A/N: Here is your random one shot of the day.

"This is so depressing," Edge mused to Mr. Kennedy who had just lost the July 4th Fatal Four Way for the WWE United States Championship.

"What's depressing?" Kennedy asked, still fuming about his loss.

"The fact that Vickie and I broke off our wedding. That's depressing," Edge whined.

"You know what, Edge?" Kennedy said, getting truly riled up. "Do you want to know what's really depressing? What's depressing is that I've come back home to SmackDown, and I can't even win gold! Now that is depressing."

"Ken, you are aware that it was scripted, right?"

"Are you aware that your break up with your darling Vickiekins was scripted?" Ken refuted.

"Hold it right there, blondie," Edge interrupted. "I am so lyrical in my speech that the writers no longer feed me my lines, unlike some people I know."

"Oh, is that right? Let's relive your promo with Vickie when she locked you out of her office, shall we? After she locked you out, you tried opening the door like a cat burglar. And then you were stating the obvious. Vickie, it's me. Vickie, the door is locked. Of course she knew it was you! Why do you think she locked the door? If I knew you were coming, I would have locked the door, too."

"You want to talk about stating the obvious?" Edge said, offended by Kennedy's words. "What about your stupid little entrance announcement, eh? I hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin. You've only stated that just about every single time you're in the ring. I am Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy. Do you really need to say your name twice? What's with that?"

"Is it obnoxious?" Kennedy asked.


"Does it annoy you?"


"Do you wish I would stop?"


"Then that means I'm doing something right."