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Edward&Bella : Schoolgirls & Punishment

Finished with putting on my knee-high socks, I couldn't stop thinking how much fun this was going to be!

I was supposed to be a hot naughty school girl, getting punished by the principal himself. Oooh, just think about him makes me go psycho.

I opened the door of my room and looked down the hallway. If anybody saw me in something this skimpy, I'd never hear the end of it.

I ran towards his office and stopped at the door. I knocked lightly. "Come in Ms.Swan", I opened the door and peeked inside.

"Sit down, get comfortable", he gestured towards the chair. I'll be getting comfortable, alright. All he had on was a tie and a black pair of pants.

"Ms.Swan? I heard you're disturbing other classes. Parading in that little outfit of yours. Is that true?", he asked with full authority.

"Possibly...," I mumbled innocently. "Ms.Swan?" he asked again. "Yes Mr.Cullen?" I asked innocently again. And he said I couldn't act!

"I have to ask you to take the outfit off, " he answered.

I got up ready to leave. But I knew this wasn't the end. It was the beginning. "But before you do that, I'm going to punish you for that inappropriate behaviour", he said seductively.

"But...I'm a good girl punishment even allowable?", I asked, widening my eyes to make them look doe-like. "Well, I am the principal afterall. So, if it's approved by me, don't you think it's allowable?", he asked cocking his head from side to side.

"I- I guess you're right...", I mumbled. "I always am", he said.

I started to undo the tie. As I did, I let it fall soundlessly to the ground. Well...soundlessly for human ears.

I started to fumble with the buttons, purposely. "Let me help you with that", he said as he came over to me and started to unbutton the buttons. The 'shirt' pryed open, revealing my white lacey bra.

"Mr.Cullen, why are you staring?" I asked. I liked to taunt him like this. "You are irresistible Ms.Swan. I'm going to make you mine", he growled.

I looked at him and growled back. Then I went to whisper in his ear, "Make me yours then."

He grabbed my wrists and slammed me into a bookcase. Of course it didn't hurt. It just made everything more worth-wild.

He pinned my hands above my head and began to kiss me.

He begged for entrance as his tongue licked my bottom lip, fiercly. I opened my mouth for him and waited for the pleasure to begin.

Our tongues danced with eachother. I felt him lick the walls of my mouth in one swift motion. I took his tongue in my mouth and began sucking and biting. He removed one hand from my wrist, to carress one of my breasts. I moaned in his mouth.

He took off the so called 'top', with his other hand, and attacked my lips once again.

I took off his tie with my released hands, and felt up his chest. His free hand went under the plaid skirt to feel my panties.

"Nu-uh Mr.Cullen. You demanded that I took off the uniform. And I'll gladly do that", I said to him.

I tugged on the end of the skirt with my hands. I did this painfully slowly so that I could torture Edward even more. Sometimes I get a kick out of watching him squirm.

The skirt wasn't even under my knees yet, but Edward grabbed my hands once again. "Change of plans. I take off ALL of your clothes", he said panting a bit.

"Do as you please. You're in charge anyway. So, do as your heart desires", I said, looking at him.

"Gladly", he responded. He ripped off the skirt and threw it into the pile of clothes that were soon to be forming. "You better not have ripped that. I actually liked the skirt", I said, a bit annoyed.

"That's okay. You can buy a tighter one next time", he said. I rolled my eyes at him.

He grabbed my shoulders and brought me to the desk. He hovered over me. When I looked into his eyes, I could see his lust.

Edward's index finger started to make trails all over my body. He grabbed one of my breasts and started kneading it.

I moaned. "Up. Now, " he commanded and I sat up, only to be pulled into a kiss. His hands went towards my bra. He unclasped it and he threw it somewhere around the room.

He grabbed my exposed breast, and started massaging. I couldn't help but let out another moan.

He broke the kiss and went down to my chest. His tongue darted out onto my breast and he started to suck on my fully erect nipple. I grabbed a whole fistfull of his hair and started to squirm underneath.

This.Was.Torture. But in the pleasurable way. One of his hands went down to my panties and started to play with the top. He let his hand slip under the band and ripped them off.

He stared at me with pure lust. I kissed him, hard, bringing him back to reality. He started to suck on my neck. I then felt him slip a finger inside of me. I gasped.

His finger started to thrust faster and harder. He slipped another finger in, and continued his thrusting, while kissing my body. "Ed..Edward...Ed...", I was moaning his name.

He kept thrusting harder until I couldn't take it anymore. I climaxed on his fingers. He stuck his fingers in his mouth he tasted me. "Tastes better everytime..." , I heard him mumble.

"", I panted. "Now what, love?" he asked. "You know what", I said. "Haven't got a clue", he smirked. He knew what I meant. He just wanted me to say it.

"Edward! I want my punishment. NOW!", I yelled, grabbed his pants, pushed them down and threw them towards the door. I grabbed his boxers and yanked them off. Once they were off, I let him take the lead.

"Tempted, are we?" he said, kissing my collarbone. "Oh God, yes!" I cried.

I felt him position at my entrance. He paused there to tease me. "What are you doing?! Hurry up! Go, go, go!" I yelled.

He laughed, thrusted in and began to quicken his pace steadingly. I grabbed his shoulders and met him at his thrusts. If he were human, he'd probably be dead. My nails dug into his shoulders and the heels of my foot pushed into his back.

"Edward...harder...faster!" I managed to say. He used his vampire speed and strength to fulfill my demands. "Oh..Oh...Ohhhh...", was the only sound that came out of my mouth.

I felt myself at the brink of my climax. He thrusted one final time, and I felt my world explode. "EDWARD!" I screamed his name. "JESUS BELLA!", he yelled after me.

We both tried to catch our breath, even though we didn't need it. He slowly slid out of me and rolled over. I got up to put my clothes back on. Well...what was left of them.

After we both finished dressing, I headed to the door. "Ms.Swan?", he called. I smiled and turned around. "Yes Mr.Cullen?", I answered. "I hope you learned your lesson", he smirked.
"Oh I did.", I said, smiled and winked at him. I closed the door behind me and walked back to our room.

One fantasy down, many more to go.