The Rice Ball Chronicles: The Cat and the Onigiri

A/N: This story is based sort of off of the manga and the anime, but I am not copying anything. This a complete re-telling of the entire Fruits Basket series, well, as far as the romance between Kyo and Tohru go (Also, the interference of Yuki…). If you like the way things could have been since the start of the series then you'll like this story.

Disclaimer: I do, in no way, own Fruits Basket. I never will, and it stabs me in the heart every friggin' time I have to say this. Always a constant reminder of the pain I feel at the top of every story! Oh, got a little caught up there, sorry. The point is, I do not own the manga or anime, although, I own this particular story, and most all of the ideas put into it.

In the last chapter, fluff filled the fall burnt air and tests had our little Tohru running around EVERYWHERE! Now, as I finally decide to return to the main plot of the story, The Sohma boys learn a bit more about the newest addition to their family, and Tohru meets a brand new Sohma. Kagura!

Lets see what goes on in chapter five!

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Tohru and Kyo were in her not-so-new room with paint brushes tinged with baby blue. Shigure had complained that a teenage girl such as Tohru should have a room just as beautiful as her. This made Tohru blush just thinking about it.

Kyo focused hard on what he was doing, and Tohru had noticed. She had actually stopped painting altogether just to look at the intensity of his wrist and fingers wrapped tightly around the brush. Swaying back and forth up and down.

The cat felt wondering eyes gazing upon him and turned slightly. He furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you lookin' at?!"

The turquoise eyed beauty snapped back to reality and gasped. "Sorry! I didn't mean to…I-I should…" she toyed with askew strands of chestnut hair.

Kyo smashed his hand down on the floor next to the awkward girl. "I don't care! You can watch if you want, I'm just doing what the dog asked!"

The rice ball's eyes welled up with happiness. This was Kyo's way of apologizing, she could tell. Her eyes automatically shot to the picture of her mother, sitting on the end table near the futon.

Red-orange eyes traced an imaginary line from the girl's orbs to the photo on the night-stand. "If you don't mind me asking…" he paused, "who's that?" he pointed at the picture.

Tohru perked up at his interest. "Oh, that's mom! Er…m-my mother."

He cocked a brow. "You didn't live with anyone in the tent…did you?"

"No, no!" she looked down at the floor as Kyo sat across from her. "Umm, she died a few months back…and I moved from her apartment…"

Kyo was obviously concerned now. "Why didn't you live with a relative?! You could've been hurt!"

Tohru blushed and stared into his cold, but caring eyes. "I-I was going to, but, I couldn't bring myself to be a burden to anyone. So I…" she choked as those burnt orange eyes stared so interested and worried into her own eyes with an intensity that could knock someone over. "So I…"

"You moved out to the forest into the tent, just because you cared about everyone else…" Kyo completed her story.

"Y-Yes." Turquoise orbs never left the cat's stare.

Kyo groaned and rubbed the back of his strong neck. He had no idea how to respond in a way that wouldn't make him seem too soft. "I'm sorry." He thought for a moment, "I didn't tell Yuki or Shigure about the tent thing…I figured you'd rather keep it a secret."

Tohru brought her milky colored petite hands to Kyo's tanned ones. "It'll be our secret then!" she said smiling; lighting up the room.

Orange-top blushed with a blank expression. "I promise…I…we…let's just get back to painting." He said, standing and turning towards the wall.

"Kyo…" Tohru said sadly under her breath. She stood and brushed herself off, preparing to paint once more.

The hours drifted by as the two slowly but surely finished painting the small room in silence. Tohru had begun to worry about Yuki and Shigure, having no one to make food for them. Yuki had insisted that she not worry, he was going to be at school fundraisers outside different stores for the day. Shigure, however, protested about not having lunch made for the day. Tohru stood back and admired her work.

Feet shuffled across the floor in a bit of a rush, and those feet were not Tohru's. They were that of the cat. "Um, I'll be up on the roof…Kagura should be here soon…so…" he shifted his weight awkwardly.

Tohru turned around. "O-Okay. I suppose I should start on dinner then…" she paused, "would you like to help me?"

Kyo arched his eyebrows, ready to emit a rude comment. But, as he stared into those deep pools of blue he forgot everything he was about to say. "Ehm…uh…" her eyes subconsciously pleaded with him. "FINE!" he shouted, already half way down the stairs. "Well aren't you coming?!"

Tohru lit up, happy to spend more time with Kyo. Why was he on her mind so much lately? "Coming!" she said as she hurried down the stairs.

Yuki returned to the house that was filled with the laughter and chatter and clatter of the couple in the kitchen. He felt a tug at his heart imagining himself in that same kitchen with the girl. It was all so obvious that both the cat and the rat shared affection for the girl. Although most of the time, Kyo failed to show it. "Miss Honda?"

The noise stopped, it was merely a few moments before both Kyo and Tohru stepped through the archway to the entry. Kyo's happy face fell as he turned on his heel muttering, "Damn rat…"

Tohru smiled and ran towards the violet haired beauty. "Welcome home Yuki! How were the fundraisers? Are you hungry?"

