noticed the cold, red eyes staring at her from her side. She tried to sit up nervously, but to avail.

"Would you relax?! You're going to exhaust yourself!" shouted the familiar voice of the supposed Kyo Sohma, the cat of the family.

Relax. Tohru had heard that word so many times that day. She never had the time, or the mind or spirit of a person who was able to relax. Even though it was still the same voice, it seemed kinder and more considerate this time. It was hard for the girl to imagine this to be the boy who'd previously yelled at her so harshly.

"Wh-What time is it? I've…be at school." She said weakly.

The cat chuckled and looked toward the window that seemed like a portal to the woods just outside the doors of the house. "You're in no shape to go to school. And, school's already half over."

"WHAT?! B-But, I need to go to school! I have to graduate, I have to…" she looked at the orange haired boy's face as he turned and looked at her with stern eyes.

"I told you, you have to relax. You have a fever, and you're not going to the freaking school! Do you know how to listen, I swear."

Tohru's turquoise eyes looked down in shame as she only seemed to upset this boy called Kyo.

"Hey." He said turning back and looking at her only through the corner of his eye. "Don't be all sad because I got pissed off at you. Just…rest, okay?"

The pale girl nodded with a sweet smile. She then thought for a few moments before inquiring, "Um…Kyo, where is Yuki…and that other man?"

"You mean that damn rat and the idiot? Yuki's at school now, and Shigure's at the main house, talking to Akito, and...You wouldn't even know about that, so whatever." He sighed and leaned up against the wall of the room, he seemed to look up to the sky, although there was only ceiling.

"Then…why are you here?" she asked curiously.

"What's wrong, do you want me to leave?" he said, returning to his cold outlook again.

"No! N-No, that's not it. I just…thought you hated me…so…" the words seemed to flow awkwardly out of her mouth.

"Well, if you thought I'd be going to the same school with that damn Yuki, there's no way! And I don't want to see Akito for as long as I can hold off!" Kyo laughed a bit at himself. "That, and Shigure told me to keep an eye on you, so that you don't get hurt or whatever. He's just happy to have a high school girl staying in his house, the stupid dog."

"K-Kyo, if you're the cat, Yuki's the rat, and Shigure is the dog…is the Sohma curse by chance based on the Chinese Zodiac?" asked Tohru nervously.

"Hmpf, yeah. It's amazing that an air-head like you could put all that together without someone telling you." He yawned and crossed his arms.

"I'm sorry. D-Do I really bother you? Because, I could leave, it's fine, I just live over…" she stated as she sat up in the futon.

"No, you don't bother me that much. You're just…an outsider."

"I suppose that's true. But, you've all been so kind to me by telling me the family curse, and allowing me to spend most of the day here. And I don't even know you! That's so generous…of you all!"

Kyo looked at her as if she was mentally ill. "Are you serious? What if we were some family of mass murderers?! You're really way too trusting! That's just stupid!"

Tohru looked down with a sad smile. "No, I don't believe so. I'm just one of the only people in the world…who still has faith that people can still be good."

The room was silent for a long time, neither talked. Neither looked at one another. "That's…a good quality for a person to have." Kyo said in a low voice.

Tohru smiled brightly again and opened her mouth to respond, but was interrupted by the overly optimistic, and yet charming voice of Shigure Sohma.

"Oh, Kyooo! I'm home and with good news! I just certainly hope you didn't do anything unclean to Miss Tohru while she was sleeping, you sex fiend!" he shouted through the house teasingly.

Kyo leapt to his feet and stomped on the floor so that Shigure could hear it from downstairs. "You sick pervert! If anything, that'd be yourself you're thinking of!"

Tohru could only imagine what the future would hold for her and this strange family. She wondered what would become of her and her tent. She wondered where she'd end up, if she could keep the secret, and, if she would ever make friends with the Sohmas. But for now, all she could do was giggle at the Sohmas, as they just seemed to make her feel more and more…at home.

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