Yuki's light violet eyes locked with Tohru's as he smiled weakly and held out a book to Tohru. "I bought you a present from that new bookstore…"

The teenaged girl hesitantly took the book from his hands. "Oh, I don't deserve this…I know! I'll pay you back for it! How much was it exactly I…" a cold, soft finger pressed against her lips.

"It's a gift, Miss Honda. You do not owe me anything." He said, wanting her to fall into his arms in an embrace.

Tohru took a step back, feeling nervous. "Thank you…Yuki." Was all she said before rushing back into the kitchen with the cook-book in hand to be by Kyo's side.

Yuki sighed and slung the shopping bag over his shoulder and sat down on the lounge room floor to read the book he had gotten from the store.

Before long, the house was filled with joy and laughter and clatter and the smell of delicious roasted foods such as chicken with spices, and salmon and a fresh leek stew with chunks of beef, carrots, celery, steaming hot broth and, of course, leeks.

Tohru had finished setting down an extra plate for the guest that was surely staying the night when she heard a loud crash and a scream come from the kitchen. She ran in only to find Kyo trapped in a deadly headlock from a girl even Tohru was taller than.

"Oh Kyo, I missed you so much my love!" sang the girl who had Kyo in so much obvious pain.

Kyo struggled to reach for something to pull himself away with, but failed miserably. "God damn it Kagura!" he hollered, "Let me go!"

The girl, now known as Kagura, the visitor, only latched on tighter. "Silly Kyo, my love, I'll never let go again!!"

"GET THE HELL OFFA ME!" shouted Kyo as he desperately grasped at the air for Shigure. "This is your fault, you damn dog!"

Shigure simply sauntered out of the room to change into leisure clothes.

The chestnut haired girl brushed a lock of hair behind her ear before saying, "Hello there, Miss! You must be Kagura…the Sohma who's visiting us!"

Kagura dropped Kyo to the floor and sprinted over to the sweet teen, poking her in the collar bone. "So you're the whore that's been living with my Kyo! You have some real nerve barging in here and trying to steal my fiancée! Well you're out of luck you little slut, because mine and Kyo's love is a bond that can never be broken, and if you ever thought you could…" she blathered on more hurtful words, each one striking hurt into Tohru's heart worse and worse.

Kagura was about to topple onto her long lecture to Tohru when she felt a strong grip grab a hold of her. "Huh?" she uttered.

The orange top whipped the girl around as his crisp red-orange eyes grew fiery. "That is enough!" he shouted sternly, "This is Tohru's house as much as it is mine, and I say you've gone some nerve barging in here and insulting her like that! And you're even more stupid than I thought to insult her in front of me! Leave her alone, Kagura."

Tohru blushed at the man sticking up for her, and Kagura was taken aback. She gaped at the man she loved and buried her face into her hands. "Oh no! Kyo doesn't love me anymore! I must…I must regain his affections!" she cried as she ran out of the kitchen.

Kyo jumped to the archway leading out of the kitchen and shouted, "What the hell! You never had my affections!"

Tohru shuffled her feet and tried to think up a thank you for Kyo without receiving a harsh scolding. But, before she could speak, a strong and concerned voice came from the archway.

"I'm sorry Kagura said those things to you…" he stared into her eyes and stepped toward her. "She's just jealous…that she can't be near me."

The turquoise eyed lovely jumped up, "W-Well I can understand why! I'd be jealous too if my fiancée were living with a girl and I hadn't been with him!"

Kyo chuckled and outstretched his arm so he was leaning against the wall, and close in front of the now blushing Tohru. "You actually bought that crap? She's not engaged to me…when we were five…she threatened to crush me with a boulder if I hadn't agreed to marry her. She took it way too seriously…There's no one I'd rather marry than…" he choked on his last words that just seemed to pour out.

Tohru's eyes widened in excitement. "Oh, you'd like to be married?! To whom?! May I please meet her one day? I'd really love to meet the woman to be Mrs. Kyo Sohma!"

Kyo laughed once more as his eyes became half lidded, he was focusing on the most beautiful face he'd ever seen. Tohru's. He smiled at her, his face was completely genuine. As were his feelings that were out of control.

The girl stopped talking to stare into his eyes for what seemed to be the hundredth time today. She felt the tension in the room rise as he inched forward, more and more until she could feel her eyes naturally close, his breath on her lips.

Kyo gently let his hands caress her back as much as he could without them hugging. He inhaled her scent. Water lilies and strawberries. He was absolutely sure he'd be slapped by now, but she hadn't stopped him. His eyelids fell as his lips finally met hers in both of their first kisses.

Tohru felt her stomach take flight from the butterflies, but something about this situation seemed so right, with the mixed smells of cinnamon and spices and strawberries and water lilies. She felt as if she were hovering on cloud nine with just she and Kyo, and not a care in the world.